Saturday, August 29, 2015

8/23/15 through 8/29/15

8/23/15 through 8/29/15

The Eucharist is our main course
It strengthens and provides the force
To meet the challenge of each day
And help us follow in His way.

In every life a certain one
Shines with a special glow
A light reflective of the Son
That beckons us to grow.

A mom or dad, or family friend
That truly knows the Lord.
Who trusts in Him until the end
Relying on His Word.

Oh, let me be, so many see
In me that special light.
The light of love, from God above,
Dispelling darkest night.

It seems to me, in daily spats,
We often tend, to choke on gnats.
While the highest court that we impanel
Can swallow with ease the whole darn camel.

Receive it as the Word of God
And not the word of men.
Be not a whited sepulchre,
But living flesh! Amen.

Be ready not to hide away
Be ready to embrace.
The Master shall return one day,
And Him we all must face.

The virgins wise, their lamps kept filled
While waiting for the groom
The foolish ones came unprepared,
No trials were assumed.

The oil within, our Faith and Hope,
Supplied by God above.
To keep the lamp flame burning bright
With fire of ardent love.

A flame of empty outward signs
Temptation blows away,
But coaxing winds make steadfast hearts
Burn brighter everyday.

The Baptist's tongue will speak no more
His dark set eyes will pierce no hearts.
Though man could separate his parts
His words live on for evermore.

Make straight the path.  Repent.  Believe.
Be washed, and be set free.
He must increase, I must decrease.
Behold the Lamb of God.

8/16/15 through 8/22/15

8/16/15 Through 8/22/15

This bread becomes our very breath
The body of our Lord.
Redemption from our certain death
A price could none afford.

The wine, His blood, our saving drink
For parched and thirsty souls
The sinners saved from darkest brink,
The lowly ones consoled.

Before you lies a blessing
Before you lies a curse
The freedom from confessing,
Or lies to make things worse.

Least in all Manasseh
He hides to thresh his wheat
But called by God to challenge, and
Bring Midian defeat.

The angel of the Lord he saw
And spoke to face to face
Behold, oh mighty one said he
You're called to cleanse this place

With leadership comes sacrifice
A gift of one to all
Controlling of our appetites
And answering the call.

Not one thing can be claimed as mine
No praise for things I do.
All I have comes from Divine
Even praise I offer You.

To love the Lord with heart and mind
The greatest of the laws, we find.
Then like yourself, to love all men
Will please the Father once again.

Teach me to choose the lowest place
Teach me to always seek your face
Then finding in humility
Who You intended me to be.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/9/15 Through 8/15/15

8/9/15 through 8/15/15
Strength for the journey
Bond with the Lord
Bread of compassion 
Life giving Word

Lord give me hunger
Lord give me thirst
For what is holy
Placing You first

For in Your Passion
Is my redemption
Life without ending
In resurrection!

The giver of the gifts should know
Just what we need to bloom and grow
He spoke the word and made it all
His grace is plenty for us all.

The memory of a child's embrace
Is slow to fade away
The innocence upon their face
The loving words they say.

This pure and simple, spotless love
Is how our lives should be
Reliance on our God above
Should be our path, you see.

A glow of light beyond the door
A thirsting soul desires more
A knock to say:  "May I come in?"
The pathway choked by years of sin.

Oh Jesus, in this bread so fine
Great comfort, and great strength of mine,
Cleanse me Lord from all my sin
Grant that I, Your favor win.

His body offered up for her
Her will subordinate to his
Such love will demonstrate for sure
What marriage made in heaven is.

The Ark of God, that holy place,
The lowly Virgin, Full of Grace,
The humble and obedient one,
Now reigns in splendor with her Son.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/2/15 Through 8/8/15

8/2/15 through 8/8/15

Do I believe the way I should,
Have His words been understood?
The works I've seen and things I know,
Have shown quite clear the way to go.

But somehow still, I choose my way
That easy and that broad highway
Instead of trusting what He said
And finding Him within the bread.

For leeks and melons people longed
And would at once return
To slavery where their rights were wronged
If food they could discern.

What price for freedom would I pay,
Have I a will so strong
To disregard the easy way
And find where I belong?

Majestic words cannot describe
No awesome sight could dare explain
The truth to which my heart ascribes
The blessing in His Holy Name.

You see but just the surface
And think you know the whole
Your lips do you no service
When God you don't extoll.

In splendid light they heard the voice
He's my beloved Son
So listen now and make your choice
Be like this Holy One.

Take up your cross and follow me
He offers every soul
The way to find the life you seek
Is giving to the full.

Feet on the ground, and hands up high
I ask His holy will
To give to me a loving eye
And help me speak with skill.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

7/26/15 through 8/1/15

7/26/15 through 8/1/15

The foolish look for merely bread
When even though five thousand fed
On just five loaves, and but two fish
The multitude He gave their wish

Much more He gives to those who see
It's God who works in mystery
With not so ordinary bread
At Mass the multitude is fed.

A doer, not a hearer
Is what I'm called to be
Not one who finds a mirror
And looks, but fails to see.

But peering at perfection
With persevering stare
Our God provides protection
And blessings everywhere.

The prophets to our fathers spoke
In words disguised within a cloak,
But in our day, with clarity, 
He speaks direct to you and me.

A countenance of Holy Light
The skin of Moses shining bright
Encountering our Holy Lord
The one he worshiped and adored.

He walked about in veiled disguise
His face too bright for normal eyes
His features glowing full of grace
When e're he left that holy place.

It's sad to see the healing art
Become an industry
Forgetting that the true healthcare
Is really ministry.

The Sabbath celebration was 
A gift from God on high
A solemn day of rest because
We need it to get by.

He called the sinner to repent
By how he lived and what he said
But Herod, that great coward, sent
And on a whim, John lost his head.