Sunday, December 4, 2016

11/27/16 Through 12/3/16

11/27/16 Through 12/3/16

Mary, child of God the Father
Virgin pure and like no other
Favor of the Godhead winning
Saved from sin at your beginning

Blessed by Gabriel to hear it
Overshadowed by the Spirit
Lowly servant filled with grace
Her womb a tabernacle place

The child within her arms to rest
caressed and suckled at her breast
She learned throughout these many days
The path of love and endless praise

Immersed within the Trinity
A special role assigned to thee
To share His grace with us below
That we might too, His comforts know.

Lord kindle flame within my soul
that once again I may be whole
Help me to love with ardent flair
And show my love how much I care.

New life shall rise from what was dead
These are the words the Master said
The rotting stump produce a shoot
A tree of life to bear much fruit

Then peace shall reign throughout the land
Together lie the wolf and lamb
No longer need for sword or spear
The Prince of Peace is drawing near.

The call will come sometime today
In what we do or what we say
To make him known as Lord of all
But we must answer to the call

Proclaiming Him in every place
Not cowering to save our face
Secure in Love's complete embrace
No matter what the trial we face.

Sooner now than ever before
Each passing day approaches more
The time when time itself shall cease
The time of everlasting peace

But also rushing on its way
The terror of the Judgment Day
When many souls across the land
Will find they've built on shifting sand

The time is near do not delay
Consult His word to guide your way
Act on every inspiration
Find in them your consolation

For yet another day has passed
Who knows, this one could be the last
Are you quite ready here today
To face your final Judgment Day?

Light shall come to those in darkness
Sound to those who cannot hear
Strength to those in sick or weakness
Hark, the Savior, drawing near

Every illness every care
Healed by Him who traveled there
Harvest great, but workers few
Perhaps the Lord is calling you.

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