Sunday, October 23, 2016

10/16/16 Through 10/22/16

10/16/16 Through 10/22/16

In pride we're blind, but Love can see
The weakness of humanity
No battle won by strength or might
But through the cross we win the fight

When Moses stood as on the cross
Then Israel would have no loss
But when his arms grew tired and weak
The force of evil then would peak

We cannot tire of doing right
If we expect to win this fight
The cross becomes for those who see
A trusty sword,. . . humility

Created for the works of good
Each christian soul most rightly should
Be sharing how the Lord has blessed
And bringing Christ to all the rest

Why store the grain and waste the chance
For gospel teaching to advance
By freely sharing Christ convey
For grain unused will rot away

Let all Thy works give thanks oh Lord
Let faithful ones receive reward
For making known the holy way
Their steadfast love You will repay.

Just look around and you can see
How much the Lord entrusts to thee
Then working hard on His return
Much more is given you will learn

But if you waste your time below
What pain and darkness you will know
For with the blessings come demands
The worthless steward never stands

Kindle fire within our souls
Bright with many glowing coals
Radiating so intense
It warms whoever travels hence

Fire that chases dross away
Fire that purifies our way
Exquisite flame for cutting through
The bars that separate from You

For blessed the land that calls You Lord
Without all wickedness explored
Whose freedom used for common good
Discover true nirvana would

We see that day leads on to night
We see that anger picks a fight
We see that water flows downhill
We see destruction from self-will

And yet we mask our emptiness
With pleasures planned to ease the stress
Just killing time so we don't see
Before us lies eternity

The more we turn away from Him
And try to satisfy each whim
The more we self-absorb and splurge
We find amusements more a scourge

Great sadness comes from revelry
And seeking pleasures just for me
But joy in frank humility
And peace through light and purity

Friday PM
Take me through the fire of love
And purge my sinful soul thereof
Attachment to my base desires
By cleansing me in holy fires

Each member gifted in some way
To bring the harvest in each day
Each tree appointed to bear fruit
Or else the master will uproot

Though branches sway with foliage fine
We hear the Master there opine
I've fertilized this all around
But find no fruit, so cut it down

Oh Lord you threaten not the weak
But the gifted, strong, and sleek
Each one produce as granted them
Or find themselves at last condemned

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