Sunday, August 20, 2017

9/3/17 Through 9/9/17

9/3/17 Through 9/9/17

So often I will shun the cross
And simple pleasures seek
Forgetting life comes from the loss
Of all I try to keep

When Love and Truth within our midst
Present to us they're often missed
We've grown so calloused, old, and gray
We fail to hear what Love would say

Could one so common really bring
The blessings of a sacred king?
"Away with Him", we often say
We have no need to change our way

But, Oh how foolish we can be
When Love and Truth we fail to see
We cast aside the precious stone
And choose to live for self alone

What gave His words that special power
That hungry souls would just devour?
Where got He such authority
That at His sight the demons flee?

No one like Him has spoke before
His word will pierce down to the core
In all the land He's spoken of
Because His words are truth and love

A refuge, a deserted place
Someplace to stop, refill with grace
We need some time alone with Him
To fill our cup unto the brim

He welcomes us at every chance
To fill our hearts and love enhance
In spite of how we fall away
He's there to greet us every day.

An emptiness for God to fill
An instrument to do His will
This body that is known as mine
Must now, unto His will, incline

For I have seen abundant grace
And cannot now, my Savior face
Without submitting to His will
And giving emptiness to fill

This day was born the second Eve
The one immaculate conceived
The one whose humble willing yes
Would then all generations bless

The lowly one now lifted high
By her affirmative reply
Will hear the prayers of us below
And graces from her Son bestow

Into the rotting stench below
Would blessed Peter Claver go
With food and medicine to heal
To spread the word in selfless zeal

The lowly slave his chosen charge
To serve as Christ and thus enlarge
Their hearts to see a brighter day
When freedom true, would come their way

Sunday, August 13, 2017

8/27/17 Through 9/2/17

8/27/17 Through 9/2/17

Unsearchable the ways of God
No man can understand
But only watch and then applaud
The works of mighty hand

For who has been His counselor
Or given anything
His way is quite irregular
Directing everything

Though we cannot anticipate
One moment to the next
He calls us to participate
And let our faith be flexed

Oh Lord how little I can see
Of all that has surrounded me
How blind to glory present here
How steeped in selfish greed and fear

So hard I've worked for things I own
But have I yet your Spirit known?
I've worked for things that rust away
A fool that worked for paltry pay

But can I change and then somehow
Find wisdom, love, and beauty now
If I could but my heart attune
Your grace would come and rescue soon

What happened to my firm resolve?
Was that my faith that just dissolved?
Is there more care for man's respect,
That One who made me I reject?

My weakness is my greatest shame
For I know well Your Holy Name
And yet I fail to share the prize
For how I look to sinful eyes

So many times I hate to say
I turn from You throughout the day
To satisfy my appetites
For fleeting thrills or sweet delights

So base and beggarly my eyes
Enticed by such a slim disguise
How will I ever conquer sin
When I'm so weak and limp within?

So weak and yet too proud to show
The splendor of the One I know
Afraid of disapproval by
Some other faithless wimpy guy

I beg assistance for each day
That from these sins I'd turn away
And firmly fix my eyes on You 
The One whose love is strong and true

I wish to stay awake but find
That sleep invades this feeble mind
I want to do as Jesus bids
But find it hard to raise these lids

Some time I need for peaceful rest
If I expect to be my best
For He will grant my every need
And give me finest wheat as feed

Indecency of every kind
Pollutes the soul and fills the mind
Of those who care not for His grace
But every fleeting pleasure chase

This way for you it must not be
Instead, your way be purity
Send lust and passion far away
Let love and honor rule the day

This talent I must cultivate
And raise upon the vine
My duty not to abdicate
And lose this gift of mine

Return a harvest full and rich
The best from what I own
An offering of talent which
In me, has Master sown.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

8/20/17 Through 8/26/17

8/20/17 Through 8/26/17

Your reign extends to all the earth
To even those of foreign birth
To all with faith You grant the grace
To persevere and see Your face

For Love is blind to what we see
Those differences of you and me
And Love sees but a willing heart
So from that soul will not depart

We choose our riches everyday
We choose our path through life this way
What oft appears to ask too much
Is where we find His healing touch

