Sunday, January 8, 2017

1/1/17 Through 1/7/17

1/1/17 Through 1/7/17

In haste the shepherds went to find
The infant and His mother kind
And when they found Him as was told
Their praise to God they could not hold

His Mother heard about great things
From angels, shepherds, even kings
And pondered them throughout the years
Until, at last, she met with tears

Her tiny babe through God conceived
The Pharisees had not believed
And there below the cross she knew
The sword they said would pierce her through

Just who am I within His plan
A question asked by every man
Lord give to me that special grace
And let me know my certain place

For when we act in line with You
You multiply the things we do
And bring a peace unknown to man
Contentment in Your holy plan.

In light no darkness can exist
Why should His presence, I resist?
Exposing darkness' false allure
The Light reveals a beauty pure

So call upon the Light each day
To show your path along the way
And recognize that brightness came
By uttering His holy name

1/3  Our 36th Anniversary
I may not ever get to know
This girl I met a while ago
She puzzles me at times, you see
For that's the way a girl can be

There's mystery in her varied ways
That always marvels and dismays
But yet she draws me closer still
And bends her way, my heart and will

A beauty far beyond compare
A love I ever long to share
A sign of caring and concern
From whom the children all can learn

A score and sixteen more have passed
And my reply for when I'm asked
The lucky day of all my life
Is when this girl became my wife.

Be quiet now and hear the call
The call to love goes out to all
But only those who listen hear
And only those who act draw near

The One of whom the prophets spoke
The One to break our sinful yoke
Has come from Nazareth, I'm told
To warm the hearts of those grown cold

Come follow Me is what He said
Great things you'll see where you are led
The  Son of Man in glory bound
With hosts of angels all around

Spirit, water, and blood confirm
A lesson that we all must learn
Eternal life, so highly priced
Is only gained through Jesus Christ

The water cleanses one from sins
And that, a process, thus begins
His precious blood then purifies
And every grace for love supplies

Then when the Spirit leads and guides
And every need, or word provides
The world cannot deny the claim
There's power in His Holy Name.

I want to listen when I pray
I want to hear Your voice each day
How can I know our wills align
And what I ask already mine?

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