Sunday, November 27, 2016

11/20/16 Through 11/26/16

11/20/16 Through 11/26/16

What does it mean to be the King
The one of whom all praises sing
To be the One who for all died
The spotless lamb, the crucified?

It means He calls all men to see
What true humanity should be
The giving of oneself as all
In answer to the Master's call.

Sunday PM
Have I really much improved 
By knowing You this long,
Has all this time, at all, removed
What, in my soul is wrong?

The closer that I think I get
The further off You are
And when I'm overwhelmed by debt
I find, You're not so far.

My gift presented to the Lord
Is only what I can afford
One hundred and the forty four
Have freely given more and more.

To join the ranks of those above
Who dwell in everlasting love
In answering the holy call
We give our best and give our all.

Behold, the day of judgment comes
When every grape of wrath succumbs
The press will draw the drink to please
And then they but discard the lees.

The flames upon the sea of glass
Unlike the ones below
Are flames of love through which we pass
When Christ we come to know

A love so strong, and so intense
That faces all aglow
Display their peace and firm intents
Their God, yet more, to know.

Lord, draw me through that holy fire
With praises on my lips
For knowing You, my one desire
All joys I've known, eclipse.

The smoke will rise forever in
Her land of filth and sin
Thrown down to never rise again
Now heard, the great Amen.

The scroll contains my every deed
So mercy, mercy, now I plead
Remember not, my awful sin
But what His sacrifice did win.

The coming tribulation now
We wish to all escape somehow
By vigilance and prayer we gain
The strength to grit and bear the pain

Then find the river from the throne
The one that flows from God alone
In trees of life on every side
Our food and healing there abide

There praise to Christ we will avow
His name emblazoned on our brow
No more we'll need a light to see
The Lord, our lamp and light shall be.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

11/13/16 Through 11/19/16

11/13/16 Through 11/19/16

The end of time is coming soon
One day at ten, or maybe noon
Our job is but to persevere
And know the end is drawing near.

David's son have pity on me
And from this blindness set me free
I know dear Master You are He
And simply want, my Lord, to see

The beauty of the world beyond
Oh Lord, I want to see
The purity of that first dawn
Reveal, Oh Lord, to me

For many sins have stained my soul
That I'm no longer free
They keep me from becoming whole
And far away from Thee

Their weight has bent my every bone
Deforming what was me
Their burden leaves me all alone
And far away from Thee

But You can lift the heavy load
Of debt I owe to Thee
And start me on a straighter road
Oh Lord, I want to see

Repent My child, and turn around
And buy the gold from Me
Join with the holy saints all gowned
In white and be set free.

I chasten and reprove the ones
I love so they may be
Anointed with the salve as sons
And truly learn to see.

A talent given, must be used
Lest be the wicked one accused
Of squandering his legacy
By hiding it where none can see.

If we just knew what makes for peace
For harmony with great and least
We'd suffer not the coming trial
No heart of ours be filled with guile

For none are worthy to unroll
With seven seals, the holy scroll
Except the pure and spotless lamb
The Holy One, the great I AM

For He has shown the way of peace
To care for all and never cease
To find the way of God above
Through total and self-giving love.

Take the scroll from me and eat
Its taste, like honey will be sweet
But in the stomach it will sour
Showing its convicting power

Friday PM
Lord let me sip the cup with You
That I might do the things You do
Help me to love with all I own
Help me to grow what You have sown

Lord give me now and through this day
The will to love and walk Your way
That when the evening sun has set
A little closer I will get

Let me cower not today
But let me learn to trust and pray
And know each little test of will
Can draw me to You, closer still

Then someday I might learn to be
A faithful servant, Lord, to Thee
And rise above my foolish fear
To hear Your voice say "Come up here".

Saturday, November 12, 2016

11/6/16 Through 11/12/16

11/6/16 Through 11/12/16

The seven brothers showed the way
To love the Lord and truly pray
Regardless of our trials here
The Lord who loves is always near

For death can only take away
An earthly body made of clay
But to the faithful and the bold
Our God returns a hundredfold

I pray to be a faithful guide
To lead my family to Your side
To guard each soul from sinful ways
And lead them to the brighter days

Grant faith oh Lord as planted seed
We grow each day in word and deed
Providing shelter in the strife
And helping all to find new life

Humility will show the way
To bring His order to the day
Make me not a worthless servant
But a loving soul that's fervent

Never tired of doing good
May I gladly shoulder wood
With a loving humble heart
Honored with my simple part

The flowing river freshens seas
And waters on the bank its trees
That they might bear abundant food
With healing in the leaves imbued

The Temple source of flowing grace
God's chosen holy dwelling place
Let nothing in His house profane
But purity and love sustain

Know not ye are that holy place
Which God desires to fill with grace
That from you flow a healing stream
To all you meet of love supreme.

As lightning in the darkest night
Illumines in a flash
God's glory and His awesome might
Expose all else as trash

Without warning comes the day
When every soul will have to pay
The price for every sordid deed
For turning heads from those in need.

A just decision granted by
An unjust judge can be
His way to show He hears the cry
And grants tranquility

Saturday, November 5, 2016

10/30/16 Through 11/5/16

10/30/16 Through 11/5/16

If money could buy the forgiveness of sin
If only mere words could change that within
It would take all I own, and then so much more
All the books that are written to even the score

But repentance can change in the blink of an eye
A list of my sin that is broad as the sky
For wider and deeper than seas that are blue
Is Mercy, and sin but a light morning dew.

Another job is always there
But does it show how much I care,
Or is it just a way to be
So busy that I cannot see
The human need right next to me
For love, and time, and dignity?

This day is set aside for saints
The living and the dead
The instruments by which He paints
The glories up ahead.

The many lights around the globe
That shine in spite of woe
Inviting us to deeper probe
And come the Lord, to know.

At death You purify the soul
That we might have a place
With all the saints, by You made whole
Who now are filled with grace.

That holy pain which purifies
I dread and yet desire
My soul to swab and sterilize
Within the cleansing fire.

Metanoia, turn around
And turn away from sin
Repent and let new life be found
Then choose to follow Him

For joy will come when we can see
The error of our way
And then in deep humility
Turn toward the light of day.

Upon the cross the ledger stood
The Faithful Steward nailed to wood
His book maintained with precious blood
An overflowing font of love

The day will come to settle up
The day when all must drink the cup
And hence, how shall we answer Thee
But Lord be merciful to me.

Be faithful in the little things
And see what joy the Master brings
Forsake the money here below
And then true riches you will know.