Sunday, June 26, 2016

6/19/25 Through 6/25/16

6/19/25 Through 6/25/16

Look upon His hands and feet
The piercing in His side
There we find the mercy seat
And precious cleansing tide

A splinter in your eye annoys
And my corrective word employs
A tone of righteousness that seems
To just ignore my wooden beams

Discard the trappings of the day
And enter through the narrow way
For we can carry nothing there
Not even fancy underwear

His mercy hasn't reached the end
His strength on which the weak depend
But evermore He grants the grace
To meet the trial that we face

Now the fruit of every trial
Is rarely known in that first mile
But clearer seen when down the road
The blessing of that heavy load.

The captive taken far away
The land now left in disarray
Abandoning the narrow path
We face the consequence of wrath

The sands of pleasure, wealth, and fame
For those unfaithful ones became
A worthless place to build upon
For all they trusted now is gone.

Prepare the way by turning back
Recovering what hearts now lack
His love and mercy without end
The sinner cannot comprehend

From God the messengers were sent
Each with the message to repent
For easily we've come to see
Our wandering has come to be

Reminded we must always be
Of simple human frailty
And how often through the day
We turn from him and start to stray

In luxury and comfort blessed
The Giver often not confessed
Sometimes a crisis blesses too
For then we see it's all from You.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

6/12/16 Through 6/18/16

6/12/16 Through 6/18/16

Change the lens that I may see
My sins with greater clarity
Repentance and forgiveness find
And then at last, true peace of mind.

Revenge, a tool of mighty power
Destruction in the anger's hour
But love of God is stronger still
If I but exercise my will.

Love will overcome the sin
The darkest secrets deep within
If we but open wide the door
And hide our awful guilt no more

No chain can bind the sky above
No bar can hold the bounds of love
For even in the darkest place
The Lord can shine His light of grace.

Our Father give us daily bread
For through Your goodness we are fed
Teach us to love and to forgive
That far from evil we might live.

Looking for the next new pleasure
We forget our truest treasure
Love of God, that holy treasure
Love for all, and without measure

Friday PM
Locked in prison, bound in chain
Despairing of eternal gain
The Devil's secret aspiration
Ends in utter desolation

Many of the saints were bound
But in the light of Christ they found
Forgiveness for the sins confessed
With love and mercy they were blessed.

No sin too great, He loves us all
Forgiving us each time we fall
No storm can shake that inmost calm
When Mercy plies that healing balm

Friday PM
I pray you look and Truth you find
And with it there a peace of mind
Just let the Shepherd guide the sheep
For green the pasture He will keep

A promise made by Christ the King
That safely home His sheep would bring
By giving to a mortal man
The keys to His eternal plan

Not just the learned or the wise
But also ordinary guys
Are called to know the King of Kings
And all the joy salvation brings

This ordinary guy you see
Will leave you with this humble plea
Surrender and become the meek
And there you'll find the One you seek.

Inspired by a reading from Bishop Amadeus of Lausanne 1159AD

The wisdom of the Father 
Would cling around her neck
The Power that moved all things
Would rest upon her lap

Reclining in her bosom
The Rest of Holy Souls
She gazes on the Word of God
The angels all extol

She gently presses cheek to cheek
And kisses tiny hands and feet
The eyes of purity and Love,
In gentle gaze, there meet.

Receiving kisses from her Son
And hearing from his lips
The "Mama" cry of everyone
That pain on earth here grips

No telling how the bond of love
Grew deeper every day
No want or danger, grief or lack
Could slow how she'd obey

Most pleasing in the eyes of Him
Who made all that there is
His Mother and her constant hymn
That "All I have is His"

Sunday, June 12, 2016

6/5/16 Through 6/11/16

6/5/16 Through 6/11/16

This thing called life comes from above
From God of wisdom and of love
Without the light the Savior shed
The empty shell is simply dead

Blessed are the poor in spirit
Blessed are the peaceful ones
For the Kingdom, they are near it
They shall be His chosen sons

When there's nothing left to give
Give some more that you may live
Then never will the jug run dry
For love endures.  No need to cry.

Mount Carmel saw the fire of love
The fire coming from above
Consuming water, rock, and dust
A fire from God in whom we trust.

False prophets wail aloud in vain
Trusting money, power, and fame
Relying on the mighty Word
Elijah's voice is clearly heard.

With his head between his knees
He sought the Lord with labored pleas
To open skies and make it rain
Alleviating people's pain

When God, they finally recognized
They would no longer be chastised
Then on the earth the water flows
Where once was dust the grain now grows

When suffering He takes away
The things we've often come to say
By lawful right to us belong
But, oh how often, we are wrong.

Our every breath is undeserved
Our consciences have turned and swerved
From knowing Him who gave us all
And answering His quiet call.

For to the Lord we turn in pain
And recognize at once again
That everything we have is His
And all He has he freely gives

I'm thankful for the early morn
For as a brand new day is born
I have a chance to start anew
And offer lord, this day to You

???...  Found in notes on my phone
How little here on earth we know
In ignorance and lack we show
That knowledge of our final end
Our simpleness can't comprehend

Sunday, June 5, 2016

5/29/16 Through 6/4/16

5/29/16 Through 6/4/16

See within this simple bread
The body and the blood He shed
No longer dead, but ever living
Faithful love and true life-giving

Our precious freedom, know the cost
Remember many lives were lost
To quell the tyrant, free the slave
Those many, what they had, they gave.

To hear the greeting bright and clear
And know for sure the Lord is near
Provides a blessing all its own
Brings peace, and makes a happy home.

How little here on earth we know
In ignorance and lack we show
That knowledge of our final end
Our simpleness can't comprehend

To love with all, the christian's call
To bear another's load
To sacrifice and pay the price
To lead them down the road

Heart of Jesus, pierced for me
Heart of Jesus, set me free
Oh blood and water shed for me
Grace and mercy flow from Thee

From Your pierced and open side
Flows that precious cleansing tide
Wound of death to never close
Lead me to that sweet repose

The trickle from the Temple's side
Becomes a river deep and wide
With teaming life for fish and trees
And waters that will freshen seas

Oh Mother, pure and spotless one
The temple for God's only Son
Obtain for me such purity
That God the Father found in thee

Kindle flames within my heart
That grace and love, I may impart
To everyone I meet today
And shine a light upon their way

A light revealing of the sin
That we all carry deep within
A loving light that's only meant
To call the sinner to repent.