Sunday, June 12, 2016

6/5/16 Through 6/11/16

6/5/16 Through 6/11/16

This thing called life comes from above
From God of wisdom and of love
Without the light the Savior shed
The empty shell is simply dead

Blessed are the poor in spirit
Blessed are the peaceful ones
For the Kingdom, they are near it
They shall be His chosen sons

When there's nothing left to give
Give some more that you may live
Then never will the jug run dry
For love endures.  No need to cry.

Mount Carmel saw the fire of love
The fire coming from above
Consuming water, rock, and dust
A fire from God in whom we trust.

False prophets wail aloud in vain
Trusting money, power, and fame
Relying on the mighty Word
Elijah's voice is clearly heard.

With his head between his knees
He sought the Lord with labored pleas
To open skies and make it rain
Alleviating people's pain

When God, they finally recognized
They would no longer be chastised
Then on the earth the water flows
Where once was dust the grain now grows

When suffering He takes away
The things we've often come to say
By lawful right to us belong
But, oh how often, we are wrong.

Our every breath is undeserved
Our consciences have turned and swerved
From knowing Him who gave us all
And answering His quiet call.

For to the Lord we turn in pain
And recognize at once again
That everything we have is His
And all He has he freely gives

I'm thankful for the early morn
For as a brand new day is born
I have a chance to start anew
And offer lord, this day to You

???...  Found in notes on my phone
How little here on earth we know
In ignorance and lack we show
That knowledge of our final end
Our simpleness can't comprehend

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