Saturday, November 12, 2016

11/6/16 Through 11/12/16

11/6/16 Through 11/12/16

The seven brothers showed the way
To love the Lord and truly pray
Regardless of our trials here
The Lord who loves is always near

For death can only take away
An earthly body made of clay
But to the faithful and the bold
Our God returns a hundredfold

I pray to be a faithful guide
To lead my family to Your side
To guard each soul from sinful ways
And lead them to the brighter days

Grant faith oh Lord as planted seed
We grow each day in word and deed
Providing shelter in the strife
And helping all to find new life

Humility will show the way
To bring His order to the day
Make me not a worthless servant
But a loving soul that's fervent

Never tired of doing good
May I gladly shoulder wood
With a loving humble heart
Honored with my simple part

The flowing river freshens seas
And waters on the bank its trees
That they might bear abundant food
With healing in the leaves imbued

The Temple source of flowing grace
God's chosen holy dwelling place
Let nothing in His house profane
But purity and love sustain

Know not ye are that holy place
Which God desires to fill with grace
That from you flow a healing stream
To all you meet of love supreme.

As lightning in the darkest night
Illumines in a flash
God's glory and His awesome might
Expose all else as trash

Without warning comes the day
When every soul will have to pay
The price for every sordid deed
For turning heads from those in need.

A just decision granted by
An unjust judge can be
His way to show He hears the cry
And grants tranquility

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