Sunday, October 30, 2016

10/23/16 Through 10/29/16

10/23/16 Through 10/29/16

Lord all I have has come from Thee
Yet I exalt as if from me
Every good and holy thing
Is but a gift that You did bring

Why should I boast of what is Yours
My foolish pride Your heart abhors
The prayer that's uttered full of pride
A foolish bluster cast aside

Yet sitting there among the crowds
A humble prayer that pierces clouds
My eyes I cannot raise to see
Oh Lord be merciful to me

How has Satan bent us low
For oh, these many years
May we rejoice to finally know
An end to all our fears

The weight of sin will pull us down
To walk with crippled gait
The touch of Christ will lift the frown
And help us stand up straight.

A shortage of vocations found
Within the church today
It seems that many men have frowned
Upon the holy way

The priesthood was the first to go
But marriage followed too
When contraception came in vogue
Adultery followed soon

Divorce a commonplace event
Within the church today
For laity have also frowned 
Upon the holy way

There is a purpose to the time
We spend upon this earth
It's more than just a social climb
To gather all we're worth

A husband's called to give his life
In answer to the call
And sacrifice to love his wife
That they may never fall

And women also answer to 
The call of Christ the King
When they a life of love imbue
And fond submission bring

Vocation comes from hearing well 
The gentle loving call
And answering, we then excel
By giving Him our all,

My every breath another gift
Your word oh Lord I search and sift
The narrow gate a scary thought 
When listening to all You taught

Have I trimmed down throughout these years
Or is this all just thin veneers
The saints have shown the simple way
But I care not the price to pay

I know some last will then be first
I know, for love, I truly thirst
But know myself and dread the thought
To hear You say, "I know you not"

No reason now to be cast down
Though weakness and our sin abound
He gave us armor, sword, and shield
Against the darkness here to wield

Be fully dressed, prepared each day
To face perverted, evil ways
In present darkness still aware
The sharpest sword is still a prayer

Simon and Jude are not mentioned that much
But called as Apostles and martyred as such
Faithfully spreading the word in their time
Laid the foundation upon which we climb

Will we stand firm and build higher yet
So those who come after may still higher get?
Our job, like Apostles named Simon and Jude
Is to lead all the hungry to this holy food.

Why jockey for position
To find the highest place
When our most true ambition
Should be to find His grace?

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