Sunday, October 9, 2016

10/2/16 through 10/8/16

10/2/16 through 10/8/16

Destruction and brutality
Have hastened and surrounded me
My voice it seems to go unheard
The lines of right and wrong are blurred

Now write it down in words of stone
The righteous ones are not alone
And faith the size of mustard seed
Can make this nation cleansed and freed.

Observe the poor along the road
And meet with mercy freely showed
See within the poor and weak
Christ the King, of whom we seek.

Work to find a humble way
To sit with Him and learn to pray
To rest a while, there at His feet
And there His loving eyes to meet

Father, Maker, the great I AM
You sent Your Son as our Paschal Lamb
Thy will be done on earth today
And grant the bread we need this day.

Forgiving others let us win
Forgiveness now for all our sin
Guide me in the way of right
And make me strong in evil's fight.

Deceit no place within His house
But truth and love His chosen spouse
There is no place for men of lies
They cannot stand before His eyes

This day I choose to guard my tongue
This day I work to teach the young
The way of love I know is best
The way to find eternal rest

To put away my foolish pride
And walk along the Savior's side
Trusting Him for all I need
And following His faithful lead

There is a way of good and right
I'm bound to let you know
That leads from darkness into light
And teaches how to grow

It's not enough to clear the weed
And fallow lie the ground
But plant a new and different seed
That happiness be found

Sow the Word, and let it grow
And flourish in the soil
Then harvest much and you will know
Reward for all your toil.

A ready heart He found in her
Whom anything would not prefer
To knowing Him yet deeper still
And following His holy will

She found in Him a resting place
And now we call her Full of Grace
How blessed the one who bore the Son
The Virgin Highly Favored One

In every moment treasure found
With every look and every sound
The Son of God upon her breast
The Virgin Mother highly blessed

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