Sunday, December 28, 2014

Three Pretty Girls

Bob and Megan you must know
That raising pretty girls
Requires more from Mom and Dad
Than pony tails and curls

The span is brief to set them on
The path of righteousness
No time along the way to waste
With foolish idleness.

Now plant within these tender hearts
A pure and holy seed,
So Faith in God will be their strength
And help in time of need.

Then as it sprouts you nourish it
In every waking hour
To grow a Lily pure and white
A precious holy flower.

Remind these dear and cherished ones
In every time and place
Whatever trials come their way
He grants sufficient Grace.

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

How long the days before the Christ
When lamb and bullock slain
And man would fear to speak or write
Their Father’s holy name

No sacrifice could slake the guilt
Of man in all his pride
No way to gain forgiveness
Or stem the evil tide.

All hope was in a promise
At the fall the Father said:
The offspring of the woman
Would crush the serpent’s head.

Then shoot was sprung from Jesse’s stump
A scion thrust from roots
And He the Spirit of our God
Would guide in all pursuits. 

Wonder Counsellor, Mighty God,
Eternal Prince of Peace.
He came to lead us from our sin
To life that ere will cease.

That holy night the Son of God
With no place for a bed,
In a lowly feeding trough
Would rest his tiny head.

Prepare the way.  Make straight His path.
He comes to set you free.
Through all distractions of this time

Be sure the Lord, you see.