Sunday, June 26, 2016

6/19/25 Through 6/25/16

6/19/25 Through 6/25/16

Look upon His hands and feet
The piercing in His side
There we find the mercy seat
And precious cleansing tide

A splinter in your eye annoys
And my corrective word employs
A tone of righteousness that seems
To just ignore my wooden beams

Discard the trappings of the day
And enter through the narrow way
For we can carry nothing there
Not even fancy underwear

His mercy hasn't reached the end
His strength on which the weak depend
But evermore He grants the grace
To meet the trial that we face

Now the fruit of every trial
Is rarely known in that first mile
But clearer seen when down the road
The blessing of that heavy load.

The captive taken far away
The land now left in disarray
Abandoning the narrow path
We face the consequence of wrath

The sands of pleasure, wealth, and fame
For those unfaithful ones became
A worthless place to build upon
For all they trusted now is gone.

Prepare the way by turning back
Recovering what hearts now lack
His love and mercy without end
The sinner cannot comprehend

From God the messengers were sent
Each with the message to repent
For easily we've come to see
Our wandering has come to be

Reminded we must always be
Of simple human frailty
And how often through the day
We turn from him and start to stray

In luxury and comfort blessed
The Giver often not confessed
Sometimes a crisis blesses too
For then we see it's all from You.

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