Sunday, February 28, 2016

2/20/16 Through 2/27/16

2/21/16 Through 2/27/16

The beauty and the brightness fill my eyes
When lifted up, the earthly dim disguise
For when at last we see what truly is
We know quite clear, for sure, we must be His.

I thank you for authority
That leads the church and sets me free
The chair of Peter guides the way
And suffers not, the sheep to stray.

Humble me, dispel my pride
Cleanse me from the sin inside
Let my sacrifice be praise
And let my voice the anthem raise.

Like James and John at left and right
I search for power, wealth, and might.
Amidst the presence of the King
I cannot think of suffering.

Thursday AM
The poor and inconvenient ones
The rich and haughty person shuns
With cup or sign to catch the eye
We turn our heads and pass them by.

We pass a judgment on their plight
That they deserve to spend the night
Out in the cold, without a bed
And no place soft to lay their head.

Thursday PM
Font of mercy, font of grace
Make your home within this place
Open wide the door for me
That to Your glory I may see.

Teach me how to trust in Thee
And understand how to be free
From all the vice and pain of sin
That tears away the peace within

Let me return what's due to You
The produce of Your vine
All I possess has come from You
And nothing here is mine.

Good News is that which lifts the heart 
Good News allows a fresh new start.
Good News brings hope among the poor
Good News is liberty for sure.

The freedom that the Savior brought
The lessons that His stories taught
Revealed the Father's saving plan
A love beyond the mind of man.

A pure unselfish brand of love
Came down as infant from above
Through spotless virgin full of grace
He took a humble lowly place.

He walked amid the poor and weak
For lost and sinners did He seek.
He cured the sick and raised the dead,
But then, with thorns, we crowned His head.

Blindfolded, mocked, and spit upon
The torture of pure love went on.
The cross upon His shoulders laid
Till death, the price of sin, was paid.

And when at last, the spear was thrust
A spring of blood and water gushed.
The soldier there, then gave a nod,
In truth, this was The Son of God!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

2/14/16 Through 2/19/16

2/14/16 Through 2/19/16

In this hunger I need bread
And not the food I crave
Refusing not that I be fed
By who the Father gave

Fasting for the ones in need
Feasting on the words I read
A time to quit the daily race
And gaze upon His holy face.

Forgiving all the little wrong
Can be no simple chore
With grace and with conviction strong
We do it now once more.

The prophet calls us to repent
And make of this a holy Lent.
Turn away from sins of past
And make of this a holy fast.

Increase the fervor of my prayer
That always trusting You
My prayer be heard from anywhere
And in accord with You.

Remember when I called to you
You didn't know just what to do.
You didn't know just how I came
But that You'd never be the same.

A different time, a different way
Or when you quiet down to pray
If you but gently train your ear
You'll find my voice quite clear to hear

I sought you out to be my own
And make my love, to others, known
To listen to the words I speak
And show the way to those who seek.

I didn't choose for how you speak
I chose the humble and the meek
The ones who hear the words I say
And not just listen, but obey.

This time, oh Lord, I wake to find
A word from Thee, and peace of mind.
A word to carry through this day
And help me follow in Your way.

The slave, once freed, must not return
To that which held him bound
The fool who does will never learn
To stand on solid ground

Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/7/16 Through 2/13/16

2/7/16 Through 2/13/16

Lord I offer You this day
All I do and all I say
Let me hear with clarity
And make my steps to follow Thee

Now make in me a special place
Where Christ may come and fill with grace
Let the Lenten fast begin
And once again renew within.

No words contain the depth of Thee
You breadth as far as eye can see
Your height beyond the distant star
Great timeless being that You are.

Yet somehow even though we sin
You still desire to dwell within
To cleanse and then to purify
The vessel here that wonders why.

Let the fast begin today
Let me learn to love and pray
Give me strength to make the way
But first, the strength to make this day

The choice before me here this day
Have I the will to walk His way
To choose to love in spite of pain
And help to break my brother's chain.

Such joy I could not hold within
If I could be but free from sin
If I could go upon my way
Without the weight of debt to pay.

Use hunger pangs to cause in me
Awareness of my frailty
This Lenten time I come to know
That every day I need You so.

None are righteous in His eyes
But all are loved beyond the skies
The depth of heart and mind He knows
And takes the time to dine with those.

Monday, February 8, 2016

1/31/16 Through 2/6/16

1/31/16 Through 2/6/16

Awaken to the dawn of day
And listen to the words I say
For in the dark of early morn
The seeds of life and love are born.

How do I turn this ship around
\And head to where true peace is found?
How do I break the chains of greed
With so much more than what I need?

Lord let Your presence purify
The ones who work and always try
To see in every passerby
The One who came to sanctify.

A friend to share the depth of heart
Is one with whom we never part
Though miles separate the souls
A prayer and thought now still consoles.

Man of faith with eyes that see
A dandelion in the breeze
Quickly going where He wills
To make the restless heart be still.

In foolishness he lost his head
By stupid things that he had said
No kingly thing that Herod tried
The day that John the Baptist died.

A teacher to the very end
Is what we all should be
That we might ably defend
This faith received from Thee.