Sunday, April 22, 2018

5/6/18 Through 5/12/18

5/6/18 Through 5/12/18

Love conquers all the world's ill
When faithful friends obey His will
A burden shared, a bond is formed
A heavy load, by, love transformed

No selfish lust for sordid gain
Just willingness to share the pain
A ready hand for those in need
No trace of avarice or greed

Fulfilling all of His commands
The grace from holy love expands
Creating there a perfect scene
Of beauty that no eye has seen.

Discouraged far too easily
We mustn't let the devil see
Us try our best to testify
Without the help of God on high

For only with His Advocate
Can words of our then cultivate
The ground of stony hearts to sow
The seed of love, and watch it grow

They could not bear to let Him go
The King of Kings they'd come to know
For mortal minds could not conceive
The greater gift they would receive

Spirit, wise and understanding
Fire of love, forever branding
Sins forgiven, boldness granted
Every word, a new seed planted

Never must we grab and hold things
But to get, we give away things
Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard
Love greater than on us conferred

Far more there is for you to know
But not until you further grow
The Spirit that I send to you
Will lead you in what things you do

Reminding of what words You said
And drawing in the way You led
Then as you follow you'll expand 
And things once hidden, understand

For either pauper or the Pope
There's always room and always hope
To further grow in selfless love
And knowledge of the Lord above

To only speak of Christ the Lord
And crucified He be
The very blood of God outpoured
To rescue you and me

No time to waste with idle talk
Of politics or sport
It's time to take the faithful walk
Because our life is short

Fear not the trials that come your way
Heed not the words the evil say
Endure with patience every blow
Put trust in Him you've come to know

For you will weep, while they rejoice
But yours will prove the better choice
Then all will see that fateful day
That love has proved the better way

Ask in My name and you shall receive
But know at the start that you must believe
I came from the Father and soon shall return
Great signs I have shown, so that you may learn

Love is the answer to all of your ill
So ask and receive, when you follow His will
See my example, how I fully give
And know it's the way, that He calls you to live.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

4/29/18 Through 5/5/18

4/29/18 Through 5/5/18

A branch without the vine will die
And fire awaits the parched and dry
For that which bears no fruit is pruned
And that which does is further tuned

The Advocate will guide our way
Throughout the course of everyday
Revealing when it's time to speak
And comforting the poor and weak

Despite distractions everywhere 
He guides us with His loving care
To see in all the Father's hand
And follow well, His each command

So listen to the still small voice
When e're you need to make a choice
And know the meek and humble way
Will lead you to eternal day

St.  Joseph did as he was told
In every time and place
He cared not for the love of gold
But for one filled with grace

Obedience and trust he showed
When challenged, he believed
By grace, on Mary, was bestowed
The child she conceived

Protector of the family
He worked in quiet peace
That men of every age could see
This manhood masterpiece.

Where are the grapes from work of mine
When not connected to the Vine?
With many leaves, but lacking fruit
From all my selfish, ill pursuit

How plain it is for you to see
That I'm in He, and He in Me
Two separate, but in essence one
Both God the Father and the Son

The way, the truth, and life for you
The guide for everything you do
If you believe and ask of Me
These works, and greater things you'll see.

Love by far, the greatest portion
Jesus taught without distortion
Furthermore, our fine Exemplar
Showed to all what life was meant for

Loving all without reserve
Giving what they don't deserve
Putting all in front of Me
Responding in humility

A way that's hard to understand
And harder yet to do as planned
But weak, and feeble, docile souls
By grace, attain their lofty goals

Growing daily in the Lord
In hope to find that great reward
We hunger for the daily bread
His word, on which the babes are fed

But know for sure that trial awaits
And when it comes it demonstrates
My followers will be like Me
Though persecuted, always free.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

4/22/18 Through 4/28/18

4/22/18 Through 4/28/18

Good Shepherd lead Your sheep today
Make us to follow in Your way
Give us Your valley lands replete
With good and juicy things to eat

Make us see and understand
That happiness is in Your land
Give us a heart that then decides
No other way than Yours provides

Who is this man who calms the sea
And still has time to care for me?
Who leads me where lush grasses grow
And where the streams of water flow?

