Sunday, January 29, 2017

1/22/17 Through 1/28/17

1/22/17 Through 1/28/17

Land of darkness, see the Light!
No more be filled with gloom and fright
For dawn has broken on the day
The pole and yoke are cast away

1/22/17 Aunt Jenny
Now and at the hour of death
The moment of her final breath
This prayer she uttered through the day
Would guide her on her final way

No more a body weak and old
Once more a loving George to hold
The Blessed Mother there to greet
And lead her to the Savior's feet

Hail, Mary full of grace
This child comes to find her place
Her life of service finally done
Dear Jenny, good and faithful one!

Let me hear and thus obey
Your word as spoken through the day
To build a house both strong and pure
So life with Light be then secure

May I bring to those I meet 
A light upon the world's deceit
And spark in them a light to see
The unborn child's sanctity

At first, an ineffective way
But nonetheless the way to pray
To offer sacrifice for sin
And then, somehow, His favor win

But One has come to be so bold
Proclaiming new, discarding old
The prophecies to all fulfill
Behold, He comes to do Your will.

Lord, let Your light around me shine
That words of truth and love be mine
Remove the scales from in my eyes
That I might see and then be wise

Wash me of my sinful ways
And lead me to the brighter days
Of humble love and so much more
With pride and avarice no more

What's needed now at harvest time
Are laborers to make the climb
Proclaiming Christ along the way
And bringing forth the light of day

Stir up the coals, restart the flame
The One from which the Spirit came
It's time to place the lamp up high
And light the way for those nearby

The ones with faith do not draw back
In spite of trials that come
They persevere and never lack
Your blessings, every one.

They plant a seed, then sleep and rise
Not knowing how it grows
Trusting that, in each soul lies
The Truth he can't oppose.

March for Life 2017
Each precious life within the womb
Deserves the light and not a tomb
Oh Virgin Guadalupe shine
The light of Christ, your son divine
Expose the lies the selfish told
And give us newborn babes to hold

The tactic of the Evil One
Is tell more lies when once begun
With secrecy and darkness hung,
His prey, now fatally is stung.
And that which promised freedom full
Brings fear and darkness to the soul

But thus, you see, it needn't be
If lights of Truth are shone to see
For life is recognized in light
And darkness flees into the night
In spite of how the lies expand
When facing Truth, no lie can stand.

Who is this One, who calms the sea?
Is this my God, in front of me?
What other one rebukes the wind,
Or gives new life to those who sinned?

By faith in Him, without a doubt
Our hoped for, things He brings about
The ancient ones can all agree
That faith in Him will set you free

Sunday, January 22, 2017

1/15/17 Through 1/21/17

1/15/17 Through 1/21/17

From in the womb He knew your name
And formed no other one the same
His servant you were meant to be
He made you loving, good, and free

If you but do His holy will
His love will ever warm the chill
Then hearts will find their way and see
How great His chosen nation be

By grace all called to love you see
To know the holy Trinity
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
To join the ranks of heaven's host

So testify what you have seen
And make Him known to king and queen
I would, but now I can't you see
My mother just aborted me.

Don't try to fix that worn out cloak
Another patch will just evoke
A greater tear and then you'll see
The cloak you need is really me.

A fresh and supple loving kind
Renewing heart and also mind
Put off the old and don the new
The cloak of love looks good on you.

Hope the anchor for the soul
Our trust His love will make us whole
Reaching in beyond the veils
Affixed to One who never fails

Melchizedek in Salem town
His priesthood ever more renowned
King of righteousness by name
Enjoys his everlasting fame

A priest before the priesthood made
His gift of bread and wine displayed
Our father in the faith he blessed
With honor, Abraham addressed

Now Jesus in that single line
Of priests who came outside of time
Has offered up His bread and wine
That life eternal may me mine

Wednesday PM
I know the Truth will set me free
But still I choose iniquity
I dread to curb my base desires
Yet always prove them wicked liars

What looks so sweet to fleshly eye
Will never truly satisfy
But coax, and charm, and slyly hound
Until, with cords, I'm tightly bound

My courage and my firm resolve
So often fail and just dissolve
I fail to think or stay aware
And then I'm tempted to despair

But then, I must, in shame confess
I offer God this bloody mess
And He confirms His word to me
That only Truth will set you free!

Is it lawful? He would ask
To do a good or evil task
Upon the holy Sabbath day
When only rest should be the way?

Why speak with no authority
You pious scribe and pharisee?
You of all should know the way
And guide the flock by what you say

But since you only clean outside
Your inner filth you cannot hide
And rather than behold the King
You plot, to His destruction bring

He summoned those He wanted
And at His call they came
Then twelve He thus appointed
Apostles they became

To this day, His call goes out
To each and every soul
At times a whisper, or a shout
But call to each enroll

Will you respond and follow
The voice of Love that calls
Or in the mud still wallow
Where pride and sin befalls?