The laddle which we measure out
Will tell quite clear what we're about
And show the world what we believe
That giving is how we receive

I will be with you along all the way
I will supply all you need for the day
Trust in My love and be filled with its power
Even when facing your neediest hour

Mother of Light be a model for me
Let me reflect all the glory you see
Help me, like you, to magnify Him
Shining His light for the dark and the dim

Pondering all of the things He has done
Finishing always, the work He's begun
Patiently waiting for His perfect time
Finding a message with each little rhyme

My ways so far away from you
My heart concerned with things I do
With no desire for sacrifice
So far I stray from Paradise

What happened there beneath that tree
That made Nathaniel clearly see,
That Jesus was the Christ and King,
Messiah, Lord of everything?

Had he been praying for a sign
To give him surety of mind?
What e're it was made him secure
That Jesus was God's Son for sure.

Wherever you go I will go
The only steadfast love I know
Love once bonded, never broken
When the truth is freely spoken

All my sin now please absolve
And grant to me that firm resolve
That faced with sin I clearly see
And steadfast Love might come to me.

To glean within the Master's field
Protected by His mighty shield
The humble and the lowly see
The Master sets a feast for thee

Not by merit well she knows
The kindness that the Master shows
In bounty now her needs are met
For humble ones He'll not forget.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

8/13/17 Through 8/19/17

8/13/17 Through 8/19/17

Tired of rowing on the sea
He calls and says: "Now walk to me."
"Get out and leave that boat behind?!"
The rest will think I've lost my mind!

I walk along a little way
But then the wind and waves dismay
I briefly take my sight from Him
and to the waves I sink within

In desperation I cry out
His hand comes down to pull me out
And says my faith must stronger be
In One who calms the wind and sea.

Circumcise your hearts today
And see what love your heart displays
Be no longer stubborn men
But see His bounty once again

In glory now she reigns on high
Above the earth which passes by
The mother of All Sin Atoned
The queen of all is now enthroned

The purest of the pure by far
Much brighter than the brightest star
The heavens hail resplendent one
God chose to bear His only Son

His eyes could see the Promised Land
Across the hot and dusty sand
For forty years he saw no green
But now was milk and honey seen

His work complete, the torch was passed
Now Moses laid to rest at last
Oppression gone and freedom found
Upon the holy promised ground.

The Ark before the people goes
And then no more the water flows
Dry shod they cross into the land
To make it theirs as God had planned

Remember now these days of old
And all the stories men have told
See how His love comes shining through
For all who seek, like me and you.

By God, once joined, the man and wife
Are bound together in this life
No man must break this sacred bond
But always, to the call, respond

With greater love each passing day
That we might follow in His way
And learn to sacrifice for love
And lead our spouse to heav'n above.

My household Lord, shall follow You
The Master of the things we do
your slaves and servants may we be
Conformed in every way to Thee

To serve as slaves to King of Kings
The greatest joy and favor brings
For we but breathe at Your behest
And in Your presence all are blessed.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

8/6/17 Through 8/12/17

8/6/17 Through 8/12/17

Son of justice light our way
Shine Your brightness on this day
Show our path in clearest light
In Your presence banish night

Let us be transformed today
Bathed in light along the way
Changed forever by the Son
Brought to life as holy ones

How generous and loving Lord
For You to feed this hungry hoard
You give far more than bread and meat
You give Your flesh and blood to eat

May not this precious gift elude
The ones who share this sacred food
But may we see in bread and wine
That what You give is love divine

Don't speak against the holy one
Whose life is given for the Son
For leprosy, or something worse
Could then result from such a curse

His faithful ones must always be
Respected in community
For they have given all they own
To seek their God and God alone

The woman of great faith received
What she had asked, for she believed
If we but ask for daily bread
With food of angels we'll be fed

Ignore the giants all around
And in your trust let strength be found
The One we call upon to fight
For us is maker of the might

Oh Lord, of sowing sparing seed
May I repent, and change indeed
With cheerful heart may I supply
My best and let You multiply

Let me lose my life for You
And do as faithful servants do
That with the other faithful kind
We may, the Father's honor find

What God has loved His people so
And given signs that they should know
The path of life to conquer sin
The path to our salvation win?

