Saturday, December 24, 2016

12/18/16 Through 12/24/16

12/18/16 Through 12/24/16

The two in their humility
By faith, accepted roles to be
The parents of our great High Priest
Who saves the greatest and the least

He chose these docile ones to keep
A watchful eye upon this Sheep
Who shepherds them to God above
Two fruitful virgins bound in love.

The barren branches bear great fruits
In patient love's desire
To honor Him in their pursuits
He kindles holy fire

Heroes in the ancient story
Wanted fame, nor claimed the glory
Chose His will as their desire
And were then, baptized with fire

Mary's fiat, greatest yes
the source of grace and happiness
Suffered with her only Son
And through her, our salvation won.

The Bridegroom searches for His bride
He longs to hold her at His side
Through every window, door and crack
He peers to bring His lover back

He calls to me and bids arise
The flame of love, now in His eyes
So far above and fair is He
And yet He searches still for me.

Take back Lord all you've given me
If I could find, but sanctity
As Abraham and Hannah too
Both found their joy in loving You

I look and then, I often find
The saints, the meek unselfish kind
Who offer back to You the gift
You gave, and then, their spirits lift

I look at Mary's faithful yes
The Son of God her awesome guest
By giving all her soul proclaim
The greatness of His holy name

So take, my Lord, all that You give
That in Your presence I may live
The saints found nothing they could save
But only that they freely gave.

The herald of the Holy One
Would turn the father toward his son
Refining fire and fuller's lye
Will cleanse the hearts and purify

The dross removed and shining bright
The gold and silver face the light
And give the faithful Lord His due
An offering of praise from you

In silence Zechariah stood
For trusting not, the Father's good
No longer would his voice be gone
When he proclaimed, "His name is John!"

Blessed be the Lord, our God and King
The One of whom all praises sing
He's kept His promises of old
No more as slaves we're bought and sold.

In His compassion dawn shall break
In light of love, His people wake
The darkness and the shadows cease
He guides us in the way of peace.

Christmas 2016

Reflecting on that holy night
When star of Bethlehem, so bright
Shown down upon the virgin birth
And God, as man, had come to earth
I think of all the stories told
Of shepherds watching in the cold
Of wise men from a land afar
Who followed, faithfully, that star

Of Joseph’s fear of pending doom
When at the inn could find no room
His care to do his very best
That they might have a peaceful rest
Of angels bending low to sing
Hosanna to the newborn King
Of swaddled child that gently lay
Within a manger filled with hay

I wonder if Isaiah knew
The Christ would come, a simple Jew
If he expected, Lord of all
To come as one so weak and small?
We know he saw the suffering
 That speaking truth would surely bring
He saw Him die a criminal
With many unconvincible

And where am I this Christmas night
Do I just find Him stale and trite?
Or do I share the shepherd’s awe
When in the manger there they saw
The Savior who is Christ the King
And wise men with the gifts they bring
It’s only humble ones who see
The Christ who gave His life for me.

Monday, December 19, 2016

12/11/16 Through 12/17/16

12/11/16 Through 12/17/16

The greatest born of women here 
To let all know the time is near
When God will come with recompense
And be the lowly one's defense

Repent! his cry, from desert land
The long awaited time's at hand
The Christ will come to rescue those
In humble state, the Father knows

Hail Full of Grace!  The Lord is with you
His presence abounds in all that you do
Filled with the Spirit, come down from above
By grace you became the mother of Love.

A turning point in everyday
To follow Him or me
To stay upon the narrow way,
Or others choose to see

St. Lucy chose the narrow way
Of blindness to be free
Her purity had won the day
And helped her foes to see.

Go tell him what you've seen and heard
The pow'r and wonder in this Word
The blind can see the deaf can hear
No more the darkness, shall we fear.

Oh tell me scribe and pharisee
Just what did you go out to see,
A raiment fine, as one of these,
Or reed that's swayed by desert breeze?

A prophet, sure, you went to see
The one to make the way for Me
To all this messenger was sent
But only lowly ones repent.

