Saturday, November 11, 2017

11/26/17 Through 12/2/17

11/26/17 Through 12/2/17

The final day is coming near
And only fools would have no fear
For who could stand before this King
Without the shame that sin will bring?

When all is known before His eye
"But, Mercy lord!" will be our cry
For death is what we all deserve
By failing, this great King, to serve

Repent and turn away from sin
A fresh and new life now begin
Let Him heal the blind and lame
That they might bear the Master's name

Two copper coins, her livelihood
Her all in all she gave
Through love of God she understood
His pow'r to heal and save

A great destruction coming soon
The Master comes, the vine to prune
Fulfilling then His faithful oath
To strip away the useless growth

We strut about in useless leaves
Disguising liars, fools, and thieves
But when the vine is stripped and clean
The truth for all is clearly seen

The source of life comes from the Vine
And not these worthless "things" of mine
So lose the leaves without dispute
The time has come for bearing fruit.

The writing hand proclaims the Word
That we must understand
To turn away would be absurd
And void what He has planned

The hand of God is written down
Beside us everyday
But often we just look and frown
"It's much too hard a way"

Absorb the Word and make it known
It's not too late as yet
To see the wonders He has shown
And closer to Him get

Read in hope, the holy Word
And answer when the call is heard
To drop the nets and follow near
And overcome your foolish fear

His way will bring a peace unknown
As saints throughout the years have shown
And you as well, through love shall find
His comfort and His peace of mind

No way for evil to assuage
The glory of the coming age
The brilliance of eternal light
Or darkness of eternal night

The light shall win when all is shown
And every evil lie made known
That vict'ry is already here
If we but to, the Lord draw near.

Will I be ready for that day
When fear and trembling pass this way?
Will I be found awake, alert?
Will I be one escaped unhurt?

It's doubtful I could pass the fire
And thus the crown of love acquire
Without a stop to burn away
Corruption of this earthly clay

Lord, change me now while there is time
To help me on this upward climb
And make of me a servant true
Who always sets his sights on You.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

11/19/17 Through 11/25/17

11/19/17 Through 11/25/17

The worthy wife with busy hands
A house of love, her work expands
The needy clothed, the poor are fed
Her labor yields a filling bread

Great faithfulness in tiny things
A heart of constancy it brings
And no calamity can shake
The faithful servant, wide awake.

Just how, oh Lord, I want to see
And follow closely, unto Thee
But weak I am, and every day
To sin I bow, and fall away

The love upon Your face I see
In agony upon the tree
And yet I fail to muster power
To follow, in temptation's hour

A blind and foolish man I am
And You, the good and spotless Lamb
I cry aloud that I might be
Someday allowed to walk with Thee

My weakness runs to any length
But You can be my needed strength
Help me to choose to follow Thee
And place myself upon that tree.

Grant courage and a steadfast heart
That I may gladly do my part
To show the young a heart sincere
Can suffer much and never fear

No one remembers those who failed
But only those whose spirits scaled
The height of total love and trust
Forevermore, their faith discussed

A coin is given to each man
To trade and ply the best he can
To bring a greater harvest where 
The evil one can bring despair

The mother with her seven sons
Were thought the poor misfortuned ones
But they invested all they had
And now in paradise are glad

Their coin of love and trust they spent
With battered flesh, and bodies rent
Their story through the centuries told
Their lives returning many fold

Our faith must be much more than word
By action best, our voice is heard
When staring evil in the eye
We must insist, we won't comply

Our hope must strengthen in the fight
That God will lead beyond the night
And soon will come a brighter day
With happiness along the way

Our charity must be sincere
And raise the needy planted here
For love will change both heart and mind
And keep us with, the Lord aligned

Your zeal, oh Lord, how we have seen
That You desire a temple clean
Drive out the evil from my ways
And fill my heart with holy praise

How easily we fool ourselves
And turn from what is true
We make our own reality
And run ourselves askew

If we would just but listen well
And do as we are told
Such foolishness we would expel
And enter in the fold

Saturday, October 28, 2017

11/12/17 through 11/18/17

11/12/17 through 11/18/17

The end of time is coming soon
Perhaps today at nine or noon
Have I prepared to meet the groom?
Have I let love within me bloom?

Did I take time to fill my flask?
For wisdom did I search or ask?
Have I besought her every morn?
Within my heart has love been born?

