Sunday, July 26, 2015

7/19/15 through 7/25/15

7/19/15 through 7/25/15

With pride we often entertain
The pleasures that we seek
Instead of trying to abstain
And learning to be meek

Ignoring what they cannot hide
Creating overwhelming tide 
Denying truth they know inside
The court has ruled along gay pride

The waters of the Red Sea part
To freedom now the slaves depart
The people that the Lord has named
Through water now the Lord has claimed

When like the sea, His heart was split
The blood and water flowed from it
An overwhelming, precious tide
Of grace and mercy from His side.

Baptismal waters cleanse and bless
As we our sinful past confess
Through water now His dove descends
And sinful hearts He heals and mends

Unfading mark upon the brow
To claim one as the Lord's somehow
To wash away the stain of sin
And pave the way to Heaven win.

How often Lord I stop to pray
But fail to practice what You say
Let Your word in  me be found
And make of me Your fertile ground

The peaceful morn a holy time
And I have learned to call it mine
A time to watch the dawn awake
And quietly reflection take

The varied birds that sing their song
The air that's cooled by darkness long
This calm before the busy day
I've found the perfect time to pray

In jars of clay we carry gold
That you should know what we've been told
Is from the power of God, not man
And all our works are in His plan.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

7/12/15 through 7/18/15

7/12/15 through 7/18/15

The beauty of the earth down deep
So very few have known
Such grandeur there one shouldn't keep
For just his very own

Not knowing how God's children are
The rulers try to keep
Their numbers from increasing far
And roots from growing deep

For not this world the roots were meant
Such children must increase
The ones who offer this sweet scent
Of service and of peace

If His voice should come to me
Attentive pray that I should be
And willing that I would repent
I offer that I would be sent

Thy word oh Lord and not my own
Has power to light the way
Give me the words to make You known
In all I do and say

The first time I received the Lord 
I found uncommon grace
Somehow to me His love out poured
That special time and place.

Impatient with his lagging pace
I grumbled quietly
Forgetful of the mighty grace
I was about to see

I heard a voice as plain as day
That reprimanded me
"Look at his hands" I heard Him say
"Be blind no more, but see"

How many times this aged man
With ordinary bread
Has lifted up those holy hands
And hungry souls were fed.

"So who are you, self righteous one
Who can't afford this time
To criticize the pace of one
Whose life is fully Mine"

The people left in hurried pace
With just unleavened bread
They left that awful slavery place
To be with manna fed.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/5/15 through 7/11/15

7/5/15 through 7/11/15

Embrace the weakness quell the sin
And let the word of God come in
Then in temptation's strongest hour
Discover He provides the power

It's time to offer God this day
It's time to fast and time to pray
It's time to learn the key to peace
It's time for carelessness to cease

Worthy of trust is Jesus our Lord
Gift of the Father and life giving word
He raises the one who was cast in the pit
To govern the land and rule over it.

Authority was given us
O'er demons filled with greed and lust
The power to live in holiness
The power to cure and teach and bless

Now when we humbly serve and greet
Or wash the lowly servant's feet
The gift of love is all around
And this is where true wealth is found.

When you hear these rhyming words
Don't think our God is split in thirds
The three are bound forever one
The Father, Spirit, and the Son.

And the Father sent the Son
To show us how to live as one
To take the lowly place at feast
To learn to love and serve the least.

Regression without precedence
The former century brought
Man seeking to redeem by new
Progressive ways of thought

Utopia one cannot find 
By forcing to conform
The will of each and every soul
According to your norm.

The paradise they're looking for 
Comes not from power and might
But from the gift of servant love
In radiance and light.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

6/28/15 through 7/4/15

6/28/15 Through 7/4/15

Attempts to fill our emptiness
Are made in vain and more distress
We work to fill the hole inside
But find we're never satisfied.

For even if the Lord we try
To touch his garments passing by
It' not enough to meet with him
Our souls were meant to BE in him.

This day I set before the Lord
My sacrifice of praise
That I may feed upon his word
And love him all my days.

It's time to tame that awful beast
Who makes the flesh cry out
To rid myself of greedy yeast
And cast the glutton out.

I must rely on higher power
To cleanse me of this guile
Unfailing in my weakest hour
With strength to bear the trial

What should I say when I haven't a clue
Of what You are saying or what I should do?
Be patient and listen, take time to relax
The words you are given are much more than scraps

First taste, and then chew, consuming the whole.
Let them give you courage and nourish your soul
My body true bread and my blood is true drink.
You're given the grace to proclaim, and not shrink.

Baptized in God's family
I'm called to be all I can be.
To follow him through anything
To share God's love in everything

My Lord and God did Thomas speak
No longer strong, he joined the weak
The weak who trust their sovereign Lord
The weak who drink his love out poured.

This day of independence
From tyranny and strife
Our fathers sought transcendence 
From ordinary life

In freedom for the masses
To worship and believe
This liberty surpasses
What all hoped to achieve.

For freedom places on each soul
A duty to be true
To choose the best thing for the whole
Not just what's best for you.