Saturday, November 5, 2016

10/30/16 Through 11/5/16

10/30/16 Through 11/5/16

If money could buy the forgiveness of sin
If only mere words could change that within
It would take all I own, and then so much more
All the books that are written to even the score

But repentance can change in the blink of an eye
A list of my sin that is broad as the sky
For wider and deeper than seas that are blue
Is Mercy, and sin but a light morning dew.

Another job is always there
But does it show how much I care,
Or is it just a way to be
So busy that I cannot see
The human need right next to me
For love, and time, and dignity?

This day is set aside for saints
The living and the dead
The instruments by which He paints
The glories up ahead.

The many lights around the globe
That shine in spite of woe
Inviting us to deeper probe
And come the Lord, to know.

At death You purify the soul
That we might have a place
With all the saints, by You made whole
Who now are filled with grace.

That holy pain which purifies
I dread and yet desire
My soul to swab and sterilize
Within the cleansing fire.

Metanoia, turn around
And turn away from sin
Repent and let new life be found
Then choose to follow Him

For joy will come when we can see
The error of our way
And then in deep humility
Turn toward the light of day.

Upon the cross the ledger stood
The Faithful Steward nailed to wood
His book maintained with precious blood
An overflowing font of love

The day will come to settle up
The day when all must drink the cup
And hence, how shall we answer Thee
But Lord be merciful to me.

Be faithful in the little things
And see what joy the Master brings
Forsake the money here below
And then true riches you will know.

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