The oil to last throughout the night
And keep the flame still burning bright
Is found in many varied ways
We follow Him throughout our days

Each task of love that we perform
The time we take, a heart to warm
Provides the oil for our light
To meet the bridegroom in the night

Let not a scandal come from me
But let my faith be what they see
Strengthen me and fill my need
Nurture now, this mustard seed.

All I have is but a gift
No matter how I search or sift
No thing I've made or prize I've earned
But only nothingness I've learned

A worthless servant granted time
To serve this gracious King of mine
May I but hearken to His call
And freely give my all in all.

Of this leperous body cleanse me
From its selfishness defend me
Thou art King and Lord of all
You answer every humble call

Hear my plea to be made clean
Let not my sinfulness be seen
But wash away my awful guilt
In me Your temple be rebuilt

Grant wisdom to this heart of mine
That I may ever choose
My will to that of Yours align
And never life to lose

The way of love, the depths You see
Go far beyond my mind
I need Your grace to set me free
That wisdom I could find

How could we miss the elephant
That stands within the room
And be a fool so confident
Yet headed straight for doom?

The Artist's hand is evident
In all the works we see
In every tiny element
Or in the mighty sea.

Let me not be that foolish one
Who passes every day
And never sees the Father's Son
In those along the way

Give me a heart to love the poor
And know that they deserve
To know Your love and care is sure
And grace without reserve

Inspire me to holiness
In all I say and do
Let me give up my coziness
To be much more like You

Will faith be found upon this land
Will we obey the Lord's command,
And pray in this persistent way
To fill our needs for every day?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

11/5/17 Through 11/11/17

11/5/17 Through 11/11/17

The gospel comes with loving tone
Among the fields where it is sown
Like nursing mom with babe at breast
It brings the weary soul to rest

Beware of those who use the Word
Distorting what, from God, they've heard
To feed their greed and malintent
And comfort not, those in lament

The Word should bring humility
And work to set the captive free
The greatest one will serve the least
So both can then enjoy the feast

Who could ever know Your ways
Or guess what's held in store
Eternal life, more than repays
What we have waited for

A grace is given to every man
For working out God's holy plan
He calls each one to use their gift
And so. the body's, spirits lift

The harvest shines in ready state
The choicest wines and meat await
But many, earthly pleasures choose
And so, eternal joy, they lose

So use your gift to fill the house
Bring children, friends, and also spouse
Collect the lowly from the street
That all may there, the Master, greet

Renouncing all we gain the power
To fight the fight or build the tower
Possessing what we can't afford
Because our strength is from the Lord

How will I know I've given all
Requested by His loving call,
When I still have, I must confess
An awful lot that I possess?

Within this temple, find a home
Make this ground a fertile loam
With holy water nourish these
That they become Your fruitful trees.

All are stewards of His gifts
But far, the steward, often drifts
And squanders what is given him
By following some foolish whim

The call is simple, follow Him
Disordered bonds, now quickly trim
For holiness, now pray and fast
Give alms and make your kindness last

Two masters tug in different ways
One is followed, one betrayed
One will win and one will lose
Be careful of the way you choose.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

10/29/17 Through 11/4/17

10/29/17 Through 11/4/17

Now love of God and love of man
The perfect place within His plan
This test devised to trick the Son
Proved Him our God and Holy One

For love is more than words or rules
Love is what our passions fuels
To give oneself in total love
Reflects the love of God above

This heavy sin has bent my spine
Lord in my wretched state incline
And free me from this burden great
That once again I may stand straight

I offer You this mustard seed
In hopes that it will grow
Into the faith and trust I need
To never let You go

So tiny one can barely see
So easily destroyed
How can the faith survive in me
With selfishness employed?

So clear away the avarice
Give up the greed and more
No seed can grow in dirt like this
What am I waiting for?

Lord make me hunger but for You
Be present there in all I do
Make all desires pale when shown
In light of You, and You alone

Lord make me thirst for holiness
That all my sin would be confessed
So mercy I would daily find
And nevermore be seen so blind

Let me wear Your mighty seal
And join You where the thunders peal
Exclaiming there with holy men
Your glory, power, and might, Amen!