No one before has come like He
A Shepherd for the sheep like me
One whose voice we recognize
One on a cross, for us, who dies

How much plainer can I be, 
Than all the holy works you see
The lame can walk, the blind can see
But yet you don't believe in Me

The heart of proud and sinful men
Can see my works and turn again
To willful blindness dark as night
Refusing to acknowledge light

You know the truth and still you say
Give us some proof, You are the way
No proof can satisfy the man
Whose pride obstructs the Father's plan

Be sober and vigilant, loving the Lord
For strength and approval will be your reward
Your opponent, the devil, is prowling around
To see if one weak or infirmed can be found

Resist him in faith that is steadfast and strong
Refusing to do any deed that is wrong
Your brothers and sisters have all done as much
And found great reward in God's loving touch

The humble exalted, the haughty brought low
His favor upon all the meek He'll bestow
We suffer a little to win the reward
Of life everlasting, with graces outpoured

He told us plainly in advance
Of all that He would do
But we would hear, and look askance
For such we never knew

To suffer death and rise again
We could not understand
But after it had happened then
We saw what He had planned

If you wish to know the way
Listen well to what I say
Then act upon the word you hear
And let my Father draw you near

For in His house are many rooms
And that is where love fully blooms
Through me you find your dwelling place
Within the Father's warm embrace

Proclaim the word both loud and clear
No matter some refuse to hear
And shake the dust from whence you came
If they refuse to hear My name

For though you may get quite annoyed
My word shall not return as void
It waters still the hardened clod
When you proclaim the word of God

And if a heart is seeking truth
My word shall come as to the youth
The greatest story ever told
A priceless one worth more than gold

Saturday, March 31, 2018

4/15/18 Through 4/21/18

4/15/18 Through 4/21/18

Be not afraid, but now believe
I'm in the flesh as you perceive
I've truly risen as I said
Though crucified, no longer dead

For this is how it had to be
That every man might come to see
A time of joy will now begin
For love has victory over sin

Peace amidst tremendous trial
Comes from knowing Him awhile
Seeing how His will provides
No matter where the Spirit guides

So why then, do I worry still
If I wish to, His word fulfill?
It's only 'cause my pride creeps in
To say I can't rely on Him

But I should know from many ways
That He has rescued in my days
And how His way proves better still
Than every time I choose my will

What sign can You give to make us believe?
What sign can give stone the sense to perceive?
There's far more than just a great prophet here
You now have the wrath of Almighty to fear

When given so plainly to you everyday
In language of love, you reject what I say
But eat of this manna and hunger no more
Then taste of the sweetness that God has in store

Believe in Him, What does it mean?
Just that we follow some routine?
Or is it more than outward sign,
And just a hollow claim of mine?

It must be something fresh and real
That fosters diligence and zeal
By bearing fruit we prove to be
Believers that we claim to be

Let me Lord, a Philip be
That I may lead some more to Thee
Let me shine the light onYou
So others see the works You do

That they may come to love Your word
And learn to act on what is heard
Then build their house on solid rock
And know You'll answer when they knock

May the scales just fall away
That I might see the light of day
May my ears be tuned to hear
Your every word as loud and clear

May I be Your ready slave
Proclaiming every gift You gave
Changed forever by Your touch
Well prepared to suffer much

These famous words we've come to know
Peter's "Lord, to whom shall we go?"
For even when the teaching's hard
We trust Your word as light and guard

As often we don't understand
The varied ways that You have planned
But often come to comprehend
How much Your way, from ours, transcend

So we have come to trust Your way
No matter what the others say
And confidently follow Thee
Even to that dreadful tree

Sunday, March 25, 2018

4/8/18 Through 4/14/18

4/8/18 Through 4/14/18

On this day of mercy find
Compassion of a different kind
One here since ever time began
One who for love, became a man

He calls us to explore His hands
And then to know what love commands
To probe His flowing open side
And know for sure that He once died

And yet before us now alive
That we'd believe and so would thrive
Then pass along the faith to those
That from our Lord great mercy flows

What a way to save the nation
Through the gift of incarnation
God takes on the flesh of man
To help the human understand

How humbly there in Bethlehem
He showed His depth of love for them
And greater still upon the tree
How much He truly cares for thee.

