Sunday, October 2, 2016

9/25/16 Through 10/1/16

9/25/16 Through 10/1/16

Everywhere the poor are found
The wooden bell of life will sound
How is it needs that loud implore
We find so easy to ignore?

A judgment made as we pass by
And turn our gaze up to the sky
Attempting not to meet the eyes
For fear of lifting their disguise.

This day befalls a tragedy
For many in the land
But end it not, with blasphemy
For something from His hand.

Accept it all with grace this day
Forever not the same
Then let the rabble hear you say
Blessed be His name

Let my prayer come before you
Bend Thine ear and hear my plea
Surfeited with suffering
And longing to be free.

What hardened heart has ever known
Success apart from Him
For dissipation's always shown
Alas, another whim.

The kingdom calls for all we own
Hold nothing back at all
Good fortune found in Him alone
In answer to His call

Oh, Michael archangel, defender of right
With sword all ablaze, you defended the light
Unwavering, steadfast, and true in the fight
Till all of the darkness was cast in the night

Raphael guide of the lost and confused
The guts of a fish were the things that you used
To drive away demons that killed in the night
Restoring great wealth, and above all, clear sight.

Gabriel, messenger, bearer of news
Sent to the virgin, our Savior did choose
Announcing the time of fulfillment arrived
No longer the world, of the Light is deprived

Probing the depths of the sea and the sky
Only can prompt, in my soul, to ask why
The God of the morning, and Lord of the night
Would offer His creatures a future so bright.

The strangest thing, I now observe
In people, here, that live
The more they freely learn to serve,
The more they freely give.

The more the greedy grab to hoard
And gather up each day
The more they lose of what's been stored
And more that slips away.

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