Monday, December 19, 2016

12/11/16 Through 12/17/16

12/11/16 Through 12/17/16

The greatest born of women here 
To let all know the time is near
When God will come with recompense
And be the lowly one's defense

Repent! his cry, from desert land
The long awaited time's at hand
The Christ will come to rescue those
In humble state, the Father knows

Hail Full of Grace!  The Lord is with you
His presence abounds in all that you do
Filled with the Spirit, come down from above
By grace you became the mother of Love.

A turning point in everyday
To follow Him or me
To stay upon the narrow way,
Or others choose to see

St. Lucy chose the narrow way
Of blindness to be free
Her purity had won the day
And helped her foes to see.

Go tell him what you've seen and heard
The pow'r and wonder in this Word
The blind can see the deaf can hear
No more the darkness, shall we fear.

Oh tell me scribe and pharisee
Just what did you go out to see,
A raiment fine, as one of these,
Or reed that's swayed by desert breeze?

A prophet, sure, you went to see
The one to make the way for Me
To all this messenger was sent
But only lowly ones repent.

The reign of righteousness begun
The Prince of Peace for everyone
No foreigner should ever feel
Unwelcome at His holy meal

He came for every soul to save
His life of love, unblemished, gave
That every soul might know the way
And come to everlasting day.

He works through every family line
His advent on the way
He comes to show His love divine
Turns darkness into day

His plan includes the crooked lines
Ones from the very start
And when one looks, in faith, he finds,
A priceless work of art.

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