The Son of Man be lifted high
In everything we do
May we prefer that we should die
Than turn our backs on You

May we forego all earthly gain
To serve our fellow man
May we endure whatever pain
And do all that we can

Before us keep at every glance
The serpent lifted high
Repent of sin at every chance
Of Christ, be never shy

We too will try to lock away
His word, so we may have our way
Far more appealing when our rules
Become the law to lead the fools

But truth cannot be bound in chain
And truth endures whatever pain
To speak with clarity and zeal
The word that man cannot conceal

One from above, above all is One
An obedient, holy and righteous, Son
The source of the fullness of which we all seek
Without whom all life would be dreary and bleak

But, oh what a shame, we so often refuse
The love that He has, and our selfishness choose
For it leads but to emptiness, dark, and despair
When life so much different, is offered to share

Five loaves and two fish, a paltry sum
But with His blessing they become
Enough to feed a multitude
And fill them with this holy food

We hunger for His offering
And seek to crown Him as our King
But He retreats to lonely hill
For such is not the Father's will

Lord come into the boat with me.
Just how I struggle, can't You see?
I try so hard to row towards you 
But self creeps in to all I do

When ere I try to row alone
It makes my weakness clearly shown
My strength is not enough for me
against the wind and stormy sea

Sunday, March 18, 2018

4/1/18 Through 4/7/18

4/1/18 Through 4/7/18

It's true the Lord has risen
And death no longer reigns
He's freed us from our prison
And all our sinful chains

Death, the power of sin, is gone
For on that early morn at dawn
The stone was rolled away and then
Our Christ, in glory, rose again

This Jesus whom you crucified
Has risen though indeed He died
And God has made Him Lord and Christ
This Lamb of God you sacrificed

Repent and all must be baptized
To find our God in flesh disguised
Who came in humble human form
To break the chill and hearts to warm

How very slow to understand
The cross was in the way
For Him to die, they had not planned
How could it be that way?

But as they heard it all explained
Their hearts would burn within
The crucified had thus attained
The vict'ry over sin

Then through the breaking of the bread
Their eyes were opened wide
They understood the words He said
And why their Savior died

But death could not restrain the King
Whose love was crucified
His death upon the cross would bring
Salvation undenied

The way to see His vict'ry won
And hear His gentle voice
Is take upon a ready tongue
The holy bread of choice

He showed them well beyond a doubt
It was no trick to figure out
But true it was, that through the cross
We'd count all other gain as loss

His hands and feet were glorified
Though once they had been crucified
He ate His food like normal men
But then He disappeared again

He wants you too to know for sure
And be disciples found mature
Who pass along the gift of grace
In every time and every place.

Walking and leaping we come to Thee
Cripples before, but now set free
The Name of Jesus christ makes whole
The wealth of life that sin once stole.

They were seen as His disciples
Thought as but, no more than trifles
Yet the leaders knew for sure
Somehow these men had worked a cure

But rather than rejoice with them
They tried to now, their teaching stem
In hopes no more would know the Lord
Lest power, they no longer hoard

3/14 Evening Jn 12:1 ff
Giving all without reserves
Is nothing more than God deserves
But still I find it oh so hard
To give away the costly nard

By holding back I try to save
The blessings that the Father gave
In selfishness I fail to see
That all are gifts You've given me

I want no more to keep from You
My everything that is Your due
I want to be as saintly are
A broken alabaster jar

Saturday, March 10, 2018

3/25/18 Through 3/31/18

3/25/18 Through 3/31/18

How sterilly we see this time
The Passion read at church each time
But have we really entered in
To what it means each time we sin?

