Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 March for Life

When God created man and wife
He bid them now bring forth new life.
Intending that the human race
Perpetuate through warm embrace.

But sin was present that first time
When man and wife in love sublime,
Brought forth a child of innocence
Yet stained with dread concupiscence.

Through many and perverted ways
In arrogance and lust we've strayed
From marital affinity
That mirrors Holy Trinity.

Then in our great society
Of individuality
Denigrated bodies serve
As tools for pleasures we "deserve".

And should a child come to be
Inside the womb we'll sadly see
The inconvenient accident
Will soon become a new life spent.

The Lord created from the start
Our bodies with their sacred parts
Designed to form the holy bond
In married love where it belongs.

In shock and awe the world sees
These simple marriage mysteries
That call us to go deeper still
And live our lives within His will.

A sacrificial call for sure,
But deeper still to love that's pure.
Beckoning a self that gives
Until the self no longer lives.

For when we give all we possess
Our faithful God will surely bless
And substitute for hearts of stone
A heart aflame for love alone.