Sunday, September 27, 2015

9/20/15 through 9/26/15

9/20/15 through 9/26/15

Could we know without the cross,
Could we count our gains as loss,
Could we find triumph in defeat,
Without a giving so complete?

Because of His reproaching breath
We sentenced Him to shameful death.
With torture and revilement
We killed the One whom Love had sent.

But three days hence, the Savior showed
As all around the tomb it glowed,
No power below or up above
Can conquer o're the power of Love.

Wealth provides a constant chatter
Masking all the things that matter
Always shouting, "Look and see!"
Drowning out, "Come follow Me."

In the pagan king was found
The gift to see, and turn around.
Rebuilding that which once was razed
Into the place where God is praised.

Tuesday Evening
A man of little faith in He
Who calmed the winds and split the sea,
A man who doesn't trust enough
To leave his worthless worldly stuff.

A man who wants his comfort now,
Yet wants to get to heaven somehow.
A man who wants the Lord to see,
A better way for things to be.

A man of very little brain
Complaining of his every pain
A fool in eyes that truly see,
That man of course, is known as me.

But if You choose to grace that man,
And if he but, responds he can
Fulfill Your will upon this earth
And gain at last, a brand new birth.

To twelve He gave authority
To cure and make the demons flee.
To all He gives the power now
To love, and change the world somehow.

How often thoughts are inward bound
And care for others never found.
The house of God, it's time to build,
The fallow ground must now be tilled.

Tell no more the ancient story
Of the Church's former glory
Worry not of numbers few
The Lord will freshen, and renew.

Within the fire circling round
No enemy or foe is found.
The Lord becomes the strength and shield
For all the holy ones He sealed.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

9/13/15 through 9/19/15

9/13/15 through 9/19/15

Change this mind and ways I think
Let me Your sacred chalice drink
Give me the will to suffer for
The Way of Love that offers more.

To look upon the tortured Lamb
I stop and wonder who I am,
That He would count the world as loss
And choose to die upon the cross.

Such love unknown before or since
The depth of which can sure convince
The hardest heart to turn around
And let eternal life be found.

Most surely on the day He rose
His Mother first to greet He chose
The one who freely gave up all 
In answer to His loving call.

Oh may I think of others first
And not my daily needs
For though the selfish one is cursed,
The humble one He heeds.

By humble acts of service now
We show great love and then somehow
Like her of hair and ointment fame
We're snatched from that eternal flame.

To stewards of this awesome treasure
Send your wisdom without measure
Let us not be filled with greed
But let us help the ones in need.

Make of me a fertile soil
In this land where people quarrel
Let the seed of love take root
That I may bear abundant fruit.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

9/6/15 through 9/12/15

9/6/15 through 9/12/15

Ephphatha spoken by the King
Made sounds in quiet ears to ring
It's true!  He can do anything.
He even makes the silent sing.

What joy to now communicate
Without the need of chalk and slate
With spoken word elucidate
And thirsty souls rejuvinate.

When life itself is trumped by pride
The wickedness grows well inside
They'd rather curse and reprimand
Than see the cure of withered hand.

Have we ourselves not fallen prey
To prideful thinking of the day,
Devaluing the gift of life,
Forsaking vows of man and wife?

Sinless Mary came to birth
The dawn of hope for sinful earth
For through her holy child of light
The Son of God would end the night.

Blessed poverty, spiritual gift
To God, our pains and troubles we lift
Only when trusting He's given us all
Are we free to abandon and answer His call.

Mary, Mary, pure and bright
Constant source of joy and light
Bring your charm to every room
Dispel the darkness, chase the gloom.

Follow in your patron's way
And seek His will for every day
Put on the dress of holy one
Be kind and meek, with blessing tongue.

When troubled by a daily trial
Just sit with Him and rest a while
There you'll find a love so deep
He cares for loved ones as they sleep.

And as you travel down life's road
No matter what the heavy load
Be sure to listen for His voice
To help you make a proper choice.

Pursuing truth, I find on the way
Faults in my deeds, and things that I say.
I find them at first, as a splinter you see
In the eye of some other, but surely, not me.

In quiet reflection, my time of great peace,
Talking to Him, I advise without cease.
When finally stopping a moment to thank,
I find that my eye has been filled with a plank.

Reflecting on the day's events
The mind looks back, and heart repents
Failures lead to bitter sorrow
Hope is for a better morrow.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

8/30/15 through 9/5/15

8/30/15 through 9/5/15

Oh wash me Lord and make me clean
From sinfulness in me unseen
From judgments rash, and lust inside
From selfish greed and foolish pride.

Today this passage is fulfilled
He's come to set us free
The long expectant hearts were thrilled 
His mighty works to see.

Let me accept with grace this day
The will of Christ my Lord
My debts no way I could repay
His gifts could not afford

Thank you Lord for giving me
The things that do me good.
Instead of what my thinking be
When I've misunderstood.

No looking back with longing eyes
To former ways of life
Leave all for Him with piercing eyes
Who gives eternal life.

When pride in me, self-flattery
Invades the heart and mind
Then wisdom flies before my eyes
And folly's all you find.

Without love how can we last 
As creatures on this earth?
A day of doom approaches when
There's judgement for our past.