Lord cleanse this sinful heart of mine
And to Your way, my will incline
Let the cleansing now begin
That sooner, I should favor win

I must be clean and pure of heart
To stand within Your work of art
Attachments, none however small
No hint or remnant of the fall

No shadows in this world of light
Of always day and never night
So let Your fire burn away
My sins, and bring about Your day

How could I lose eternity
For those who mocked and hated me?
My love is not as great as this,
But I have felt His loving kiss

The kiss, the word, the gentle call
The challenge to surrender all
I wish that all would come to know
The Lord, and let His favors grow

It's quite a far-off place to get
That I, would so, myself forget
And love the others more than me
But that would truly set me free

He's writing straight with crooked lines
And so our Maker thus defines
His providence above all things
That peace, to those in trial brings

A Sabbath day, a story told
Of taking places by the bold
And then the haughty one is led
To where the lowly ones are fed

He works within the faults of men
To show His mercy once again
And those once lost who find their way
Make ever brighter endless day

Sunday, October 8, 2017

10/22/17 Through 10/28/17

10/22/17 Through 10/28/17

Every power on earth bestowed
Comes from above, from One who showed
His love in total sacrifice
To for our many sins suffice

So recognize what he has done
By sending us His only Son
And give the honor where it's due
To One who has great love for you

Presuming only in His love
We place our trust in God above
The barn we simply fill with things
But never happiness it brings

We seek the giver, not the gift
For He alone will spirits lift
No thing on earth can satisfy,
But more and more the fool will try

Here I am to do your will
And let my heart, Your graces fill
Too long I've tried this way of mine
And let my heart, the world entwine

With foolish goals my way is fraught
For by the flesh, my will's been taught
To choose the easy pleasure near
And not my Lord and God to fear

Oh help me cast that way aside
And bathe in precious cleansing tide
That I might stay awake and see
The Master's kind return to me

Slaves we are and slaves we will be
Both now and in eternity
We have the will to choose which kind,
The where with all to graces find

May we not be slaves of sin
And foster wickedness within
But show ourselves brought back alive
As ones, in righteousness, who strive

Those freed from sin will find their way
To listen well and then obey
And then upon surprise return
The Master's praises they will earn

This frightening passage comes to me
As wake-up call that I may see
That I must face the fiery blaze
To clear away the sinful haze

The fire of love to purify
That I might live and never die
Oh spark that flame of love in me
And all my cherished family

The good I will is not within
But rather I am filled with sin
My flesh so weak and cowardly
That holy, I may never be

What pow'r can save this flesh of mine
That towards the evil way inclines?
The pow'r to turn my heart above
Is Jesus Christ, the man of love

Lord help me answer to Your call
Please strengthen faith, don't let me fall
I want to much, a doer be
But oh, dear Lord, please strengthen me.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

10/15/17 Through 10/21/17

10/15/17 Through 10/21/17

Oh fearful gift of freedom
Received from God above
What loss if I indeed come
To reject Your gift of love

The wedding feast prepared
Of rich and juicy food
Our judgment be declared
If we ourselves exclude

So take my will and intellect
And make of me a slave
For fear I might somehow reject
The banquet that You gave

Something much greater than Solomon here
A humble, true voice to proclaim it quite clear
The people of Nineveh turned to repent
When hearing the Word that through Jonah was sent

The poor are the blessed who find on the way
That all that is needed, is hear and obey
His love is the treasure that satisfies hearts
And all other pleasure from love thus departs

To emptiness and darkness
Our foolishness has led
To find amid the starkness
A place where swine are fed

The Word we found ridiculous
To live for other's good
We'd rather be meticulous
Than be where Jesus stood

But He can change with blinking eye
The fate we've come to know
If we would but confessing try
And let our evil go

Luke, a man of mercy 
We honor on this day
For his insight and wisdom
Oh Lord we humbly pray

Samaritan and prodigal
Or beggar at the door,
Zacchaeus and forgiven thief
They all just wanted more

May we receive what they have found
Great mercy from the Lord
And then some day in white be gowned
Receiving love's reward.

