Sunday, January 21, 2018

March for Life 2018

Impressions from the March 2018

A minute's silence for each one
Would take a hundred years
Untold the sorrow for each son
Or daughter drowned in tears

A frightful "choice" they said would end
The troubles in her mind
She tries, but now, cannot pretend
She's put it all behind

A child only in grade five
Is bright enough to see
A baby there is quite alive
But never she will see

The lie is told each time again
But never does it heal
The question if she knew back then
Just how, she now would feel

The sorrow never leaves the soul
But peace can still be found
Forgiving love can make one whole
If we but turn around

No more in silence hide away
Perpetuating lies
But speak the truth in light of day
That only Love saves Lives

2/4/18 Through 2/10/18

2/4/18 Through 2/10/18

I seek a lonely place with You
Not just for all the works You do
But here to show my love is true
And just to spend some time with You

For all my worries of the day
Within Your presence melt away
And though remains my cross to bear
I know beside me, You are there

Lord let me touch Your tassel then
In truth I shall be healed
And let me be attentive when
Your word has been revealed

My goal for happiness and joy
To spread across the land
Your works and wisdom to employ
With love as You had planned

Is all I write an empty word,
A babble that is never heard?
Is pride the motivation for
The drive to constantly say more?

In honesty, I must admit
I take a little pride in it,
But at the core, I relish time
To sit with You and pen the rhyme.

Uncleanliness comes from within
The source of all our graft and sin
For all the things he made are good
When proper use is understood

A steadfast heart create for me
Not wavering in the wind
No foreign gods for me to see
No need to be chagrined

A humble heart that sees my sins
Confessing one and all
In wisdom knows that love begins
By answering His call

In simple observation see
How weakly I resolve
To banish foreign gods from me
And let true love evolve

Oh, if we would open wide
The Lord would surely fill
If we would be His ready bride
His grace would overfill

If hearts were truly set on Him
And evil was subdued
No more would outlooks be so dim
If holiness pursued

A pilgrim in the desert fed
To trust in providence is led
No other god has ever said
His body now becomes our bread

His food becomes our flesh and bone
Our food from God, and God alone
In desert land parched by the sun
With love a heart and soul are won

Saturday, January 13, 2018

1/28/18 Through 2/3/18

1/28/18 Through 2/3/18

With thoughts of love my faithful guide
Be evil spirits cast aside
The flame of lust or greed of pride
Extinguished by the love inside

For curses due, I thank the Lord
May they be heeded, not deplored
For they reveal to me the sin
Of all my greed and pride within

Distasteful as at first it seems
It shatters my deceptive dreams
And makes me face what others see
As many faults contained in me.

Bear fruit I beg from these insults
And find in me desired results
A man, in truth, more humble now
Whose every gift has come from Thou

In just the tassle of His cloak
In just one word of those He spoke
Great healing and great comfort find
Contentment there, and peace of mind

To count on anything but God
Would be for us a grim facade
No money, fame, or fortune brings
such blessings or such useful things

To count with pride, or lust, or greed
Will only but, our passions feed
But in humility look toward
The counting on His just reward

Obey the law and blessings come
To you and all your sons
But, follow not His words like some
And be the cursed ones

Relying not on wealth or fame
But trusting in the Lord
Be listening when He calls your name
And follow close His word

Refining fire of love so pure
The sickness of my sins You cure
That I might offer sacrifice
And follow closely Your advice

For love demands a willing heart
Prepared to give, and do its part
To spread the news across the land
That God's redemption is at hand.

Grant wisdom to this heart of mine
To ways of holiness incline
Not straying from Your holy way
But close by You throughout the day

Let never in prosperity
My heart to stray away from Thee
But rather take my riches then
Let me, alone, on You depend.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

1/21/18 Through 1/27/18

1/21/18 Through 1/27/18

The call is the important thing
By listening the heart will sing
By following will life be changed
Priorities be rearranged

None ever disappointed by
The things they sacrificed, and why?
Because He grants more in return
Than all our labors ever earn.

Beelzebul, the leaders say
Gives Him the power to act that way
But how can that assertion be
When at His word the demons flee?