He bade us now to bear our cross
To count all earthly gain as loss
And in our poverty begin
To shine His light from deep within

The tiny little mustard seed
Is more by far than most believe
If we would only trust that much
We too, would share the Savior's touch

I saw that tiny seed one day
The slightest breeze would whisk away
A hundred on my fingernail
And yet no hill was growing pale

I beg You Lord that by Your grace
I still may stand and see Your face
So small, my faith and trust may be
But still I long to live with Thee

Sunday, July 16, 2017

7/30/17 Through 8/5/17

7/30/17 Through 8/5/17

Your wisdom greater gift by far
Than sprawling house or fancy car
Your word more precious every day
Than high position or great pay

But daily in our lives must choose
To sell it all, or treasure lose
To let the fleeting pleasure past
And buy the precious pearl at last

Take root in me that I may grow
Just like the mustard seed
And all my progeny would know
The place to come and feed

The people in their tents were awed
For face to face he spoke with God
The cloud descended on that place
And Moses left with glowing face

Each day He calls to all, Repent!
And find, each one, a prayerful tent
Where we can sit with Him and find
Refreshment and some peace of mind

But only for a precious few
Will heart and soul each day renew
For most will find no time for Him
And settle for the cold and dim

Prepare to sell all that you own
When treasure you have found alone
And buy the field where it resides
To know the joy that it provides

One treasure only worth that much
The treasure of the Savior's touch
Now gold and silver look so dim
All treasure pales compared to Him

His net is cast into the sea
To catch the many fish like me
The good they save for food today
The bad they simply throw away

The judgment like that fishing day
When for our actions, all will pay
And those still clinging to their sin
To endless fire will be cast in

No honor for the common one
They know too well to hear
They turned away from God's own son
Because He was so near

His wisdom and His learning made
Them wonder who He was
No carpenter would be obeyed
No matter what He does

Few miracles among that crowd
Without the will to see
No honor for this man they vowed.
For they refused to see

Great love the Virgin Mary showed
She bore the seed the Spirit sowed
Her love surpassing himan mind
Her love a true, and different kind

United in such harmony
With three in one, the Trinity
The Father's will her great desire
Her purest heart a blazing fire

Within her womb the sacred guest
The Son she nursed at virgin breast
At calvary they crucified
And she stood by until He died

Sunday, July 9, 2017

7/23/17 Through 7/29/17

7/23/17 Through 7/29/17

Among the wheat the weeds are sown
Together both through time have grown
But at the harvest ends will be
Much different as they both will see

We choose to be a weed or wheat
A fuel for fire or food to eat
So when the harvest day is near
We bask in love or crouch in fear

The evil one demands a sign
When all His works around us shine
No proof could ever be enough
To quell the wicked one's rebuff

A heart like Pharoah's, cold and hard
That gives the righteous no regard
Will turn his ear the other way
No matter what we do or say

Please soften Lord, these stony hearts
And let them see what love imparts
Or lest they make iniquity 
Their lot for all eternity

A simple jar that's made of clay
Contains the treasure of the Way
the Way that satisfies the soul
The Way that heals and makes us whole

The love of Christ, surpassing power
Filling us at every hour
Afflicted much, but not constrained
Perplexed, but not our spirit drained

A daily death we can't avoid
We're often struck, but not destroyed
Because it's Jesus Christ we knew
We freely die for life in you

If we believe, then we must speak
To strengthen and make firm the weak
That more and more His grace bestow
And glad thanksgiving overflow

The beauty of your providence
Defies my small intelligence
When raining down from heaven bread
Your grumpy people all are fed

More and more I wish to see
And closer bring myself to Thee
I wish to honor you each day
And spread Your love in some small way

Let me never close my eyes
Or then, in fear, my faith disguise
But let me be a shining lamp
That leads the souls to find Your camp

Let me not a hinderance be
But like a fountain flowing free
Then watering a thirsty land
To bring forth fruit the way You planned

A fortune stolen blind from me
Throughout the years that I don't see
The Word around me everyday
But has it made me change my way?