Justice and mercy, one scary one great
Both come from the One whom all did create
Justice demands of us love for all men
How often we fail at it time and again

But grace He will give us by trusting His word
No more will our vision of right be so blurred
In mercy our eyes will be opened to see
His love is for all, not just you or just me

Soon every secret will be known
Soon all true colors will be shown
Things whispered in darkness be shouted aloud
Each dark little secret now known to the crowd

Confessing in humility
Protects one from hypocracy
Beware of the leaven so easily found
And make of yourself a son of the crowned

Here beneath the stars of night
I warm myself by firelight
And ponder what I've done for Thee
That You would have such love for me

The gift of life most precious thing
Bestowed by such a gracious King
To all mankind, that we should know
That our Creator loves us so

This fine mosaic You have made
With pieces all of different shade
Lead all to find their proper place
And fill each one with holy grace

Sunday, September 24, 2017

10/8/17 Through 10/14/17

10/8/17 Through 10/14/17

The Master is entitled to
A harvest from His land
A just return from those who knew
But did not as He planned

What a tempest we create
When fleeing from His will 
A storm whose winds will not abate
Til they have had their fill

Let us, not like the selfish, flee
Or walk along the way
Let us, in all, our brothers see
And bring them light of day

The better part is loving You
And following in all we do
Your word made known in varied ways
And offering our constant praise

Repenting when we see our sin
And making changes deep within
From every evil turned away
To follow closely in Your way

So quick to judge the other's sin
We fail to see they long within
To know His mercy and His grace
To see His kind forgiving face

Our love must be more deep than this
Or we will also surely miss
His mercy in our righteousness
And find ourselves in great distress

Answer when He knocks the door
And beckons, "Come and give Me more"
The angry fist He cannot fill
But open hand that does His will

Fear not the ones who prosper now
The blaze will come and show them how
There's nothing left, not branch or root
For those who fail to bear Him fruit

Beseach Him now throughout the day
To feed your soul along the way
And grant the grace to do His will
Then find your longing well fulfilled

Once I've clearly seen the truth
If in old age or in my youth
My job is not just sweep the place
But now to fill my house with grace

In emptiness the demons find
Their way to sway and fill the mind
And though once cleansed for brighter days
My soul will find the darkest ways

How blest the holy womb that bore
The One we worship and adore
How blest the breast that nursed this One
Messiah, and God's only Son

Far more yet still, is blest the one
Who follows what is here begun
And listens to the Word I speak
With docile will that's poor and meek.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

10/1/17 Through 10/7/17

10/1/17 Through 10/7/17

Tell me who did the Father's will 
In which did conscience now instill
A gleam of hope to save the soul
A step to change and make one whole?

Repentance for rebellious ones
Can make of us the Father's sons
The humble one who chose the way
In spite of what he first did say

Most brilliant guardian from above
Guide my steps in the way of love
Make safe the path I tread each day
And guide me in the righteous way

Keep evil far away from me
So every day I clearly see
The way the Lord has planned for me
To live with Him eternally

Fire of heaven please descend
Put evil in me to an end
Grant a change of heart and mind
Let Christ, in me, the others find

Fire of love now purify
Your graces all, now please supply
May all I meet now clearly see
In truth, You really dwell in me

There's nothing there when looking back
That I should want to keep
For now I know, I nothing lack
He fills me while I sleep.

Unworthy those whose heart remains
Within the realm of flesh
They never see true love contains
The holy and the fresh

The harvest is rich, the laborers few
Why should you think He doesn't want you?
The Master has said, "The Kingdom's at hand"
So spread the good news throughout all the land

Devour the Word and bring it to all
Proclaim it aloud to the great and the small
If they will but listen and peaceable be
Your peace will descend and set their hearts free

Turn around and turn away
From all the trappings of the day
We have been so steeped in sin
We're blinded when we look within

We've come to see our way as right
For we have taken to the night
Where shadows hide our petty sins
And boastful pride of self begins

The trials we face are ours alone
Yet God has sent One to atone
His precious Son, the spotless Lamb
The Savior, and the great I AM

So trust in Him the Father sent
And turn from sin to then repent
Cast aside your chains and see
Obeying Him's what sets us free

Turn to Him and find again
The joy that you once knew back then
Turn away from gods of wealth
And let the Lord restore your health

For though He spurns the wild type
He still receives the childlike
Rejoicing when He comes to see
The gift of faith take root in thee.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9/24/17 Through 9/30/17

9/24/17 Through 9/30/17


To work within the vineyard 
Provides its own reward
If we but look close inward
And harken to the Lord

What profit all the pleasures
Or idleness did gain
The holy one now treasures
To share with Him His pain

The work itself a blessing
A gift we fail to see
If we just keep addressing
That he got more than me.

Shine the light for all to see
Share the word and set them free
Your job is just to scatter seeds
And let the Master deal with weeds

All are called to build the Church
All must for, the lost ones search
And share with them the living word
Til all the world has clearly heard

Take the time to sit with Him
And listen to His word
Ponder on a simple hymn
And let His voice be heard

Amidst the crowded rooms of life
When He seems far away
Obey the word you know you've heard
And find Him every day.

