Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/6/15 Through 12/12/15

12/6/15 through 12/12/15

Every path that leads to Him
Will cross the desert sand
It's there we learn to trust in Him
Like in the promised land.

A stretcher lowered through the tiles
By faith, the trip was worth the miles.
Hearing words of mercy spoken
Chains of sin are finally broken.

Mary pure and spotless mother
Purest member of our race
Sinless virgin, like no other
Filled with beauty, charm, and grace.

Holy virgin, full of grace,
Let your presence fill this place.
Pure and spotless, favored one
Who bore within, God's only son.

Conceived without the stain of sin
The font of grace you held within
A ready fiat on your lips
A zeal for souls none can eclipse.

The prophets feared to see His face
Or enter in that holy place.
For if they looked upon the  light
Their death would come by holy fright.

If they, but dared, to touch the Ark
The wrath of God, on them would spark.
For oxen stumbled, Uzzah tried,
To steady things, but then he died.

But not for you, oh Privileged One,
Upon your breast, you fed God's Son.
For nine full months, oh Full of Grace,
He made of you His dwelling place.

Without concupiscence they say
It sure did palliate your way.
But, au contraire, is my belief
The serpent gave you no relief.

The one who knows the devil's strength
Is one who fights to any length.
You watched and waited while He bled
And there you crushed the serpent's head.

How many times you thought it plain
But then, His will was not the same,
Yet every time you'd acquiesce
And utter once again that yes.

The worm cannot conceive a plan.
The maggot cannot think or stand.
When I am he that makes the plan
Then I AM does not grasp the hand.

The Lord He teaches what is good
He leads us to the Way
We'd have it all if we but would
Just listen, and obey.

 (To the Tune of Come O long Expected Jesus)
Virgin of the Tilma save us
Make our land be truly free
Save us from the sin that harms us 
Lead us to thy Son through thee.

Open eyes entrapped in darkness
Shine the light that they may see.
Rescue those in evil's harness
Grant the gift of faith through thee.

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