Saturday, August 29, 2015

8/23/15 through 8/29/15

8/23/15 through 8/29/15

The Eucharist is our main course
It strengthens and provides the force
To meet the challenge of each day
And help us follow in His way.

In every life a certain one
Shines with a special glow
A light reflective of the Son
That beckons us to grow.

A mom or dad, or family friend
That truly knows the Lord.
Who trusts in Him until the end
Relying on His Word.

Oh, let me be, so many see
In me that special light.
The light of love, from God above,
Dispelling darkest night.

It seems to me, in daily spats,
We often tend, to choke on gnats.
While the highest court that we impanel
Can swallow with ease the whole darn camel.

Receive it as the Word of God
And not the word of men.
Be not a whited sepulchre,
But living flesh! Amen.

Be ready not to hide away
Be ready to embrace.
The Master shall return one day,
And Him we all must face.

The virgins wise, their lamps kept filled
While waiting for the groom
The foolish ones came unprepared,
No trials were assumed.

The oil within, our Faith and Hope,
Supplied by God above.
To keep the lamp flame burning bright
With fire of ardent love.

A flame of empty outward signs
Temptation blows away,
But coaxing winds make steadfast hearts
Burn brighter everyday.

The Baptist's tongue will speak no more
His dark set eyes will pierce no hearts.
Though man could separate his parts
His words live on for evermore.

Make straight the path.  Repent.  Believe.
Be washed, and be set free.
He must increase, I must decrease.
Behold the Lamb of God.

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