Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/21/15 through 6/27/15

6/21/15 through 6/27/15

Your justice and mercy I can't comprehend
Understanding and wisdom are yours without end
The grandeur of God is far beyond reach
The depth of your love through the cross do you teach

Refusing to condone one sin
St.  Thomas lost his head
This day our courts deliberate 
If men should share one bed.

How can I find the narrow gate
When wide the way of sin?
How can I learn to concentrate
On what will let me in?

Brand New Me
Another day comes to an end
And goals remain unmet
Oh Lord I cannot comprehend
The promises un-kept

If I were jilted half as much
As I have jilted You
I wouldn't have much use for such
Who say, but never do.

Dear God please help me turn around
And follow after Thee
Then let your splendid grace abound
Create a brand new me.

The mansions built on shifting sand 
Are everywhere around
For oft we hear the word of God
With little action found.

If sinful plots the heart invade
What loss for all that God has made!
For once the sin takes hold of thee
The wisdom of the Lord will flee.

Do you get discouraged by things in the news?
Do repeated defeats sometimes give you the blues?
Regardless of what the high court has to say
It isn't a marriage when joined in that way.

For years many rulers tried telling the throng
Their actions were right, when they knew they were wrong
Just look throughout history, see what they've become
Then look once again at the love of the Son.

Our job is to trust in the power of love
Believing the words of the one up above
To soften hard hearts by our love we must try
For his power can change in the blink of an eye.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

6/14/15 through 6/20/15

6/14/15 through 6/20/15

Will our branch like Aaron's flower
To help us stand in judgement's hour,
To greet the master's homeward stride
In hope, with talents multiplied?

Lord let your love make bright my way
Give me the perfect words to say,
And may the daily things I do
Help lead the folks I meet to you

An eye for an eye will get you no place
The way to advance is with mercy and grace
To love those who love you is not a great feat,
Try loving the mean and the ornery you meet.

A blessing for community
Is ready generosity
With no shade of graft or greed
But swiftly meeting every need.

Our gifts are given to be shared
That any wanting may be spared
And spreading what we have around
Is how, in truth, the bounty's found.

Though all believe in things not seen
Some say that faith's absurd.
But not to those whose eyes have seen
The power of His word.

He speaks to all who take the time
To listen to His voice
To those who offer Him their prime
He helps to make a choice.

Our daily prayers contain within
Great words of hope, release from sin
Our father holds in words the key
To sanctify and set us free.

Hail Mary draws the Full of Grace
To meet us any time and place
And when we say the Glory be
We all portray eternity.

The treasure that these vessels hold
Is worth far more than precious gold
For no amount of gold can buy
The maker of the earth and sky.

Saturday AM
Oh Lord, that I might persevere
To You my heart be always near
And never let my soul astray
By wandering from Your guiding way.

Great beauty in these souls of thine
The different shapes and varied kind
Wherever Lord Your light does shine
The artistry of God we find.

Not a Match, but a Mate
I thank you Jesus for my bride
Of now these many years
A helpmate always at my side
Through joyful times and tears.

The perfect one designed for me
In each and every way
To cure me of delinquency
In things I do and say

Far from a match, she is my mate
The one whose every part
Was joined with me, that we might be
Two of one mind and heart.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

6/7/15 through 6/13/15

Doubt no longer, but believe
He our sinfulness relieve
In this bread is true compassion
Holy lives He feeds to fashion.

Truly present though not seen
For believers this has been
Bread of heaven giv'n to nourish
Healthy souls to flow'r and flourish.

Jesus tells us how to be
With attitudes that set us free
They sound to most like much distress,
But truly lead to happiness.

Grant wisdom Lord with each new day
Help me to listen and obey
When challenged help me search and sift
To You my spirit always lift.

The family's where the child is formed,
Where wills are trained and hearts are warmed.
The special place we learn to live,
To love and share, and freely give.

The basic building block you see
That makes up our society
The place where love of mom and dad
Brings forth a brand new lass or lad.

The family's where we learn to pray
To offer God our cares each day
To trust in Him for all our needs
And do with kindness, all our deeds.

A sign of love, the Sacred Heart
Should shine in every home.
His burning love will then impart
To all in there shalom.

Enthrone Him in your heart this day
A place of prominence
and let this lover have His way
To lift your countenance.

Immaculate Mary your praises we sing
To your holy Son our petitions please bring
By your faithful yes you brought life to the earth
Trusting always, in a stable gave birth

Our one single boast in the whole human race
The Star of Creation that's filled with His grace.
Sinless and pure as the wind driven snow
You care for your children on earth here below.

Presenting our needs to the Father above
Through Jesus, his son, the pure essence of love.
By your tender guidance teach us to become
The person intended by God for each one.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

5/31/15 through 6/6/15

Is there a god you've ever known
To call a nation all his own,
To lead from where the slaves are bound
To where the milk and honey's found?

Is there One with love so strong
That on a starry night so long
Came to us in humble form,
A Savior, in a stable born?

Is there One so passionate
To send his holy Advocate
To guide us in our daily walk,
And teach us when we need to talk?

For One so great we must obey
And follow in His holy way
To find for our whole family
True peace and real prosperity.

No matter what our offering
No deed unnoticed by the King
He cares not for the blood of sheep,
But do we here our brother keep.

Protect me Lord from what I do
Instead of trusting all in You
I fall again and now in shame
Return to where forgiveness came.

Caesar governs here on earth
So rightly we should pay
Our tax to him who governs here
The ruler of this day.

But to the One who reigns on high
Creator of all things
To Him the righteous offers all
And sacrifices brings.

A habit is made by an act of the will
Repeating it often when time needs to fill
And character comes from the things that we do
So we find that these actions define who are you.

The gall of a fish can open the eyes
The light of the Lord can remove a disguise
Blessing the faithful, He leads from despair,
To joy and abundance in His tender care.

At last the dedication day
A chapel for the Lord
A fitting place to come and pray
For loving hearts out poured.

No longer just a dream for those
Who Presentation knew
Reality for ones who chose
Their lives there to renew.