Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Mattie

On July twenty one in a year long ago
Just how many past, we never may know.
In small little Georgetown, way down in Kentucky
A babe was brought forth, whom we know as Mattie.

Her free spirit stifled by that tiny town,
That adventurous young girl began looking around,
For ways to have fun, like at Cinco de Mayo.
So she thought for a start, she would look in Ohio.

In the bustling metropolis of Tiffin she found,
A beau that would make her head spin around.
Then he swept her away with a date in the sky,
And she knew then, and there that this was her guy.

Her prayers for a husband were answered by God,
But her big city plans turned out to be flawed.
Instead of tall buildings to greet her each morn,
She wakes every morning to soybeans and corn.

In her ministry now among Presentation
She labors to manage the whole operation
Of copying copious CDs and more,
Especially lots of that CD disk four.