Not with the blood of goats He came
All other priests were not the same
Upon the altar His own blood
And grace descending like a flood.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

1/8/17 Through 1/14/17

1/8/17 Through 1/14/17

Wise men truly worship still
And seek to find the Father's will
They see the ever present signs
Of Him, who in the darkness shines

Wake up and know the time is near
When all the nations shall revere
The King in humble stable born
That cold and frosty Christmas morn

His voice directs the mighty sea
By it, the heavens came to be
It thunders from the sky above
Identifying perfect love

It speaks to all who listen clear
To let them know the Son is here
Who came as humble human kin
To rescue people from their sin

Now He speaks to us as sons
His favored and His chosen ones
No more in partial riddled word
But loud and clear His voice is heard

He cares for every creature made
And bids them in His stream to wade
Then see His living water bring
Abundant life to everything

Every ailment and disease
Was healed by Him to more than please
Each one was met with loving eyes
Which penetrated their disguise

He saw into the depths of each
And far more did than cure and teach
He loved each wretched naked soul
And by His love he made them whole

Now when today you hear His voice
Don't harden up your heart
But let Him help you make a choice
And then His love impart

Be thirsty ground and soak it in
Be formed throughout the day
Don't let the Word flow over you
And stay the same old way

The Word is preached to one and all
He finds along the way
But profits not those paralyzed
Who hear, yet won't obey

With sins released, our sickness ceased
We rise and walk away
But not the Jews who still refuse 
To listen and obey

"Come follow Me"  His word to all
In many varied ways
How can we hear His gentle call
Amidst our busy days?

Just set a time for Him each day
When no one will disturb
And give Him time to show the way
You'll find that time superb

Sunday, January 8, 2017

1/1/17 Through 1/7/17

1/1/17 Through 1/7/17

In haste the shepherds went to find
The infant and His mother kind
And when they found Him as was told
Their praise to God they could not hold

His Mother heard about great things
From angels, shepherds, even kings
And pondered them throughout the years
Until, at last, she met with tears

Her tiny babe through God conceived
The Pharisees had not believed
And there below the cross she knew
The sword they said would pierce her through

Just who am I within His plan
A question asked by every man
Lord give to me that special grace
And let me know my certain place

For when we act in line with You
You multiply the things we do
And bring a peace unknown to man
Contentment in Your holy plan.

In light no darkness can exist
Why should His presence, I resist?
Exposing darkness' false allure
The Light reveals a beauty pure

So call upon the Light each day
To show your path along the way
And recognize that brightness came
By uttering His holy name

1/3  Our 36th Anniversary
I may not ever get to know
This girl I met a while ago
She puzzles me at times, you see
For that's the way a girl can be

There's mystery in her varied ways
That always marvels and dismays
But yet she draws me closer still
And bends her way, my heart and will

A beauty far beyond compare
A love I ever long to share
A sign of caring and concern
From whom the children all can learn

A score and sixteen more have passed
And my reply for when I'm asked
The lucky day of all my life
Is when this girl became my wife.

Be quiet now and hear the call
The call to love goes out to all
But only those who listen hear
And only those who act draw near

The One of whom the prophets spoke
The One to break our sinful yoke
Has come from Nazareth, I'm told
To warm the hearts of those grown cold

Come follow Me is what He said
Great things you'll see where you are led
The  Son of Man in glory bound
With hosts of angels all around

Spirit, water, and blood confirm
A lesson that we all must learn
Eternal life, so highly priced
Is only gained through Jesus Christ

The water cleanses one from sins
And that, a process, thus begins
His precious blood then purifies
And every grace for love supplies

Then when the Spirit leads and guides
And every need, or word provides
The world cannot deny the claim
There's power in His Holy Name.

I want to listen when I pray
I want to hear Your voice each day
How can I know our wills align
And what I ask already mine?

Monday, January 2, 2017

12/25/16 Through 12/31/16

12/25/16 Through 12/31/16

Let's go to Bethlehem and see
The Savior come to set us free
The One of whom the angels boast
In choirs of the heavenly host

We found Him just as angels said
All swaddled in a manger bed
With parents kneeling by His side
In thankful, holy Christmastide

Why come the King this lowly way
So humbly born on Christmas day?
To cast away all doubt and fear
That man, to God, could now draw near

Worry not of what to say
The Spirit speaks for those who pray
Undaunted by the thought of death
They praise the Lord with every breath.

Reclining at the Savior's breast
Was one who loved above the rest
The one who risked his life and limb
The one who walked the way with Him

God's mother trusted to his care
With tenderness beyond compare
Her Son affixed upon the wood
With John, she wept, and watched, and stood.

The Innocents of Herod's time
were slaughtered in a heinous crime
Of one so bloated, proud, and vain
That only wickedness remain

Now in our world so proud and strong
Not even lamentation song
Is offered for the ones so small
Bereft of life before they crawl

Down deep we know a mother's womb
Should be the place where love can bloom
Yet myriads have made that room
A zone of darkness, doom, and gloom.

But may a growing light this year
Remove the darkness, doubt, and fear
That leads these mothers far astray
And set them on the narrow way

Love looks beyond the trials faced
To see the blessings freely graced
By every soul we've come to know
For love will cause the heart to grow

Our mother looked in trusting love
Upon the angel from above
And answered yes to be the one
The virgin bearing God's own son

When Simeon announced His role
A tingle rose within her soul
She saw beyond the piercing sword
And trusted in her God's reward

So why, when all the ages show
That giving causes hearts to grow
Do men still choose the dark and find
The more they grab the more they're blind?

May I lead as Joseph led
And may I feed as Joseph fed
Upon the Word of God each day
And act upon the things You say.

Two thousand and a handful more
Since God, as man, the virgin bore
He chose a humble manger bed
To rest His little infant head

He came as light to show the way
To banish darkness far away
But some, in dark, would rather be
And they, the light, refuse to see

They hung the Light upon a tree
So all the world could plainly see
What happens when the dark oppose
But three days hence, the Light arose

How many more will Patience wait
To close His dazzling, lovely gate
And let complacent ones embark
Upon their journey into dark?