Saturday, March 5, 2011

Faith, Lily and Grace

The following was written for my daughter Megan after hearing about a particularly difficult day she had raising her beautiful little girls Faith, Lily, and Grace.

When life’s burdens weigh you down,
And all your castles crumble ‘round,
Remember that the Lord above,
Sent you the gift of Faith to love.

And when your plans don’t turn out right.
You pass another sleepless night,
Continuing seems oh, so silly,
For patience God sent you this Lily.

In all the trials of motherhood,
And when you did all that you could,
But still you have a messy place,
That’s why the Lord sent you His Grace.

So don’t despair when things look dim.
Just let your heart rise up to Him.
Don’t wallow in the muck and mire.
The Lord tests all His gold in fire.