Rejecting Him who calmed the sea
Rejecting Him who died for me
Spitting on his holy face
Refusing when He offers grace

Each time we choose our separate way
"I'm more important's" what we say
Your cross is nothing much to me
What matters most is that I'm free

But freedom of that kind you'll see
Leads not to love, but slavery
And when the flesh is thus controlled
The faithful heart will be consoled

Contained in alabaster jar
A fragrant oil from afar
The wages of three hundred days
Her gift to Him of love ablaze

She gave it all without reserve
His holy body to preserve
The time she knew was drawing near
Her love she wished to make quite clear

The key to forgiveness is but to forgive
A little bit like "to live and let live"
Sins have we all, we must recognize
Deserving of punishment in the Lord's eyes

Great mercy He's granted to each of us here
To model that mercy should be our frontier
For mercy brings peace and contentment of heart
Revealing each person as His work of art

We turn away so easily
From boundless love that's plain to see
A little silver for the purse
Becomes a deadly worthless curse

How often I have done the same
And yet I still profess the Name
Receive again this wayward one
And make of him again Your son

Christ who kneels before us cleansing
Causes in the soul a tensing
Why should Master serve the lowly
But to better get to know thee?

More that we should understand
The way of love the Father planned
Of how the great shall be the least
And lowly ones enjoy the feast.

No one called it "Good" back then
When lightning pierced the sky
No mind could e're conceive it when
They heard "Condemned to die!"

The One they hoped would save the day
Was scourged and bloody rent
The Man who said "I am the Way"
To Calvary was sent

The darkest Friday ever known
To man upon the earth
When creature killed creation's own
Creator who gave birth 

But now we see in different light
Illumined by the age
Of grace from Holy Spirit bright
Who now takes center stage

Such love we saw was never known
Before by mortal man
How "Good" it is that we were shown
Our Christ, the God made man

Remember well this holy day
When skies were black as night
Repent and turn from former way
To stand amid the light

For sin no longer rules the day
Or reigns with any power
Ever since that Good Friday
Upon that holy hour

When on the cross he said "I thirst"
The final cup He drank
It's finished now, His heart was burst
And lifeless body sank.

A day of emptiness and death
His body in the grave
A somber day of sabbath rest
For Him we thought would save

So, what comes now? Our greatest hope
Lies dead beyond the stone
How will we ever learn to cope
As sheep left all alone?

Abandon not, He said He would,
But that's before He died.
As Mary stood beneath the wood
We all just fled and cried

Now lost without our Shepherd here
And huddled in one room
We shudder if someone draws near
Awaiting pending doom.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

3/18/18 Through 3/24/18

3/18/18 Through 3/24/18

We too must follow in His way
To find with Him eternal day
A fool but thinks he can elude
The pain of many sins accrued

The sin itself becomes the pain
If we, our will, refuse to train
The fleeting pleasures we pursue
Will never make the man anew

But fasting from our will to sin
Will bring about a change within
If we, now but, His will employ
We'll catch a glimpse of Easter joy.

Saint Joseph model for each man
Things didn't follow in your plan
But yet, you sought to find God's will
And faithfully to follow still

Grant me a faithful, trusting heart
And willingness to do my part
To bring about God's holy plan
And prove myself a righteous man

Look upon this sign of sin
And find a sadness deep within
For this is what my soul has gained
A life of anguish bound and chained

Yet on the cross the sign of love
The One come down from God above
And nailed upon the rugged tree
For sins of those like you and me

How dreadful to be fooled by things
That people think a freedom brings
The truth is not that freedom's found
The fact is that, in truth, we're bound

No creature here on earth can bring
A freedom that can make hearts sing
The only time that slaves are free
Is when the slave is bound to Thee

Too good to be a story true
His love for those like me and you
The sinner and the reprobate
Whose crooked way He turns to straight

How could He know this Abraham? 
How could He be the great I AM?
His age is not enough to be
The timeless one He claims to be

But yet it's true, If we but see
He spans through all eternity
And chose this special time and place
To bring to us His peace and grace

Around me now I have no friend
As I approach this bitter end
Scattered like the autumn leaves
Left for dead between two thieves