No kingdom stands when at its core
Exists its own internal war
For sure, such reasoning is flawed
In truth, these words have come from God

Dancing there before the ark
His praise to God is seen
We must be willing to embark
To places he has been

To recklessly abandoning
Our pride and our conceit
To praise the Lord by offering
Our lives as ground up wheat

In peeling back the parable
He lists the things comparable
Unto the Word He freely sows
In terms a common person knows

In spite of terms so crystal clear
It's often times we fail to hear
And lose it to the hungry birds
By never taking root, His words

We lose it to our cares today
Or lust for things along the way
But some receive and listen well ,
And there within the harvest dwell

A light and voice would change for good
The scripture now, be understood
This persecutor of the Way
Has come to see the light of day

The scales have fallen from his eyes
He sees through every false disguise
And clearly now he understands
What Christ has done and love demands

The harvest is abundant
The laborers are few
Without a staff or sack they went
The will of God to do.

Would I but answer to His call
To get into the field
I too could then become like Paul
And to the spirit yield

Oh Lord how blind am I to see
The many faults contained in me
Send Nathan here to strip away
Confusion, and my guilt convey

Sunday, December 31, 2017

1/14/18 Through 1/20/18

1/14/18 Through 1/20/18

What are you looking for day after day? 
Come to me now, and I'll show you the way
Avoid immorality, cleanse from within
The Spirit dwells not in the presence of sin 

Come see where I live, and the path that I tread
No place for the Just One to lay down His head
But find in this way a great love never known
A savior who takes all your sin as His own

A Suffering Servant who answers the call
Who conquers our sin by giving His all
Every drop of His blood poured out on the ground
Forgiveness and mercy for sinners is found.

To carry out His word would mean
Annihilate the evil seen
Within your greedy eyes this day
Destroy what pulls your heart astray

Don't leave alive a single strand
Of evil that the Lord has banned
But turn to God in total trust
And turn away from every lust

God sees so differently than man
He sees the things no other can
What's in the heart, what makes us tick
How hard against the goad we kick

He judges what no other knows,
Far more than what the surface shows
Our courage and our trust in God
Regardless of the ways we're flawed.

The giant wins without a fight
When none will face him out of fright
It takes a ruddy trusting lad
Without the fear the others had

A lad whose trust was in the Lord
And not the armour or the sword
To face the beast in confidence
To pay no heed to insolence

His faith in God the lad would bring
Then armed with just the stone and sling
He hurled a stone into his head
The giant dropped at once lay dead

We too could slay the giant's might
If we but had the will to fight
Then lived our lives in holiness
And put our trust in righteousness

In jealousy the demon speaks
With pride, his favorite techniques
To bring the foolish down to hell
Where they, with him will suffer well.

The antidote to selfish pride
Is place yourself along His side
Then learn to love in humble ways
And give to God His rightful praise

Anointing grants a dignity
That many now will fail to see
But in the oil we recognize
A grace not present otherwise.

Why would those so close to Him
Be out to sieze the Lord?
What in His words could they find grim
Or not in Love's accord?

Were they in some way jealous now
Like pharisee and scribe?
That ways of love they'd not allow
This Jesus to describe?

Perhaps the crowds around they found
Disruptive to their norm
And they would have the Word be bound
Than possibly reform

Unknown to me their reasons why
They say He lost His mind
It's through His word we learn to die
And then true peace to find.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

1/7/18 Through 1/13/18

1/7/18 Through 1/13/18

The King has come, we must adore
For none like Him has gone before
He came in humble mean estate
The darkness, now to soon abate

The day is called Epiphany
When that great light was shown to three
Who brought their incense, myrrh, and gold
As gifts to infant King behold

To honor Him, this newborn King,
What gift is there that I should bring?
But contrite heart and ready hands
To act upon what Love commands.

What a dry and barren earth
Without the Word to bring to birth
The seed for sower and for bread
That hungry souls be richly fed

Your ways so high above my own
Your thoughts to me, remain unknown
But what I see You water well
And cause the fruitful vine to swell.

For him we asked the Lord above
To grant once more a child of love
And so, in trust, as we believed
Another child was then conceived

Long before dawn, in quiet repose
The soul of the just and seeking man knows
The Voice that he longs for as his trusted guide
Will never abandon, but be at his side

To show him the way at every new turn
And help him, the will, of the Lord to discern
But answer he must, by obeying the Word
By doing the thing, from the Lord, he has heard

Thursday   (1 Sam 4&5)
Crushed in battle troops depleted
Even with the Ark, defeated
How could it be, this chosen race,
Be found in such complete disgrace?

