Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Mattie

On July twenty one in a year long ago
Just how many past, we never may know.
In small little Georgetown, way down in Kentucky
A babe was brought forth, whom we know as Mattie.

Her free spirit stifled by that tiny town,
That adventurous young girl began looking around,
For ways to have fun, like at Cinco de Mayo.
So she thought for a start, she would look in Ohio.

In the bustling metropolis of Tiffin she found,
A beau that would make her head spin around.
Then he swept her away with a date in the sky,
And she knew then, and there that this was her guy.

Her prayers for a husband were answered by God,
But her big city plans turned out to be flawed.
Instead of tall buildings to greet her each morn,
She wakes every morning to soybeans and corn.

In her ministry now among Presentation
She labors to manage the whole operation
Of copying copious CDs and more,
Especially lots of that CD disk four.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Samuel My Son

Samuel My Son

Samuel my son you have chosen well
From all the fair maidens this graceful belle.
A startling beauty, a pearl of great price,
Now listen my son to your father’s advice.

This journey of marriage the Lord chose for you
Will challenge your manhood in all that you do.
It’s not for the weakling, or those faint of heart,
Or those who try living their faith a la carte.

This is a vocation from God up above
That calls evermore to a self-giving love.
Each sacrifice made is a gift of shalom
A building block towards your happy new home.

The unity of a husband and wife
Contributes quite much to a man’s happy life.
Far more when all selfish motive is pruned,
When the heart and the mind have both been tuned.

I pray that God sends many children your way
To multiply love in your household each day.
What a privilege it is for a man and his wife
To be trusted by God as the guide for new life.

The good and bad they will come that’s for sure,
But through it all you must keep your heart pure.
And cherish forever your charming new wife.
Defend and protect her the rest of your life.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prayer in Front of an Abortion Clinic

Prayer in Front of an Abortion Clinic

What I see when standing there
Is patient love beyond compare. 
Inside that awful greedy place
He still is off’ring peace and grace.

For those who fail to recognize
In pregnancy this precious prize.
The wondrous gift that came from Him
They simply tear from limb to limb.

Behind the bolted bars they stare
Contemptuous of praying there.
The ones who offer light and life
Are viewed as but a social blight.

Illumine Lord this darkened place
And fill it with Your light of grace.
Then give to all who enter there
Forgiving love Your constant fare.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tim's 8th Grade Graduation

Tim's 8th Grade Graduation

As number six among the clan
For me home school was in the plan.
I didn't know back at the start
The varied ways to make me smart.

That into school my mom would bring
A morsel taught from everything.
If on a rope or in a cave
Or riding on an ocean wave.
The classroom took its many shapes
Building bridges, making crepes.
Each day a new adventure bound
And somehow education found.
Now folks may say, "That ain't no school!"
"You're right", I say, "I ain't no fool!"
What kid in his right mind would choose 
Instead of fun the classroom blues?