He works with great felicity
Empowering simplicity
But He must find a docile sort
Who listen well and then report

No need for all the extra things
But only what the Spirit brings
For He'll supply our every need
To all who plant His precious seed.

In ruins lies this house of Mine
While you sit back and sip your wine
Is this a time for idle rest
Or time for you to give your best?

Awaken, look, and see just how
Your foolish way has fared til now
You strive but never reach your goals
The purse you have is filled with holes

Get up and build my house of praise
And you will see your spirits raise
Soon I will shake the earth and sea
And draw all faithful ones to Me

For Mine the silver, Mine the gold
Come to Me and then behold
Delights that stretch beyond the sky
And cup that runneth never dry

Angels in His service burn
With zeal to more forever learn
His will, and carry out His plan
As they have done since time began

So too for those who went astray
And follow in their prideful way
Their flames too forever burn
For steeped in pride they never learn

One rule there is you care about
One way there is without a doubt
The rule of faith in Him to save
His way of love, who all things gave.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

9/17/17 Through 9/23/17

9/17/17 Through 9/23/17

Forgive me Lord this crushing debt
Let me, Your mercy, not forget
Make me forgive as You have done
With all, unite, and make us one

A mighty gift, authority
To set our right priority
If we would listen and obey
Consent would bring a brighter day

And those for whom we lead the way
Would also find a brighter day
When our command is steeped in love
Received in prayer to God above

Let life arise within my soul
To heal at once and make me whole
That I might gladdly spread His word
Til all on earth, of Him, have heard

How much I have seen
How little I've done
The scant bit I glean
 From the ample He's done

No wisdom to find 
Amidst all these trees
How much I've been blind
Or forest to please

No words can explain
No mind can ingest
No room in the brain 
For this mighty guest

Diminutive soul
A drop in the sea
Imperative goal
His glory to see

Come follow Me and leave behind
The things that here, on earth, will bind
The trapping pleasures of the day
That cause the sickly one to stray

Come find the fountain cool and clear
Come drink and find the Savior near
Come meet Him in the daily bread
Come share His table and be fed

If I were but detached from all
My soul would leap to heed His call
Attentive I would always be
To promptings from the Lord to me

No thirst for gain would fill the mind
But thirst for love be there enshrined
Above my weak desire for sin
Would be desire to dwell with Him

Plow through my hardened heart today
And turn it upside down
Then harrow o'er the lumps of clay
Till they are broken down

Make of me a fertile ground
Where seed can find a home
In hope some day that fruit is found
Amidst a fertile loam

Sunday, August 27, 2017

9/10/17 Through 9/16/17

9/10/17 Through 9/16/17

Somehow I share the guilt of sin
For those I fail to call within
My love must cast a wider net
And have no sinner I forget

Give me the courage to repent
Of sins I own and then be sent
To lead the others on the way
That they might turn to light of day

Who were the withered ones that day
Unable to discern the Way
Incapable of doing good
When in their midst, the Savior stood?

A withered hand His word can heal
Not withered heart with evil zeal
One hard as stone and steeped in sin
Can only change from deep within

At first they have to recognize
That they have followed useless lies
Repent and turn away from sin
Then ask the Lord to dwell within

He chose His closest ones to share
His daily life and every care
The twelve, in time, became to be
His faithful home community

So often one in trial depends
Upon support from faithful friends
To help him through his darkest time
And from the depth, to new height climb

May I be a blessed one
And not a man of woes
May I always see the Son
And follow where He goes

Each morning He awakens me
To listen to  His word
That I may help some others see
And make His message heard

But one must change more than the rest
And he must plainly see
The only way to pass the test
Is simply changing me.