Among the dead the haughty ones
Poor Eli's disobedient sons
Each man, in terror, hunkered down
As Ark was sent from town to town

Both Israelites and Phillistines
Would come to see just what it means
To treat our God so carelessly
Refusing to His glory see

Obedience is what He asks
In plain and simple little tasks
But far too often we can't see
His Word is what will make us free.

Friday   (1 Sam 8)
Appoint for us a king to reign
Became their ignorant refrain
The peace they sought at freedom's cost
To tyrants now the fools have lost

An earthly king will but enslave
And confiscate what gifts He gave
The way to peace is turn around
And let true righteousness be found

If you would change, then others lead
For earthly king, you'd have no need
Just change the one that you control
Then watch it make the others whole

The call to sinners, "Follow me"
Is still the call to set us free
The call to leave the world behind
And peace, as followers, to find

The ones He called in such a way
Have all encountered brighter day
More satisfied to walk with Thee
In docile, pure, humility

To leave the riches standing there
And follow where you don't know where
What some would call a foolish move
The wisest choice it will be proved.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

12/31/17 Through 1/6/18

12/31/17 Through 1/6/18

The family is the chosen place
Where every soul should clearly trace
The roots of love and school of grace
That help them, every trial to face

Yet how we've changed this holy plan
Set forth by God for every man
No more such love and unity
Which make a soul that's truly free

With roles of man and wife a blur
And values not, as once they were
How can, the young, we educate
To trod the narrow and the straight?

Each child deserves a mom and dad
To point the way to good from bad
To train the child as he should go
And teach him to, our Savior, know

May the Lord let His face shine upon you
His comforts to many, not few
Great mercy to bless you and keep you 
And guide you in all that you do

His name is a blessing forever
For all who have seen the great light
He guides them through every endeavor
As beacon and shield in the night

Let me have full confidence
Not turning then in shame
Away from Him whose love intense
Is like a cleansing flame

May fire of love be welcomed in
A heart already pure
Aglow with selfless love for Him
Whose word will long endure

Without a doubt, he pointed out
The Savior for us all
He came to shout and tell about
His answer to the call

Revealing One, the only Son
Existing long before
The vict'ry won is now begun
And spirits start to soar

But know they not, the elders plot
To kill this new-found king
And through their sin God ushers in
The lamb of whom we sing

I'm a child of eternity
But one too blind to plainly see
Each snare that's set throughout the day
To draw me down the crooked way

So easy and so sweet they seem
But truly just an evil scheme
To bind me to a fleeting thrill
Surrendering my own free will

But look intently at the Lord
And see what pleasure can't afford
A love that answers every call,
For sinners, sacrifices all.

Our love must be an active thing
By which, to poor, relief we bring
Not words or talk, but something real
To save a life, or wound to heal

To lend a hand and warm a chill
Or just a hungry mouth to fill
To see in each, our Lord of light
And make this world a bit more bright

Assurance of eternal life
Amidst the struggles and the strife
Is granted to the lowly one
With steadfast heart who loves the Son

For on the Son His favor rests
And every sin to Him confessed
Is washed in water and in blood
In Mercy's precious loving flood

Saturday, December 9, 2017

12/24/17 Through 12/30/17

12/24/17 Through 12/30/17

With power overshadow me
And deep within me plant Your seed
That love can grow within my soul
And by Your presence make me whole

Beneath a chilled and brilliant sky
The angels with their song draw nigh
These messengers from up above
Proclaim is born, the King of Love

In haste the shepherds make their way
To find the manger filled with hay
And swaddled there among the straw
Before the King, they kneel in awe

To all around their story told
How angels, as they watched in cold
Descended singing songs of praise
Declaring gone, the darkened days

This day is born in Bethlehem
Of Jesse's root and David's stem
The One to free us from all ill
This quiet night, so soft and still

Don't worry 'bout what you will say
If called to witness in the day
Be firm and know the Lord is near
He'll give the words they need to hear

St. Stephen saw the heavens wide
And glory of the other side
Forgiving those who threw the stones
That shed his blood and crushed his bones

You too are called to lay life down
And then obtain the holy crown
Your persecutors to forgive
That long in heaven you may live

