Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/20/15 - 12/26/15

12/20/15 - 12/26/15

Rising in the midst of night
To do Your will is my delight
When no one in the house is stirred
Much clearer then, I hear Your word.

A new era comes this season
Complimenting faith and reason
Proofs that even blind can see
Proofs of how things came to be.

In spite of this some choose to say
It happened quite some other way
Defying logic and the facts
Continuing their vain attacks.

In this year of grace and mercy
Lead the blind and doubtful to see
In that humble domicile
Love has come to reconcile.

No sacrifice that I would make
Could compensate for what I take
For what I offer, Lord to Thee,
Is only what You've given me.

Tuesday PM
This night a humble man passed on
To find eternal day
He changed the world he lived upon
In one important way.

He brought the light of faith to me
Though less than ten years old.
He taught me what a man should be 
If he be young or old.

Lord bring on me Your furnace fire
And burn away the muck and mire
So when at last, I thee behold
My heart be purified as gold.

The lustrous pearl of night descends
Without perceiving, starlight ends
Then beauty of the morning sun
Brings light and life to everyone.

In the darkness of the night
A star has come, now shining bright
A quiet stillness in the air
A tiny babe in manger there.

Can it be that one so small
Is truly here to save us all?
In this humble stable born
The Son of God, this Christmas morn.

Trust in God in times of trial
When the end appears so bleak
Refining for a little while
Reveals the perfect love we seek.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

12/13/15 through 12/19A/15

12/13/15 through 12/19/15

How is it John the Baptist
The greatest man alive
Would think himself not worthy 
For assistance to provide?

He saw the true Messiah
The One to save the earth
Come from the highest heaven
to lowly manger birth.

A prophet, Balaam, claimed to be
A man of high integrity
A man that sees what God can see
A man that sees what comes to be.

But that prophet, old and silly,
Beat his donkey willy nilly.
He couldn't see upon the pass,
Angels seen by his simple ass.

Dear Lord, my eyes, like Balaam's, clear
And let me know that You are near
Speak to me throughout the day
And guard me in the things I say.

Tuesday 1
How easily we let in pride
It's always waiting at our side
Humility we have to choose
Or risk eternal life to lose.

Tuesday 2
What good is anger in my soul
It keeps my soul from getting full
A foolish grasp at happiness
A sinful act I must confess.

A child of lacking gratitude
A selfish sinning attitude
Impatient burst of pride and shame
The way to earn a tarnished name.

Tuesday 3
This time I spend with you for love
To draw your heart towards Him above
To One who fashioned you alone
To do the things His will made known.

The way to find a happy life
Is not just find a man or wife,
But find the reason you were made
And nevermore His will evade.

This time, I pray, you will not waste
Soon with decisions, you'll be faced.
To find the best way you were made
To live and love, BE NOT AFRAID!

Must you ask, "Are you the One"
Just look and see the work I've done
The lame can walk, the blind can see,
Those trapped by sin have been set free.

More than mind can hope to fathom
Farther than the eye can see
Wonders all, and You have made them
Let the glory, be to Thee.

Dear Joseph with the virgin pure
You had a love to long endure
No sordid lust to cloud the view
Of perfect beauty close to you.

Don't shave the head.  Take no strong drink.
Be set apart and clean.
Stay close to Him, is what I think
The vow is meant to mean.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/6/15 Through 12/12/15

12/6/15 through 12/12/15

Every path that leads to Him
Will cross the desert sand
It's there we learn to trust in Him
Like in the promised land.

A stretcher lowered through the tiles
By faith, the trip was worth the miles.
Hearing words of mercy spoken
Chains of sin are finally broken.

Mary pure and spotless mother
Purest member of our race
Sinless virgin, like no other
Filled with beauty, charm, and grace.

Holy virgin, full of grace,
Let your presence fill this place.
Pure and spotless, favored one
Who bore within, God's only son.

Conceived without the stain of sin
The font of grace you held within
A ready fiat on your lips
A zeal for souls none can eclipse.

The prophets feared to see His face
Or enter in that holy place.
For if they looked upon the  light
Their death would come by holy fright.

If they, but dared, to touch the Ark
The wrath of God, on them would spark.
For oxen stumbled, Uzzah tried,
To steady things, but then he died.

But not for you, oh Privileged One,
Upon your breast, you fed God's Son.
For nine full months, oh Full of Grace,
He made of you His dwelling place.

Without concupiscence they say
It sure did palliate your way.
But, au contraire, is my belief
The serpent gave you no relief.

The one who knows the devil's strength
Is one who fights to any length.
You watched and waited while He bled
And there you crushed the serpent's head.

How many times you thought it plain
But then, His will was not the same,
Yet every time you'd acquiesce
And utter once again that yes.

The worm cannot conceive a plan.
The maggot cannot think or stand.
When I am he that makes the plan
Then I AM does not grasp the hand.

The Lord He teaches what is good
He leads us to the Way
We'd have it all if we but would
Just listen, and obey.

 (To the Tune of Come O long Expected Jesus)
Virgin of the Tilma save us
Make our land be truly free
Save us from the sin that harms us 
Lead us to thy Son through thee.

Open eyes entrapped in darkness
Shine the light that they may see.
Rescue those in evil's harness
Grant the gift of faith through thee.

Monday, December 7, 2015

11/29/15 Through 12/5/15

11/29/15 Through 12/5/15

A Happy New Year may this be,
That I would grow and learn to see,
That I must put myself aside
And patiently, in love, abide

Since Mercy granted ministry
Discouraged, now we cannot be
But persevering in the cause
We ask the Lord to fix our flaws.

Blessed the eyes that see His face
Blessed the hearts He fills with grace.
The prophets longed to see this day
When Christ would come to show the way.

Tuesday PM
Stupid One

I feel like such a stupid one,
I don't know how to get things done.
What's simple for the younger crowd
Can start me cursing things out loud.

The senses dull, the mind is slow,
I've got no clue which way to go.
I search for things to fill the gap,
But find in each new thing, a trap.

Every day I try and then,
I only find I've failed again.
So filled with things, I ought to burst,
But none of them can slake this thirst.

Maybe now has come the time
For me to hear the church bells chime,
And ask the Lord, what's on His mind.
Perhaps He knows, what I should find.

I've tried for years to give His due
But even there had failure too.
For pride can stain the goodness where
We're like the pharisee in prayer.

I want to say this very night,
"To do Your will is my delight."
Just ask of me and I will do
Whatever, Lord, that pleases You.

Have mercy on Your sinful son
And finish now, Your work begun.
Let me, in silence, beat my breast
And in repentance, face each test.

At banquet feast He feeds the least
With choicest wine and meat.
He breaks the net, and cancels debt,
His loved ones there to greet.

Take the Word and spread it out
To people far and near.
Then act on it, so all about
The folks both see and hear.

For action is the factor that
We see across the land
Shows them that your house, in fact,
Is built on rock, not sand.

Unless, for sure, we want to see
The blindness will remain.
But in the search for Truth will be,
The light that will sustain.

The path to tread not always clear,
For children of this day
But if we listen we can hear
His voice that calls, "This way".