Sunday, January 29, 2017

1/22/17 Through 1/28/17

1/22/17 Through 1/28/17

Land of darkness, see the Light!
No more be filled with gloom and fright
For dawn has broken on the day
The pole and yoke are cast away

1/22/17 Aunt Jenny
Now and at the hour of death
The moment of her final breath
This prayer she uttered through the day
Would guide her on her final way

No more a body weak and old
Once more a loving George to hold
The Blessed Mother there to greet
And lead her to the Savior's feet

Hail, Mary full of grace
This child comes to find her place
Her life of service finally done
Dear Jenny, good and faithful one!

Let me hear and thus obey
Your word as spoken through the day
To build a house both strong and pure
So life with Light be then secure

May I bring to those I meet 
A light upon the world's deceit
And spark in them a light to see
The unborn child's sanctity

At first, an ineffective way
But nonetheless the way to pray
To offer sacrifice for sin
And then, somehow, His favor win

But One has come to be so bold
Proclaiming new, discarding old
The prophecies to all fulfill
Behold, He comes to do Your will.

Lord, let Your light around me shine
That words of truth and love be mine
Remove the scales from in my eyes
That I might see and then be wise

Wash me of my sinful ways
And lead me to the brighter days
Of humble love and so much more
With pride and avarice no more

What's needed now at harvest time
Are laborers to make the climb
Proclaiming Christ along the way
And bringing forth the light of day

Stir up the coals, restart the flame
The One from which the Spirit came
It's time to place the lamp up high
And light the way for those nearby

The ones with faith do not draw back
In spite of trials that come
They persevere and never lack
Your blessings, every one.

They plant a seed, then sleep and rise
Not knowing how it grows
Trusting that, in each soul lies
The Truth he can't oppose.

March for Life 2017
Each precious life within the womb
Deserves the light and not a tomb
Oh Virgin Guadalupe shine
The light of Christ, your son divine
Expose the lies the selfish told
And give us newborn babes to hold

The tactic of the Evil One
Is tell more lies when once begun
With secrecy and darkness hung,
His prey, now fatally is stung.
And that which promised freedom full
Brings fear and darkness to the soul

But thus, you see, it needn't be
If lights of Truth are shone to see
For life is recognized in light
And darkness flees into the night
In spite of how the lies expand
When facing Truth, no lie can stand.

Who is this One, who calms the sea?
Is this my God, in front of me?
What other one rebukes the wind,
Or gives new life to those who sinned?

By faith in Him, without a doubt
Our hoped for, things He brings about
The ancient ones can all agree
That faith in Him will set you free

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