Love divine, a love excelling
All the world of Jesus telling
Heart of pure unspoiled love
Thunders of the King above

Grant to all that heart of John
Be never from our presence gone
But let us see in darkest night
Your love provides eternal light

The innocents proclaim with blood
That now to earth has come our God
Though wicked men seek to destroy
The Christ has come to bring us joy

No longer bound by chain of sin
A heart of love now grows within
A willingness to sacrifice
And follow Him who paid the price

Receive as one with waiting hands
His word and all of His commands
For there is found a babe who slept
The Son of God, a promise kept

As Simeon, let us receive
And in His promises believe
Then in our open arms be laid
Salvation, that for which we prayed.

Anna came for many years
Yet still she had attentive ears
Not tempted by the daily grind
To miss the Lord and never find

Our Lord and savior when He came
To temple, to receive His name
But waited, watching through the night
With extra oil for her light

Our way, must too be like the one
Who watched and waited for the Son
A way of patience, trusting of
The One who saves, the God of love.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

12/17/17 Through 12/23/17

12/17/17 Through 12/23/17

Let our voices loudly ring
Prepare the way for such a king
Let us till the hardened ground
So when He comes love may be found

Let us witness faithful love
From in the throne room up above
That all would see in us the King
Whose tidings to the world we bring

Repent and quickly turn around
That sin, in you, no more be found
Prepare a fitful dwelling place
Without a spot or evil trace

The angel spoke his mighty word
In faith, the humble Joseph heard
His name shall be Emmanuel
The Lord has come with man to dwell

Grant all such humble faith this year
That when Your gentle voice we hear
We scarifice what we have planned
When even we don't understand

A barren tree no fruit to bear
A daily thought and constant care
A tree just here to live and die
A question and a wonder why?

As slow reality sets in
A grief and sorrow settles in
A resignation to the fact
How much our lives have truly lacked

But never must our hearts despair
For He can make us fruitful there
If we believe and trust the word
That from the voice of God is heard

Love defies the words of man
Who tries to say the best he can
How God has touched his inner soul
And made his heart so rich and full

The soul proclaims the greatness of
The One who fills the heart with love
When overshadowed by His grace
We too become His dwelling place

In haste she went to greet the one
Whose shame now past, would bear a son
To pave the way for God on high
To lost and wand'ring souls draw nigh

The babe within her kicked and stirred
When that sweet gentle voice was heard
Of Mary virgin full of grace
Who entered in that humble place

The darkness gone, the winter past
Now Spring has come to earth at last
We hear the song of stream and dove
For unto earth has come true love

An offering of children is
A gift of all that's truly His
A trust that He will e'er supply
For what we need as time goes by

His name is John without a doubt
The tongue now heard to praise and shout
The glories of the coming Lord
The grace of God to man outpoured

He comes to turn the hearts of men
Back to the Father once again
Refining fire to purify
As once man was in days gone by

Repentance now, the cry of he
Attend your ears and eyes to see
The glorious King is on the way
To bring about eternal day.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

12/10/17 Through 12/16/17

12/10/17 Through 12/16/17

A voice in far-off wilderness
Now beckons come, and here confess
Receive forgiveness of your sins
And see what your repentance wins

A Savior coming to forgive
The wanton way of life we live
To change the hearts of  sinful men
And reconcile with God again

By lowering him through the roof
His friends thus offered Christ this proof
That they considered now arrived
The day Isaiah prophesied

Where streams burst forth in desert sand
And all around is fertile land
Where beasts no longer prey on men
And all the sick are healed again

The highway then, the holy way
Will lead no travellers astray
On it the ransomed will return
To find the One, for whom they yearn

Oh Virgin of all virgins
Most highly favored one
Pure maiden fit to offer
To bear God's only Son

Your fiat to the angel
Your word of "Let it be"
Now salvation brought to dwell 
Among humanity

Here I sit so weak and weary
Pondering Isaiah's query
Who else is like this Lord of ours
Creator of the earth and stars?