Here in anguish on the tree
Mocked and spat upon for thee
Love like this was never known
Love like this, for you, I've shown

Friday Evening Adoration (To the tune of the Stabat Mater)

There beneath the cross she stood
Jesus nailed upon the wood
With unfettered cruelty

Love from pierced hearts now flowing
Christ on her all grace bestowing
Perfect in humility

When her son had breathed His last
All His anguish finally past
Lifeless body she received

There within her arms she held
As the tears within her swelled
One as virgin she conceived

Gently laying Him to rest
In that tomb so richly blest
Parting with divinity

Now to home in sadness turning
For His touch again now yearning
Mother of all men to be

Near the barren waste He dwells
A simple life the story tell
To put distractions far away
And clearly hear the words You say

No things to cloud His perfect view
Or take the mind away from You
The time draws nigh to save the land
And thus fulfill what God had planned.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

3/11/18 Through 3/17/18

3/11/18 Through 3/17/18

A look to kill and one to save
The choice becomes quite clear
His saving look the Father gave
So we could all draw near

So look upon the serpent raised
And see the price of love
This sacrifice forever praised
The one from God above

All other looks will lead to where
The sun will never shine
But gazing on the Savior there
Will lead our hearts to Thine

This faith of mine so weak at times
I wonder if it's there
For doubt is all around and climbs
Within from everywhere

Your word should be enough to know
It shall be as You said
But within, my doubts still grow
These demons in my head

For every time I've doubted You 
In shame I have returned
There's wisdom in these things you do
Let none of them be spurned

So help me once again to trust
Believing you are good
Your way is always right and just
Though be not understood

I want for more than to be healed
I want to make my spirit yield
To rivers of life-giving grace
That flow from in Your dwelling place

I want refreshment for my soul
To cleanse me and to make me whole
I want to dance and sing Your praise
I want You with me all my days

I want to clearly hear Your voice
And in accord to make my choice
May I within Your word be set
Then learn to trust without regret

The judgement is coming nearer each day
But still we persist in the same old way
Not clothing the naked or feeding the poor
But working to make our future "secure"

No one likes to hear it, no one like to face
The fact that before him, we're all in disgrace
This season of mercy we squander away
Just doing our things in the usual way

But the season will change in the blink of an eye
And then all at once a life will pass by
No more will His mercy be rule of the day
His judgement forever will then hold the sway

Be prudent and wise and repent while there's time
For life may be ended with this simple rhyme
His wish is that none of His sheep would be burned
His arms open wide to embrace your return

How quickly Lord we turn away
And follow still our sinful way
Our faith lasts only for awhile
Until the lying words beguile

Please make a steadfast heart in me
His lies that I may plainly see
And turn away to trust in You
In all the loving things You do

If our Messiah came today
I wonder what we all would say?
Would He be dashing, brave, and bold?
Would He be fitting to our mold?

So easily we criticize
Those ruling, that we now despise
So would we hear His message sent
If He just called us to repent?

If He but showed where we have failed
Would He be loved and unassailed?
Or would we too despise the man
Who didn't fit our masterplan?

For no one spoke like Him before
Who left us pierced, yet begging more
No one with such authority
Whose simple touch could set one free

His word exposes sinful hearts
And that is where the healing starts
He calls us to repent and live
Then to His Father freely give

The praise that's due the One above
Who calls us to His endless love
Then find the last becomes the first
And only love can quench our thirst.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

3/4/18 Through 3/10/18

3/4/18 Through 3/10/18

Much like the woman at the well
Each one a story that we tell
Of how His water quenched our thirst
When we, at last, with Him conversed

Too long we stayed away in pride
Forsaking comforts at His side
We chose instead our sinful way
And saved, for Him, another day

But then one day to our surprise
He came and opened up our eyes
Revealing all our sin and shame
And healing all the sick and lame

You too, I know, have had the thirst
And many wells you have traversed
In Him are rivers deep and wide
No more you'll thirst when at His side.