Once raised with Christ the man of love
No place for sordid sin
I must press on for that above
And find my life in Him

In the Garden, through a tree
The serpent gained his sway on me
That sin of old that looked so sweet
So bitter in its cruel defeat

Then once again that serpent's bite
Attacked the ones in desert flight
Ungrateful in their sin of pride
The bitten ones grew sick and died

But on a pole was serpent raised
To save all who upon it gazed
This but a mere prefigured sign
Of our salvation, love divine

He too has conquered through a tree
But not with pride, but love for me
And when I gaze upon His cross
I count all else as none but loss

Spotless woman beauty bright
Share with me your holy light
Grant for me your Son to see

Daily joining in affliction
Growing strong in my conviction
Of the Father's love for me

Mother's love in ceasless giving
Favor all on earth here living
Mother of God's only Son

Let me share within your sorrow
Once again upon the morrow
Virgin pure and spotless one

Build a house with no foundation
Find yourself in desolation
When the storms of life shall come
And turn the mansion to a slum

Honor Him who gives you all
And He'll protect you from a fall
Give Him all that He is due
And He will set His seal on you

Act upon His word of truth
Show good example to the youth
Be docile members of the flock
Dig deep and bui;ld your house on rock

Sunday, August 20, 2017

9/3/17 Through 9/9/17

9/3/17 Through 9/9/17

So often I will shun the cross
And simple pleasures seek
Forgetting life comes from the loss
Of all I try to keep

When Love and Truth within our midst
Present to us they're often missed
We've grown so calloused, old, and gray
We fail to hear what Love would say

Could one so common really bring
The blessings of a sacred king?
"Away with Him", we often say
We have no need to change our way

But, Oh how foolish we can be
When Love and Truth we fail to see
We cast aside the precious stone
And choose to live for self alone

What gave His words that special power
That hungry souls would just devour?
Where got He such authority
That at His sight the demons flee?

No one like Him has spoke before
His word will pierce down to the core
In all the land He's spoken of
Because His words are truth and love

A refuge, a deserted place
Someplace to stop, refill with grace
We need some time alone with Him
To fill our cup unto the brim

He welcomes us at every chance
To fill our hearts and love enhance
In spite of how we fall away
He's there to greet us every day.

An emptiness for God to fill
An instrument to do His will
This body that is known as mine
Must now, unto His will, incline

For I have seen abundant grace
And cannot now, my Savior face
Without submitting to His will
And giving emptiness to fill

This day was born the second Eve
The one immaculate conceived
The one whose humble willing yes
Would then all generations bless

The lowly one now lifted high
By her affirmative reply
Will hear the prayers of us below
And graces from her Son bestow

Into the rotting stench below
Would blessed Peter Claver go
With food and medicine to heal
To spread the word in selfless zeal

The lowly slave his chosen charge
To serve as Christ and thus enlarge
Their hearts to see a brighter day
When freedom true, would come their way

Sunday, August 13, 2017

8/27/17 Through 9/2/17

8/27/17 Through 9/2/17

Unsearchable the ways of God
No man can understand
But only watch and then applaud
The works of mighty hand

For who has been His counselor
Or given anything
His way is quite irregular
Directing everything

Though we cannot anticipate
One moment to the next
He calls us to participate
And let our faith be flexed

Oh Lord how little I can see
Of all that has surrounded me
How blind to glory present here
How steeped in selfish greed and fear

So hard I've worked for things I own
But have I yet your Spirit known?
I've worked for things that rust away
A fool that worked for paltry pay

But can I change and then somehow
Find wisdom, love, and beauty now
If I could but my heart attune
Your grace would come and rescue soon

What happened to my firm resolve?
Was that my faith that just dissolved?
Is there more care for man's respect,
That One who made me I reject?

My weakness is my greatest shame
For I know well Your Holy Name
And yet I fail to share the prize
For how I look to sinful eyes

So many times I hate to say
I turn from You throughout the day
To satisfy my appetites
For fleeting thrills or sweet delights

So base and beggarly my eyes
Enticed by such a slim disguise
How will I ever conquer sin
When I'm so weak and limp within?

So weak and yet too proud to show
The splendor of the One I know
Afraid of disapproval by
Some other faithless wimpy guy

I beg assistance for each day
That from these sins I'd turn away
And firmly fix my eyes on You 
The One whose love is strong and true

I wish to stay awake but find
That sleep invades this feeble mind
I want to do as Jesus bids
But find it hard to raise these lids

Some time I need for peaceful rest
If I expect to be my best
For He will grant my every need
And give me finest wheat as feed

Indecency of every kind
Pollutes the soul and fills the mind
Of those who care not for His grace
But every fleeting pleasure chase

This way for you it must not be
Instead, your way be purity
Send lust and passion far away
Let love and honor rule the day

This talent I must cultivate
And raise upon the vine
My duty not to abdicate
And lose this gift of mine

Return a harvest full and rich
The best from what I own
An offering of talent which
In me, has Master sown.