So far beyond our scrutiny
The love He has for you and me
Our strength and courage in the fight
Yet easy yoke and burden light

Our hope in him our strength renewed
With vigor, now our souls imbued
Where all who labor find their rest
And weak and weary souls are blest

In dry and barren desert land
We see the Lord's redeeming hand
He brings refreshing waters where
The sands are hot and starkly bare

How swift He comes to answer those
Whose poverty was freely chose
This parched, and once abandoned, space
Becomes His holy dwelling place

With towering trees and fertile ground
Where love and quiet peace are found
Abundant grains and olive trees
Will feed the faithful ones like these.

The flute is played, yet few will dance
They see His face and look askance
The dirge is played for all the rest
Yet mourn they not, or beat their breast

For all too often we ignore
The call of Him to offer more
We find our little comfort zone
And wish, there to, be left alone

So less is more for greedy eyes
For in our want we recognize
The way to make it through the strife
Is call upon the Lord of Life

Put all your faith and trust in He
Who cured the sick and calmed the sea
Believe and follow in His way
To find the bright eternal day.

Unchecked the evil spirit would
destroy the love of fatherhood
As in the garden's whisper where
He fostered fear and spread despair

Yet in the Father's love for man
He had an even greater plan
His Son to all the earth would show
It's true!  The Father love's us so.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

12/3/17 Through 12/9/17

12/3/17 Through 12/9/17

You are the potter and we are the clay
So why do You let us go far astray?
Why do You give us this freedom of will,
Allowing us then to stray farther still?

How stupid we are to stray from our King
The One, who to all, can happiness bring
Make us to see at the end of the day
True love's only found from walking Your way

Oh Lord I am not worthy
Resounds through every day
As we before receive Thee
In this most special way

Say the word and healing bring
To this most wretched soul
To evil I refuse to cling
Oh Lord, please make me whole

On that day a shoot shall sprout
From Jesse's withered stump
A bud and blossom peeking out
With wisdom full and plump

Justice flowers in His day
And peace without an end
The lowly poor He comes to save
And wounds He comes to mend

His heart was moved with pity
As He looked upon the crowd
So far from any city
And to feed them He avowed

But where in this deserted place
Could anyone find bread
This multitude, in any case,
To be completely fed?

But faith and trust in Him who heals
And makes the blind to see
Provides to all the healthy meals
Of love and unity.

A nation with a purpose strong
Oh Lord, You keep in peace for long
But one that wavers in two ways
Will never last for many days

Grant us the grace to hear the Word
And act upon what we have heard
That we may sit on solid rock
And answer You when e're You knock

Oh, to be conceived in grace
Without the stain of sin
How different now, would be this place
If only saints within

But we can change the world too
As Mary did so well
By turning from the sin we do
In peace, we then would dwell

A harvest rich presents no good
If none will gather in
Those standing idle truly should
To labor now begin

Just listen and the Lord will speak
To let you know the way
And lead you to the peace you seek
And teach you what to say.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

11/26/17 Through 12/2/17

11/26/17 Through 12/2/17

The final day is coming near
And only fools would have no fear
For who could stand before this King
Without the shame that sin will bring?

When all is known before His eye
"But, Mercy lord!" will be our cry
For death is what we all deserve
By failing, this great King, to serve

Repent and turn away from sin
A fresh and new life now begin
Let Him heal the blind and lame
That they might bear the Master's name

Two copper coins, her livelihood
Her all in all she gave
Through love of God she understood
His pow'r to heal and save

A great destruction coming soon
The Master comes, the vine to prune
Fulfilling then His faithful oath
To strip away the useless growth

We strut about in useless leaves
Disguising liars, fools, and thieves
But when the vine is stripped and clean
The truth for all is clearly seen

The source of life comes from the Vine
And not these worthless "things" of mine
So lose the leaves without dispute
The time has come for bearing fruit.

The writing hand proclaims the Word
That we must understand
To turn away would be absurd
And void what He has planned

The hand of God is written down
Beside us everyday
But often we just look and frown
"It's much too hard a way"

Absorb the Word and make it known
It's not too late as yet
To see the wonders He has shown
And closer to Him get

Read in hope, the holy Word
And answer when the call is heard
To drop the nets and follow near
And overcome your foolish fear

His way will bring a peace unknown
As saints throughout the years have shown
And you as well, through love shall find
His comfort and His peace of mind

No way for evil to assuage
The glory of the coming age
The brilliance of eternal light
Or darkness of eternal night

The light shall win when all is shown
And every evil lie made known
That vict'ry is already here
If we but to, the Lord draw near.

