Sunday, May 31, 2015

5/24/15 through 5/31/15

5/24/15 through 5/31/15

When the Holy Spirit came
In flashing tongues of holy flame
Timid ones stood and proclaimed
With love, the power of Jesus' name.

Without the fire of God within
We're far more apt to fall in sin
But with the Spirit's seven fold power
We're clothed to meet temptation's hour.

Remembering the fallen ones
This day we set aside
To call to mind the sacrifice
Of those who fought and died.

Protecting freedom in our land
So generations hence
Could live in liberty and peace
All bought at their expense.

We must respect their gift to us
By living everyday
As ones who care for others in
The same self-giving way.

The call to simple sacrifice
Will greet us every morn
We must control our appetites
For us to be reborn

Not suffering repeated blows
Or asked to give our all
But giving up what no one knows
Through works considered small.

The island of my ancestors
was once a source of pride
A faithful Catholic people with
The Church to be their guide.

But through the years the thorns have grown
Among that goodly seed
The worldly cares of day to day
The things we say we need.

Somehow their faith has come to be
A loser in the fight
Regardless of majority
A vote can't make it right.

I used to think the first command
Was useless in our day.
Who bows to calves, or carves a god
To worship anyway?

But we have turned our carnal lust
Into that sacred cow
Where to the simply deviant
We now just turn and bow.

The laws of love were given when
He made them man and wife.
Their unity the chosen way
Of bringing forth new life.

Have we not seen throughout the years
That following His plan
Leads to true prosperity
For each and every man?

Oh Lord, remove the blinders
Help us all to see
That following the laws of God
In truth will set us free!

The cry that oft we dare not say
Is, "Lord, I want to see"
For in the light He shows the way
That we were meant to be.

No time to sit and recreate
It's time now to accelerate
Our search to harvest needy souls
Intensifies as we grow old.

Wisdom, friend and guiding light
Come and make my pathway bright
Give me courage to endure
Always faithful, true, and sure.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

5/16/15 through 5/23/15

5/17/15 through 5/24/15

Ascending to Your rightful throne
Disciples watched in awe
Declaring You as King alone
From everything they saw

But Your plan was greater still
Your blessings incomplete
To help us do the Father's will
You sent the Paraclete.

The grain of wheat must fall and die
And then be found to grow
Then as the stalk is reaching high
The gifts of Spirit flow.

Tuesday AM
Don't shrink away or fail to speak
The word God gives to you.
But raise the weary and the weak
As God says we should do.

Tuesday PM
Again I sit before the Lord
God of glory and grace
My weak and sinful self abhorred
Ashamed to lift my face

When will I ever gain the power
To turn away from sin
In courage, meet temptation's hour
And garner strength within?

A frightful thought to look upon
The scourges and the thorns
And know those sacred stripes were drawn
As products of my scorn

Lord make my greatest love be You
Make me always seek what's true
Help me always realize
That Satan's fool is really wise.

I watch in silence as each surge
Of blood comes from my heart
Transporting life and animating
Each and every part.

I don't know how, I don't know why
My thoughts are not that high
But this I know without a doubt
His love is what it's all about.

Firmly bound forever free
Is what I ask dear Lord of Thee
That I might only rest and feed
In verdant pastures where You lead

The night before the Savior died
By closest friend, three times denied
But on the shore He fed and blessed
For love was there three times expressed.

Don't worry how the rest are called
For you just follow me
You are the rock that I installed
The keeper of the key.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

5/10/15 through 5-16-15

Love is meant for everyone
The Father's gift of precious Son
The Spirit too, He sent for all
Who hearken to the master's call.

Help me forsake myself I cry
Make me to love enough to die
Let not my search for pleasure win
Teach me to love and turn from sin.

There's more to the story than what we can read
How suddenly, faith in the Lord can now lead
The jailer, a soldier, to turn from his post
Becoming for prisoners, their servant and host.

The power of God is so hard to describe
It will gnaw at our gut and cause us to decide
If we will be creatures all puffed up with pride,
Or yield to the Lord, and let Him be our guide.

For now it is too much to know
All that the Lord has planned.
We feed on milk until we grow
To follow His command.

We must replace, apostles say
The one of us who did betray
Then hung in utter desolation
On a tree of condemnation.

One with us throughout the days
Must join with us and teach His ways.
Replacing Judas' deeds at night
Matthias acts in holy light

Mother Mary be my guide
This day remain here at my side 
Let me see your holy face
And shower down His loving grace.

For I desire to love like thee,
With perfect, kind humility
Trusting that someday I might,
Like you, reflect His wondrous light.

A knock says may I please come in
And turn your tendency towards sin,
To One who truly satisfies,
And from the father of those lies.

5/3/15 through 5/9/15

Accept it all with joy they say
A gift from God on high,
But I can't find a joyful way
And choose to wonder why.

Why not, the better question posed,
should trouble come to me?
Is it right that I suppose
From trial my life be free?

Pride is such a subtle vice
It sneaks through any crack
And then it does in us entice
Our prayer life to grow slack.

We're called to persevere in pain
That we might win eternal gain
Then like apostles, and like Paul
Might spread the Word to one and all.

To learn to love I must obey
And follow in the Master's way
Forsaking ease and glory high
To freely choose the cross and die.

"I do believe!", the father said.
Help my unbelief.
Don't turn and leave my son for dead,
I'm crying for relief.

The struggle for the earthly gain
Is always proved to be in vain.
For those who strive to get ahead,
Eventually, they turn up dead.

Then what becomes of all their wealth,
Their quest for power and perfect health?
The dreams become for those who sinned
Just dandelions in the wind. 

So tell me what their silver gleaned,
A blessing or a curse?
For they say you've never seen
A U-haul on a hearse.

To love sounds like a simple rule
That we could all obey
So often though, we play the fool
And self gets in the way.

How shall the young be sinless found,
When in this world, and all around,
Temptations vie to hold their sway?
The Word of God they must obey!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

4/26/15 through 5/2/15

They act as if they know it all
And so refuse to hear the call
Or listen when the still small voice
Beckons, make the holy choice.

Good shepherd tries to lead the way
But they insist to go astray
and find a hungry wolf instead
Of verdant pastures for their bed.

Why does sleep elude my eyes?
Why does your will seem in disguise?
Why don't I rest and sleep in ease?
Why don't I get down on my knees?

The Master called His sheep by name
And all who followed Love then came
But those who always asked for signs
Refused to follow His designs.

When amidst a great attack
No time to let our hands grow slack
But praise Him still for we behold
By fire He cleanses precious gold.

Make me like Barnabas and Paul
Who gladly suffered for the call
And may I never shy away
From speaking what you'd have me say.

How can I think of writing rhyme
When I sit to pass the time
Sipping whiskey for the pain
A tooth has gone awry again.

A people set apart for You
With holy work for each to do
Like Joseph through our work express
Desire for love and holiness.

Let me listen Lord to Thee
For the Word You speak to me
And act upon your each command
Or lest my house be built on sand.

What a treat to sit with You
Enjoying in this place
The simple quiet solitude
And blessings of Your grace

In the name of Jesus pray
And God will grant to you this day
From His font of grace thereof
What's best for you and those you love.

When Mary said let it be done
According to Your will
The Spirit then conceived the Son
Her tabernacle filled.