Sunday, August 2, 2015

7/26/15 through 8/1/15

7/26/15 through 8/1/15

The foolish look for merely bread
When even though five thousand fed
On just five loaves, and but two fish
The multitude He gave their wish

Much more He gives to those who see
It's God who works in mystery
With not so ordinary bread
At Mass the multitude is fed.

A doer, not a hearer
Is what I'm called to be
Not one who finds a mirror
And looks, but fails to see.

But peering at perfection
With persevering stare
Our God provides protection
And blessings everywhere.

The prophets to our fathers spoke
In words disguised within a cloak,
But in our day, with clarity, 
He speaks direct to you and me.

A countenance of Holy Light
The skin of Moses shining bright
Encountering our Holy Lord
The one he worshiped and adored.

He walked about in veiled disguise
His face too bright for normal eyes
His features glowing full of grace
When e're he left that holy place.

It's sad to see the healing art
Become an industry
Forgetting that the true healthcare
Is really ministry.

The Sabbath celebration was 
A gift from God on high
A solemn day of rest because
We need it to get by.

He called the sinner to repent
By how he lived and what he said
But Herod, that great coward, sent
And on a whim, John lost his head.

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