Will I be ready for that day
When fear and trembling pass this way?
Will I be found awake, alert?
Will I be one escaped unhurt?

It's doubtful I could pass the fire
And thus the crown of love acquire
Without a stop to burn away
Corruption of this earthly clay

Lord, change me now while there is time
To help me on this upward climb
And make of me a servant true
Who always sets his sights on You.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

11/19/17 Through 11/25/17

11/19/17 Through 11/25/17

The worthy wife with busy hands
A house of love, her work expands
The needy clothed, the poor are fed
Her labor yields a filling bread

Great faithfulness in tiny things
A heart of constancy it brings
And no calamity can shake
The faithful servant, wide awake.

Just how, oh Lord, I want to see
And follow closely, unto Thee
But weak I am, and every day
To sin I bow, and fall away

The love upon Your face I see
In agony upon the tree
And yet I fail to muster power
To follow, in temptation's hour

A blind and foolish man I am
And You, the good and spotless Lamb
I cry aloud that I might be
Someday allowed to walk with Thee

My weakness runs to any length
But You can be my needed strength
Help me to choose to follow Thee
And place myself upon that tree.

Grant courage and a steadfast heart
That I may gladly do my part
To show the young a heart sincere
Can suffer much and never fear

No one remembers those who failed
But only those whose spirits scaled
The height of total love and trust
Forevermore, their faith discussed

A coin is given to each man
To trade and ply the best he can
To bring a greater harvest where 
The evil one can bring despair

The mother with her seven sons
Were thought the poor misfortuned ones
But they invested all they had
And now in paradise are glad

Their coin of love and trust they spent
With battered flesh, and bodies rent
Their story through the centuries told
Their lives returning many fold

Our faith must be much more than word
By action best, our voice is heard
When staring evil in the eye
We must insist, we won't comply

Our hope must strengthen in the fight
That God will lead beyond the night
And soon will come a brighter day
With happiness along the way

Our charity must be sincere
And raise the needy planted here
For love will change both heart and mind
And keep us with, the Lord aligned

Your zeal, oh Lord, how we have seen
That You desire a temple clean
Drive out the evil from my ways
And fill my heart with holy praise

How easily we fool ourselves
And turn from what is true
We make our own reality
And run ourselves askew

If we would just but listen well
And do as we are told
Such foolishness we would expel
And enter in the fold

Saturday, October 28, 2017

11/12/17 through 11/18/17

11/12/17 through 11/18/17

The end of time is coming soon
Perhaps today at nine or noon
Have I prepared to meet the groom?
Have I let love within me bloom?

Did I take time to fill my flask?
For wisdom did I search or ask?
Have I besought her every morn?
Within my heart has love been born?

The oil to last throughout the night
And keep the flame still burning bright
Is found in many varied ways
We follow Him throughout our days

Each task of love that we perform
The time we take, a heart to warm
Provides the oil for our light
To meet the bridegroom in the night

Let not a scandal come from me
But let my faith be what they see
Strengthen me and fill my need
Nurture now, this mustard seed.

All I have is but a gift
No matter how I search or sift
No thing I've made or prize I've earned
But only nothingness I've learned

A worthless servant granted time
To serve this gracious King of mine
May I but hearken to His call
And freely give my all in all.

Of this leperous body cleanse me
From its selfishness defend me
Thou art King and Lord of all
You answer every humble call

Hear my plea to be made clean
Let not my sinfulness be seen
But wash away my awful guilt
In me Your temple be rebuilt

Grant wisdom to this heart of mine
That I may ever choose
My will to that of Yours align
And never life to lose

The way of love, the depths You see
Go far beyond my mind
I need Your grace to set me free
That wisdom I could find

How could we miss the elephant
That stands within the room
And be a fool so confident
Yet headed straight for doom?

The Artist's hand is evident
In all the works we see
In every tiny element
Or in the mighty sea.

Let me not be that foolish one
Who passes every day
And never sees the Father's Son
In those along the way

Give me a heart to love the poor
And know that they deserve
To know Your love and care is sure
And grace without reserve

Inspire me to holiness
In all I say and do
Let me give up my coziness
To be much more like You

Will faith be found upon this land
Will we obey the Lord's command,
And pray in this persistent way
To fill our needs for every day?