The seed upon a hardened walk
The devil steals with idle talk
No chance to have it root in me
For if the robber I don't see

So recognize this awful threat
And then, more diligent you'll get
And give the seed a fertile ground
So far more fruit can then be found

Martha dear, you spoke so clear
The day that Jesus came
Your brother died and so you cried
Your heart, with love, aflame

Your faith affirmed, and He confirmed
He was God's only Son
He gazed at skies, then called to rise
The dead and rotting one.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Random Thought #1
I come to hear the gentle breeze
I come to find some faithful keys
On Carmel where Elijah stood
And where our Lord was fixed to wood

Random Thought #2
Yes, my Jesus.  Yes, my lord
Not giving what I can afford
But giving all I have to You
That You might all my life renew

Random Thought #3
In the synagogue He taught
But pharisees and elders thought
His words quite blasphemous they seemed
And so, to thwart His plan they schemed

His signs and wonders held no sway
They would not change their rigid way
In blindness now they failed to see
Far more than carpenter was He

7/16/17 Through 7/21/17

7/16/17 Through 7/21/17

I wish that I could always be
A fertile groung for seed in me
A ground that welcomes all You give
And bears great fruit by how I live

So often hard and not received
I let it go for birds to feed
Or once received in joy I find
It hard to keep, then nevermind

Most often I receive it well
But fail to much upon it dwell
And on my daily cares I wait
Then slowly, Your seed suffocate

But on occassion I have found
My heart to be a fertile ground
And as the story You once told
The fruit is borne a hundredfold

The way of evil kills the young
Persuades its prey with lying tongue
Enslaves the ones who think they're free
To care for no one else but me

The evil one he stands amused
When foolish men get so confused
And blinded by their selfish ways
Our Lord and God they fail to praise

Woe to you Americans
Who count your wealth and fix your plans
Your land I blessed as none before
And yet My laws you still ignore

Where comes the blessing on your land
But from the palm of My right hand?
This generation's selfishness
Quite surely, soon, we must address

Am I to look the other way
When you don't keep My Sabbath day
Or when you worship foolish things
Like fancy cars or diamond rings?

You think it doesn't matter much
That many women man should touch
And then discard a life anew
To quell a hinderance for you

The aged too you throw away
When they have passed their better day
No time to waste and sit around
When other pleasures must be found

No one can trust your evil tongue
Your lies corrupt My precious young
No one this mighty hand to stay
If you continue on your way

Repent before you pass the brink
Or then your nation surely sink
And what a fall the mighty find
When wickedness like this is mined

The childlike have come to know
The ways of God that wise forego
He comes to greet the innocent
And they obey where they are sent

The wise know better, so they say
And walk their own invented way
But on that path they seldom find
Their will, and that of God, aligned.

Forever He remembers us
His mercy kind and generous
He leads His people through the sea
So they might worship strong and free

His yoke of freedom from all sin
Since time began the way has been
To peace and joy for every man
According to His holy plan

Reject it not, and you will find
The place where purest gold is mined
His slave I always wish to be
A slave that's joyful, glad, and free.

The sabbath made for mortal man
According to His holy plan
Not as a chain to anchor down
But as a day, the week to crown

A day for man to honor God
And all His wonderous works applaud
Not here for following some rules
Becoming just religious fools

A day to rest, and re-create
A day for things to celebrate
A day for man to ponder things
And see the good the Savior brings.

How blest was Mary Magdalene
To see the place where Christ had been
To tell Apostles, "He's alive!"
And down-trod spirits then revive

The joy I cannot comprehend
Of seeing death was not the end
But crowning gift of love to man
According to the Father's plan

Friday, June 30, 2017

7/9/17 Through 7/15/17

7/9/17 Through 7/15/17

When fitted to the shoulder well 
The animal will not rebel
The ancient farmer always found
The easy yoke would plow more ground

The yoke of love will free the soul
And then the weary heart console
When plowed with love the ground will yield
A bountiful and fruitful field

Far more is there than what you see
It's not just talk for folks like me
For this is what the Savior said,
He's truly present in the bread!