The reign of righteousness begun
The Prince of Peace for everyone
No foreigner should ever feel
Unwelcome at His holy meal

He came for every soul to save
His life of love, unblemished, gave
That every soul might know the way
And come to everlasting day.

He works through every family line
His advent on the way
He comes to show His love divine
Turns darkness into day

His plan includes the crooked lines
Ones from the very start
And when one looks, in faith, he finds,
A priceless work of art.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

12/4/16 Through 12/10/16

12/4/16 Through 12/10/16

The shoot to sprout from Jesse's stump
Shall blossom in its day
With fruit of justice, ripe and plump
His breath, the wicked, slay

No judge by looks or hearsay be
The Spirit rests on Him
But justice for the poor you see
No more the dark and dim

Green pasture to be shared among
The wild and the tame
The serpents now the pets of young
The light from darkness came

The desert and parched land exult
The steppe rejoice and bloom
Abundant flowers and joy result
No more a land of doom

In joyful song His glory shines
Made firm the weak of knee
Be strong, fear not, but welcome signs
Of victory won for thee

Unlike all mortal flesh
That withers and decays
His word is always fresh
And lasts for endless days

He wants not one to perish
But stay among the flock
For everyone is cherished
By God our faithful rock

The mind can scarcely ponder
The power and the might
Of Him who made up yonder
The stars that light the night

The winds that blow across the sea
No man could e're control
Yet still so many fail to see
Their Maker and extol

The strong grow weary, faint and fall
The young exhausted too
But little ones, He said, recall
I'll be the strength for you 

And mount you up on eagle's wings
My strength will never fail
Your trust in Me forever brings
The breath of life...  Inhale!

Mother of all was Eve by name
Through her all generations came
And by her cursed and sinful fall
She gave concupiscence to all

But Mary now, the second Eve
Was one immaculate conceived
She bore the savior for our sin
That we might all salvation win

The Holy One of Israel
The Lord our God and king
The ways of right and good will tell
And vindication bring

If we but hearken to His word
Obeying His command
A rushing river could be heard
With blessings like the sand

Who follows not the wicked way
Nor vile route to go
Will find delights each passing day
Where holy waters flow

The hearts of fathers for their sons
A sign to all the holy ones
The time of waiting passing by 
For lo, the Lord is drawing nigh

Sunday, December 4, 2016

11/27/16 Through 12/3/16

11/27/16 Through 12/3/16

Mary, child of God the Father
Virgin pure and like no other
Favor of the Godhead winning
Saved from sin at your beginning

Blessed by Gabriel to hear it
Overshadowed by the Spirit
Lowly servant filled with grace
Her womb a tabernacle place

The child within her arms to rest
caressed and suckled at her breast
She learned throughout these many days
The path of love and endless praise

Immersed within the Trinity
A special role assigned to thee
To share His grace with us below
That we might too, His comforts know.

Lord kindle flame within my soul
that once again I may be whole
Help me to love with ardent flair
And show my love how much I care.

New life shall rise from what was dead
These are the words the Master said
The rotting stump produce a shoot
A tree of life to bear much fruit

Then peace shall reign throughout the land
Together lie the wolf and lamb
No longer need for sword or spear
The Prince of Peace is drawing near.

The call will come sometime today
In what we do or what we say
To make him known as Lord of all
But we must answer to the call

Proclaiming Him in every place
Not cowering to save our face
Secure in Love's complete embrace
No matter what the trial we face.

Sooner now than ever before
Each passing day approaches more
The time when time itself shall cease
The time of everlasting peace

But also rushing on its way
The terror of the Judgment Day
When many souls across the land
Will find they've built on shifting sand

The time is near do not delay
Consult His word to guide your way
Act on every inspiration
Find in them your consolation

For yet another day has passed
Who knows, this one could be the last
Are you quite ready here today
To face your final Judgment Day?

Light shall come to those in darkness
Sound to those who cannot hear
Strength to those in sick or weakness
Hark, the Savior, drawing near

Every illness every care
Healed by Him who traveled there
Harvest great, but workers few
Perhaps the Lord is calling you.