Sunday, September 20, 2015

9/13/15 through 9/19/15

9/13/15 through 9/19/15

Change this mind and ways I think
Let me Your sacred chalice drink
Give me the will to suffer for
The Way of Love that offers more.

To look upon the tortured Lamb
I stop and wonder who I am,
That He would count the world as loss
And choose to die upon the cross.

Such love unknown before or since
The depth of which can sure convince
The hardest heart to turn around
And let eternal life be found.

Most surely on the day He rose
His Mother first to greet He chose
The one who freely gave up all 
In answer to His loving call.

Oh may I think of others first
And not my daily needs
For though the selfish one is cursed,
The humble one He heeds.

By humble acts of service now
We show great love and then somehow
Like her of hair and ointment fame
We're snatched from that eternal flame.

To stewards of this awesome treasure
Send your wisdom without measure
Let us not be filled with greed
But let us help the ones in need.

Make of me a fertile soil
In this land where people quarrel
Let the seed of love take root
That I may bear abundant fruit.

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