Nothing like a pillow,
But stone beneath his head
Jacob, son of Isaac
Retired to his bed

The stairs he saw before him
That rose unto the sky
And angels that adore Him
Both ways were passing by

He knew for sure the gate was here
And God was close at hand
He trusted that his wife was near
And God would do as planned

By wrestling to get our way
We fail to hear what He would say
He calls us to the harvest field
If we, to Him, would simply yield

Go out and preach to My lost sheep
Cure every ill disease
Commandments teach that they shall keep
And God above would please.

Seeing Joseph where he stood
They saw their evil turned to good
The one they sold as just a slave
They turned to now, to feed and save.

Amidst the wolves You send Your sheep
And give them strength the faith to keep
To love, in chains, they witness bear
Yet never, in their Lord, despair

For He has conquered death and sin
And given them new life within
No fear of what to do or say
The Spirit guides their every way

Sunday, June 18, 2017

7/2/17 Through 7/8/17

7/2/17 Through 7/8/17

Who are you to say the things
Outlandish such as these?
That we should love You more than all,
My heart first disagrees

But when I see just who You are
And what Your love has done
I see with eyes of clarity
You are the greatest one

Best known for having faith that failed
And probing where the hands were nailed
This name you have remains quite flawed
For you declared "My Lord and God!"

If I were known for just my flaws
The shame involved would give me pause
So many times I've turned from Him
To follow just another whim.

If I could say what you declared
Instead of acting weak and scared
No longer would I be so flawed
For He would be my Lord and God.

Amidst the sea of busy days
You guide me through the milky haze
I do my best to listen well
And pass along the things You tell

I slide you in the morning slot
Or likely you would be forgot
A couple times throughout the day
I'll stop and try to briefly pray.

But now I'm coming soon to see 
The shining sea of Galilee
The waters which You walked upon
The stormy seas that You made calm.

I wish to turn the tables there
And cast aside each earthly care
Then change what I, by habit do
To fill my every day with You

Most times we never clearly see
That when we fail to follow Thee
How far it reaches down our clan
Or how we thwart Your greater plan

Each sin accepted in our day
Leads us a little more astray
Then soon it's hard to recognize
The Truth amidst our world of lies

We look around and wonder how
Such wickedness You would allow
But rarely do we ever see
It's fed by every sin from me.

Lord help me trust like Abraham
And keep my eyes on You
Then if subjected to exam
My faith be tried and true.

Matthew and Rebecca
Both ready for the call
Forsake a well-off life for them
Prepared to give their all.

A time will come in every life
With choices where to go
When we must choose a man or wife
And then begin to grow

His providence we often see
When looking back in time
How He has blessed and cared for me
Throughout my whole lifetime.

Why bless a liar with such grace
Why give a thief a higher place
Your way, to me, seems so unfair
Do You, for justice, even care?

Your way sees just the surface part
But My way sees the deepest heart
I choose the perseverant son
And never just the likely one

My plan has need of faithful men
Who with adversity contend
Not those who let their spirits droop
And sell my gift for just some soup.

Saturday Evening
What can be more pleasing
Than praise to God in song
The words of God appeasing
To where our hearts belong

A blessing on those holy lips
A hymn of praise to God
A psalm is like the honey drips
Or Spring when Winter's thawed

Instruction vies with beauty
In every psalm we read
His praise our highest duty
His love a precious seed..

Sunday, June 11, 2017

6/25/17 Through 7/1/17

6/25/17 Through 7/1/17

My weakness Lord I daily see
In how I fail to follow Thee
My view so narrow and confined
I see what's only self-inclined

Then in the emptiness I find
That willfully have I been blind
By choosing pleasure over joy
And failing to, Your grace employ

Remind me Lord throughout this day
To stop and think and humbly pray
For grace to see the wider view
And closer make my walk with You

A promise, but as yet no land
Things not the way old Abram planned
But trust, his virtue without end
And he would on the Lord depend

One gate is narrow one is wide
Each leading to a different side
One filled with lust and selfish greed
One set on helping those in need

You'd think we'd choose the narrow way
That leads us to a brighter day
But all we see is effort now
And choose the way that's easy now

A promise made, a promise kept
The word of God we must accept
Beyond all counting blessings found
For those within whom faith abounds

Peter and Paul, two great ones indeed
The faithful do well if they follow their lead
Passing along the Word highly priced
Proclaiming quite clear that our Lord is the Christ

