Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/2/15 Through 8/8/15

8/2/15 through 8/8/15

Do I believe the way I should,
Have His words been understood?
The works I've seen and things I know,
Have shown quite clear the way to go.

But somehow still, I choose my way
That easy and that broad highway
Instead of trusting what He said
And finding Him within the bread.

For leeks and melons people longed
And would at once return
To slavery where their rights were wronged
If food they could discern.

What price for freedom would I pay,
Have I a will so strong
To disregard the easy way
And find where I belong?

Majestic words cannot describe
No awesome sight could dare explain
The truth to which my heart ascribes
The blessing in His Holy Name.

You see but just the surface
And think you know the whole
Your lips do you no service
When God you don't extoll.

In splendid light they heard the voice
He's my beloved Son
So listen now and make your choice
Be like this Holy One.

Take up your cross and follow me
He offers every soul
The way to find the life you seek
Is giving to the full.

Feet on the ground, and hands up high
I ask His holy will
To give to me a loving eye
And help me speak with skill.

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