Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/20/15 - 12/26/15

12/20/15 - 12/26/15

Rising in the midst of night
To do Your will is my delight
When no one in the house is stirred
Much clearer then, I hear Your word.

A new era comes this season
Complimenting faith and reason
Proofs that even blind can see
Proofs of how things came to be.

In spite of this some choose to say
It happened quite some other way
Defying logic and the facts
Continuing their vain attacks.

In this year of grace and mercy
Lead the blind and doubtful to see
In that humble domicile
Love has come to reconcile.

No sacrifice that I would make
Could compensate for what I take
For what I offer, Lord to Thee,
Is only what You've given me.

Tuesday PM
This night a humble man passed on
To find eternal day
He changed the world he lived upon
In one important way.

He brought the light of faith to me
Though less than ten years old.
He taught me what a man should be 
If he be young or old.

Lord bring on me Your furnace fire
And burn away the muck and mire
So when at last, I thee behold
My heart be purified as gold.

The lustrous pearl of night descends
Without perceiving, starlight ends
Then beauty of the morning sun
Brings light and life to everyone.

In the darkness of the night
A star has come, now shining bright
A quiet stillness in the air
A tiny babe in manger there.

Can it be that one so small
Is truly here to save us all?
In this humble stable born
The Son of God, this Christmas morn.

Trust in God in times of trial
When the end appears so bleak
Refining for a little while
Reveals the perfect love we seek.

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