Forgiveness is a special theme
Not some contrived, or worthless scheme
We look beyond the crime to see
A precious soul like you and me

For unity that God desires
We must forgive as love requires
And reconcile with every soul
To make us one, complete, and whole

Not faith enough to grow the seed
In Nazareth, the town of need
No prophet in his native town
Is there accepted with renown.

What god brings peace and freedom here?
What god, to man, will draw so near?
Who's law is just and always right?
Who stands before us in the fight?

None but He who made the skies
Him whose voice can speak no lies
Him who loves without reserve
Him who teaches us to serve

No god like this in other lands
That hears our plea and understands
There's only one who stooped so low
His boundless love to clearly show

So we should come to know the one
Who sacrificed His only Son
The One who died upon the tree
To save a sinner such as me.

If I could just but read the signs
That speak so loud of His designs
Repent, I would, of all my sin
And turn my gaze back unto Him

So strip the armour guarding me
And make my eyes to really see
I need so badly all You give
That one day I should truly live

Return to Him and beg for thee
His patience and His clemency
Return and let your wounds be healed
Return and let Him be your shield

Return and let Him shade the heat
Return and find real food to eat
Return and let Him shepherd thee
Return and truly be set free.

I claim not one thing as my own
For all is but a seed You've sown
And watered with abundant grace
To let me run, with You the race

All that's wrong has been my choice
When failing to obey Your voice
And seeking pride instead of Thee
Contrite, and in humility

Sunday, February 11, 2018

2/25/18 - 3/3/18

2/25/18 - 3/3/18

Transfigured there before their eyes
Apostles stood in rapt surprise
Such beauty they had never seen
And garments never near so clean

Why would He show His glory now
And with this grace, the three endow?
Except in hope that they might see
In sacrifice is victory.

You alone oh Lord are just
And You alone, oh Lord I trust
For none like You so freely give
And none so readily forgive

Ashamed of how I act toward You
Ashamed of wickedness I do
I disregard my sovereign King
Pursuing many worthless things

But You know well my weakness Lord
And my desires, have not ignored
Forgiveness now, You ready give
That once again, my soul may live

Lord cleanse me of my foolish pride
Let me at last, for You, decide
To serve my neighbors as I should
And shoulder now with them the wood

Let me accept them where they are
Not seeing them away so far, 
Rejoicing that they've found the road
And helping them to bear the load

The role of prophet, priest, and king
Does not, us salutations bring
But if we truly speak His word
They stop their ears so none is heard

The duty of the one who's sent
Is call the sinner to repent
And leave behind the easy way
To follow every word You say

No comforts offered here and now
But great rewards in heav'n somehow
By joining suff'rings to the cross
All earthly gain becomes but loss

The poor man waiting at the door
To gladly come and clean the floor
But even that might raise a brow
So still we turn away somehow

Dehumanizing those in need
We stop our ears to those who plead
And dig a chasm deep and wide
'Tween us, and those on other side

If only we could plainly see
They're not so different than we
We'd see the need to close the gap
And learn to love the other chap

Why haterd for the only son
Has none but jealousy begun?
His only crime a willing heart
to listen well and play his part

Be glad for all the varied gifts
And how the need for each one shifts
Some lead and clearly show the way
Some follow, and support display

But each one has a special skill
Intended for the Father's will
The way to bear abundant fruit
Is do your job without dispute

For every part must work, you see
If we're to live in harmony
And make the music He has planned
To fill the valleys of this land

Such mercy and forgiveness shown
By none, but He upon the throne
We see it and then jealousy
Creeps in against the one set free

We too must turn away from sin
And make our way, again to Him
To find His waiting warm embrace
And live again within His grace.

Saturday, February 3, 2018


Light of Christ
The light of Christ I see in you
I hope, in me, you see Him too
In all the things I do this day
May Christ be King in all I say

Let my actions clearly speak
Of Christ the Savior that we seek
Help me give Lord without measure
Seeking You my greatest treasure

Why so many blessings Lord
Unworthy as I am?
Your life to me, in blood outpoured
As holy spotless lamb

Let me now your servant be
A good and faithful one
Give me loving eyes that see
In every face, Your Son

Oh long awaited Jesus
No one could ever know
As babe, you'd come to free us
And let Your graces flow

A spotless lamb in stable born
To humble virgin bride
Then crucified with body torn
And Mary at Your side.

