Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding Bells

Those wedding bells of long ago
Still ring within my heart,
And send a tingle through my bones
That touches every part.

When love was kindled in my soul.
What treasure I had found!
Not just a girl of dreams was this,
But love pure and profound.

And now a quarter century past,
Our love still burning bright.
Eight glowing embers warming us,
Fruit of our wedding night.

My bride is aging gracefully.
I pray to do the same.
As hand in hand we walk with Him,
The One from whom we came.

This bond we have is more than two,
Our Lord provides the strength.
To persevere in troubled times
That stretch to any length.

I didn’t know back on that day
When we both said “I do”.
That marriage was a state in life
That needed more than two.

But through the years I’ve come to see
That feeble flesh is weak.
It’s only by the grace of God,
These wedding vows we keep.

When in the eyes of worldly ones
Our strength and beauty fade.
The Holy One reveals to us
The wonder He has made.

This Sacrament a sacred sign
For all the world to see.
The love of Christ for all his Church
Shines forth through you and me.

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