Sunday, January 31, 2016

1/24/16 Through 1/30/16

1/24/16 Through 1/30/16

Our faith is not a refuge for
The feint or weak of mind
But that which reaches to the core
For brawn of different kind

The realm of faith is for the free
No room there for the slave
For in this realm you only see
The gallant and the brave.

May Your light around me shine
And may my heart be ever Thine
So with others I may share
This love of Yours beyond compare

Fan the gift of love until
The flame is burning bright
For hands were laid on you to fill
With power, love, and might.

In my heart let no divide
Remove me from Your loving side
Give me a love for humble things
And let me find what meekness brings

What we grasp, it slips away
But love of God is here to stay
In this love we cannot hold
Is where we find the purest gold.

My sin before me all the while
Revealing truth to my beguile
No hope for sin to satisfy
But want within to magnify..

Reveal the nature of my sin
Cleanse my heart from deep within
Make me pure, as snow is white,
Shine in me Your holy light.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

1/17/16 Through 1/23/16

1/17/16 Through 1/23/16
In the water changed to wine
The Lord beginning to define
His mission here to make us whole
And grant to us His life in full.

A sacrifice no substitute
For doing as we're told
For sacrifice cannot commute
Persistent pride I'm told.

Each one anointed specially
For their specific task.
The Spirit wants us all to see
We need, but only ask.

Lord, when I clearly hear Your call
Let me respond by giving all.
Then make me strong and make me wise,
That I may never compromise.

For those You call You qualify
To be so bold and testify
Before the mighty, and the king
By patient, and long suffering.

Our pride invites the evil one
To dwell within the soul
Corruption of the thoughts begun,
He moves to take the whole.

Humility accepts His will
At every time and place,
And though we have to suffer still
The time is filled with grace.

Virgin womb, that holy place
Within the Mother full of grace.
This haven of virginity
That cradles there Divinity.

Spread your grace throughout our land
That in His will, we all would stand
Defending life at every stage,
In every place, at every age.

Lord grant to me a struggle stern
That through the trials I may learn,
The wisdom of a humble heart
And gladly do my simple part.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/10/16 Through 1/16/16

1/10/16 Through 1/16/16

Lord in each holy sacrament
You show us more what love has meant
And through each gift You shine Your light
And by Your love You show Your might.

Do in me Lord what You must
To do Lord, what You will
Instill in me a faithful trust
To quiet and be still.

To wait on You, and hear Your voice
To listen when I pray.
That I would make the finest choice,
To follow in Your way.


Guardian of Purity II

My Jesus if we only knew
How precious every soul to YouIf we were somehow made awareOf all the love that they could share.

How could we bear to see them slain?How could we let them die in vain?Those guilty of this heinous crimeAre all the men of present time.

We claim to never do such thingsBut look and see what weakness brings.The lustful stare the thoughts unchecked.Our loved one treated with neglect.

The simple things we often doThat make us fall away from YouCreate a climate rife with lustDestroying in the woman, trust.

Then simply used and thrown awayShe treats her child in this same wayMeanwhile we sit in blinded prideAnother woman cast aside.

To end this horror men must learnTo see within, how women yearnFor man to be their trusted guideProtector, always at their side.

The eyes, we must keep always free,From lust and all pornographyThen elevate in heart and mindThe dignity of womankind.

When simply we objectifyWhom God meant us to sanctifyWe, on the downward path beginThat leads us to this deadly sin.

So guard the thoughts, and mind the eyesAnd learn to sordid things despiseBecome what men were meant to beThe Guardians of Purity.

Repentant hearts will please the King
If we a humble spirit bring
And truly turn our heads away
From worthless gods that lead astray.

Grant me wisdom, Lord I pray
To be my guide throughout this day
Keep me far away from sin
And let me bear Your Son within.

Each one anointed specially
To do a certain work for me.
But for each to do their part
I need from them a willing heart.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

1/3/16 Through 1/9/16

1/3/16 Through 1/9/16

I don't know why He blessed me so
Perhaps one day I'll come to know
I just recall one fateful night,
I finally knew this girl was right

I took the plunge and made the call
And offered that I give her all
Then she agreed, to my delight
And sweet my dreams were all that night.

I didn't know back on that day
How strong the words we had to say
Much more than just a platitude
They grew into an attitude

Of giving all we have to give
And learning how we ought to live
By answering His holy call
And offering, to Him, our all.

Niby asks for just one thing 
A holy priest to be
With all devoted to the King
His will to clearly see.

One Hail Mary everyday
To help his whole life long
He humbly asks the flock to pray
To keep him standing strong

Everyday with holy bread
A multitude of souls are fed
The charge for those who do partake
To show the world what grace can make.

A heart of generosity
Devoid of animosity
A humble willing servant who,
Says do with me what You would do.

We all know well just what we need
To learn to love and love indeed
It beckons everyday to find
A way to love and be more kind.

But why then, do we always fear
Preventing Him from drawing near?
Because we look upon the cross
And see He counted all as loss

Oh, bring me to that awful place
And make me look upon His face
That speaks of what true love provides
A soul with all else crucified.

Thursday AM
This day the scripture is fulfilled
The dawn on high arrived
A love for all in us instilled
His plan for us revived.

Thursday PM
What should I give, Lord, back to Thee
But only what You've given me
Each talent is a precious gift
For me to bless Your family with.

Say not I am the weakest one.
Say not, that I am much too young
For I have chosen you to be
My instrument to captives free.

Belittle not, My gifts to you
I've given them for you to do
My work on earth as instruments
Becoming living sacraments.

A sign to show My love for all
To help your neighbor hear My call
Through service, help them find their way
And hear My voice, in what you say.

For to everyone I grant
Ability for seed to plant
And then enjoy in love sublime
A feast with Me at harvest time.

If You wish Lord, make me clean
And let Your love, in me, be seen
For You my ask is not too much
Just heal me with your simple touch.

In everyone, Lord, let me see
The presence of the King
And like the holy wise men three
Give them an offering.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

12/27/15 Through 1/2/16

12/27/15 Through 1/2/16

The perfect love and perfect home 
We pray we all achieve
But such a thing is only known
To those who do believe

For love is more than wedded bliss
True love is meant to love like this:
A total gift renewed each day
In many and in varied way

A sacrifice, a patient word,
For greater love, desire deferred.
True joy and happiness is found
When Christ, the family King is crowned.

Today I sit and wonder why
The thoughts of self are placed so high,
And problems always seem so clear,
Especially in those held dear.

Please fix me first, oh Lord of life
And then, perhaps, also my wife.
But let me always see within
My heart, the best place to begin.

I want to know and love your way
I want to listen and obey
But all too often self invades
And once again to sin persuades

If I but knew how love was made'
I'd then refuse a worthless trade
I'd be the man I'm meant to be
And love would then desire me.

Enticements of this world
Will quickly pass away
But works for Christ the Lord
Are firmly here to stay.

Many the voices that sound in my ear
Proclaiming the praises of something else here.
Promoting in some way a pleasure or fear
But only one voice that is true and is clear.

The voice of the Church, our dear mother on earth.
The voice of the one who can bring a new birth.
The power of one who will do the right thing
The power of one that salvation does bring.

Trust His mighty spoken word
That you, from the beginning, heard
He'll not forsake a promise made
His love for us will never fade.