If You wish You can make me clean
Much greater works from You I've seen
Quite true, I wish your cleanliness
Receive My touch and don't regress

Be clear your eyes that you may see
The rotting flesh of leprosy
You all have sinned and done so much
But now receive My cleansing touch

Oh Lord, I am not worthy
That Thou should come to me
Your word most surely would be
A grace enough for me

Authority I understand
Yours greater far than mine
Don't trouble with a trip unplanned
Your word will do just fine

Sunday, June 4, 2017

6/18/17 Through 6/24/17

6/18/17 Through 6/24/17

There's far more here than meets the eye
What faithless heretics deny
A presence far beyond the mind
A presence of the sacred kind
The love of Jesus Christ outpoured

All believers come receive it 
Only faithful minds perceive it
Bread and wine the form it takes
On the altar there he breaks
The body of our precious Lord

Christ to chosen ones instructed
How this meal should be conducted
Through one cup and loaf of berad
All the faithful must be fed
Partaking of this holy meal

For He told the loud protesters
That unlike their great ancestors
Who ate and died on just a sign
His body is true bread divine
Now come receive his love and heal

They're treated as deceivers
Yet truthful to the core
The Spirit's blessed receivers
Who leave us wanting more

I'm called to love my enemies?!
I hold contempt for such as these
You want me to give up what's mine?!
I've worked quite hard for things this fine.

You say that I should offer prayer
For those, who at me, curse and swear?!
You want me now to love the man 
Who wrongs me every time he can?!

Your way, it sounds but so naive
A fool would only thus believe
But if all men would take this view
We'd find ourselves more close to You

The whisper of pride
A beguiling call
That leads us along
To calamitous fall

Old Stinky he knows
How we love to be stroked
And he loves to do
So his flames will be stoked

Kindness now given
In secretive way
Will merit no kudos
The haughty ones say

But Father above 
With His eyes down below
Will see what in secret 
No other ones know

And great will there be
On that final day
Reward for the ones
Who gave in that way.

For you my love must never wane
My fervor not grow cold
My bride must see as clear and plain
My love will not grow old

Afresh and new with every day
Secure as one can be
To you my grateful homage pay
And humble thanks to Thee

The Sacred Heart, most holy place
Though broken, pierced, yet full of grace
Within we find the sources of 
The overflowing font of love

The wise and learned puff their chest
But in the end they find no rest
But little ones can find the way
For they but listen and obey.

What signs surround this child's birth
No greater one than him on earth
Born to set the people free
Born for us, a light to be

Yet he but merely clears the way
For One who brings the light of day
Prepare your hearts, repent and see
The dawning of our victory

Sunday, May 28, 2017

6/11/17 Through 6/17/17

6/11/17 Through 6/17/17

The Trinity is unity 
Beyond the mind of man
The family is meant to be 
Reflective of His plan

His mother there beneath Him stood
His nakedness affxied to wood
Dispelling empty platitudes
Encompassing beatitudes

Such mourning as was never known
His poverty of spirit shown
In meekness suffering great pain
That all may have eternal gain

In humble search for righteousness
He suffered in such great distress
Extending mercy to the throng
That perpetrated this high wrong

Can one see my little flame
Would they but recognize my name,
Will they remember me as light
or just another passing night?

Have I produced a lasting heat,
Or just another mindless tweet
Have I become what He had planned
Or have I failed to understand?

What little time is left for me
To fan the flame You gave to me
May I draw closer yet to You
And add some flavor to the stew.

No jot or tittle pass away
Until the earth will go that way
Fulfilled in Christ the greater light
Dispels all hint of fearful night

If glory came from words in stone
Then one could see himself alone
But granted by descending dove
Our glory comes from righteous love

Remove the veil that I may see
The splendor of Your gift to me
The freedom that Your love provides
Where service to the poor resides

Oh Lord, my sufferings of this day
I offer now to You
That You might join them to Your way
And give them value too

Redeem through me some sickly soul
Who's lost along the way
By this poor sacrifice make whole
And bring to light of day

When no means no, and yes means yes
We wonder not nor have to guess
No turning back on what we've said
No matter where the path has led.