2/18/18 Through 2/24/18

2/18/18 Through 2/24/18

He set amid the clouds up high
His bow across a darkened sky
A sign of how His love has been
A sign of rescue from our sin

Believe the Gospel as He said
For Christ has risen from the dead
Repent, but more than turn around
Then hasten to where Love is found

The simplest of heaven's keys
Is how you treat the least of these
Do you feed that hungry guy,
Or do you turn, and pass him by?

Do you warm the shiv'ring soul
Or try to make the broken whole? 
Do you visit prisons where
So many souls are in despair?

We can't ignore the needs of these
And think, that we, the Lord will please
For how we treat the little one
Is how we treat God's only Son

In need of daily bread this day
I pray You guide the words I say
That not a word returning void
But every evil now destroyed

A humble voice of love give me
That when they look, it's You they see
And spark in them from up above
Now once again the fire of love.

Reluctant servant though I be
Grant wisdom for this heart in me
Discernment for my simple mind
That Your true will I surely find

And once Your will is clear to me
Let me pursue it joyfully
Not turning toward my own desire
But facing boldly holy fire

What comfort in this shining light
That guides our way through darkest night
The Rock You gave to be our guide
This Church You called to be Your bride

Jesus make me turn from sin
And fix my eyes on You
I let the flesh so often win
And turn away from You

I wish to be a steadfast heart
Unwav'ring in the wind
A servant faithful to his part
And not, the one who sinned

But I am weak and often fall
The flesh to satisfy
My sin becomes my shameful shawl
And guilt to multiply

Then turning once again to You
I see Your loving eyes
The healing and forgiveness too
A love that satisfies

Love the ones that don't love you
That find the fault in all you do
The ones who criticize your ways
And never utter words of praise

God loves them too, to our surprise
He sees with very different eyes
He sees the depth of every heart
And sees a precious work of art.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2/11/18 Through 2/17/18

2/11/18 Through 2/17/18

He took upon His shoulders then
The weight of not just sinful men
But everyone cast out by law
Each sick or leper that He saw

By touching, and by healing them
In spite of, quiet, warning them
They spread His fame throughout the land
Till in no quiet, He could stand

Each trial brings a blessing
That's not so ready seen
A way for now expressing
What faith does truly mean

A cry for help and daily trust
In providential care
A way to clear the heart of rust
And breathe a fresher air.

I may not see the good today
Or not for years to come
But here I'll trust, and here I'll stay
Till victory is won

So many times You've shown to me
How much You truely care
And still I fight to clearly see 
That You are really there

I hear Your word and act upon
What You have plainly said
Then at once the worries spawn
And grow within my head

Why must I be so weak and scared
When all Your works I've seen
For You have generoulsy shared
With me when times are lean

I don't know what the future holds
But Him who holds I know
The Potter now through trial molds
And someday He will show.

Be merciful oh Lord for we have sinned
Our hearts have swayed with every gust of wind
May this season be for us a change
As we, for love, our wickedness exchange

Hear a humble plea for clemancy
The cry, "Oh Lord, be merciful to me"
And fill the contrite heart with holy joy
As we, Your tender mercies there employ

As tempting as the self can be
Indulging it will not set free
True freedom's found in His command
And following the path He planned

For happiness as man and wife
we die to self and then choose life
Whoever loses life each day
Will profit in the Spirit's way

To fast from sin is now the way
To bring about the light of day
Loosen thongs of every yoke, and 
Find the chains of sin now broken

In these times of self-denial
Find the grace for every trial
Share your gifts with those in need
And plant in them a loving seed

If rightly He is understood
His call is always for our good
He calls the sinner to repent
And then go forth as one who's sent

To change the way the people view
What's good for me and good for you
To let them see a sinner turn
And what a contrite heart can learn