Sunday, May 29, 2016

5/22/15 Through 5/28/15

5/22/15 Through 5/28/15

With Spirit, mind and body one
I gaze again upon the Son
And somehow understand that three
Are One in total unity

A strength or beauty claimed as mine
Can be an anchor, this I find
That keeps me from the narrow way
To brightest light of endless day

It must be taken then from me
So I, the right proportion be
For passing through the narrow squeeze
With humble heart the Lord to please.

How often now we work for that
Which fades or rusts away
Deceived by things we marvel at
That never hold much sway

The greatest called to serve the least
To tame the awful selfish beast
No longer seeking power and fame
But always trusting in His name.

Oh son of David, pity me
For all I want is now to see
That I might know the light of day
And with that light be on my way.

Thursday PM
The minutes few we spend with You
Can brighten darkest night
Those moments too, can help renew
And make my spirits bright.

Thursday PM
Oh Lord I love what You have made
The flowers of every hue and shade
The beauty of a rainbow bright
The stars that sparkle in the night

Especially I like the deep
Where down below your secrets keep
While quietly the eons pass
And slowly wonders You amass

My heart a temple to be cleansed
Of wickedness, that God, offends
A tree that withers to the root
Because of bearing little fruit

Cleanse the temple, upset table
Depravity and graft disable
Start a new and tender shoot
That bears for You abundant fruit.

Tell us what authority
Gives You the right to censure these?
We are the leaders of this place
Your actions bring on us disgrace.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

5/15 Through 5/21

5/15 Through 5/21

Forgive me Lord of all my sin
And set Your Spirit deep within
Remove the sin of heart unseen
And make of me a vessel clean

Grant me wisdom, not from here
But wisdom with a vision clear
Wisdom to revere His name
And make me never be the same

How futile our attempts to win
Our climbing to the top
They lead us in the path of sin
And never let us stop

To place myself above the rest
I put His patience to the test
For nothing in the world is mine
Except His saving love divine

From Him, the source, in every case
In every time and every place
All, in truth, that's ever mine
Is just His saving love divine

How far it is, to reach that place
Of everlasting love and grace
I want to think myself as good
But fail to love the way I should

In realms of clear unfiltered light
No shades of dark or fear of night
No hint of evil there above
but only pure unbridled love

Surrender all, the only way
To find the path to endless day
Oh make of me a docile slave
And lead me to that land I crave.

Forever bound upon this earth
The marriage bond can bring new birth
This sign of holy unity
Takes more than two, you must have three

For only with a love divine
Can lovers last and spouses shine
Love enduring, soft and tender
Comes but with, complete surrender

See in me a channel there
To lift from darkness and despair
An anchor in the storms of life
A shelter in the times of strife.

The blessing of a fervent prayer
Is calm assurance anywhere
A confidence at any length
We'll not be tested past our strength

Sunday, May 15, 2016

5/8/16 Through 5/14/16

5/8/16 Through 5/14/16

When on the cross His life was spent
Within the temple veil was rent
His flesh was met with brutal scorn
The curtain of His Father torn

Each wound a window there to view
The love of God for each of you
What pride and sinfulness concealed
Humility and love revealed

Light of the Spirit light my way
Be as my guide throughout the day
Strengthen, embolden, my heart today
Bless with Your love every word I say.

The time has come to be your own
To sprout and grow, you seeds I've sown
Become what God meant you to be
A fruitful branch upon the tree

The Truth He came here to proclaim
He gave us power in His name
To take Good News to all the land
And let the Savior's love expand

Like the child at peaceful rest
We find great comfort at her breast
There we stop to drink our fill
And learn to love the Father's will

Sandwiched here upon the earth
Between the dark and light,
Repentance now can bring new birth
Complacence, endless night

The damned will be forever bound
In terror and in flame
For never on their lips was found
A blessing for His name

The torment of eternity
In selfish greed and lust
In darkness, nowhere left to flee
And no one there to trust

But while on earth we have the time
Our final home to choose
Eternity in love sublime
Or everything to lose

Are you willing to forsake
The pleasures of the day
Then kneel before the Lord and take
Your rosary up to pray

The glory that awaits this soul
No mortal comprehends
Such light and love forever full
And joy that never ends.

Oh let me follow Your command
And bear the greatest fruit
Teach me to love as You demand
To gain my heart's pursuit

Sunday, May 8, 2016

5/1/16 Through 5/7/16

5/1/16 Through 5/7/16

Grant me dear Mary your gift from above
A heart that is docile and filled with great love.
Growing each day with the cleansing of dross,
Gaining courage to stand at the foot of the cross.

I've told you this so when it comes
You may not be surprised
For every faithful heart becomes
A heart that's been chastised.

After all this time 
How little that I know
It's really quite a crime
That I refuse to grow.

The time for idols now is gone
By Spirit and the Word be drawn
\Repenting and confessing sin
And welcoming the Lord within.

Why stand and stare up in the sky
The Lord has left and told you why
You must remain and wait and pray
Until the Spirit comes your way.

You know Lord, far more than me,
The gifts to give and set me free
I ask you now for what I need
To make me docile and be freed.

Father through your only Son
Let your Holy Spirit come
Fill our hearts with holy praise
As to you our anthem raise

Fill us with that sacred fire
Answer to each heart's desire
Purifying every thought
Reminding of the Word you taught.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

4/24/16 Through 4/30/16

4/24/16 Through 4/30/16

This new commandment that I give
Will teach you all just how to live
For love will conquer every wrong
And be that resurrection song.

Indeed great signs accompany 
The one who spreads the word of Me.
He needn't worry what to say
The Spirit guides his every way.

But he must have attentive ears
Responding to the word He hears
Each word thus spoke will find its place
And fill a hungry soul with grace.

It's made for God, the heart of man,
And thus no earthly pleasure can
Give it the rest it always seeks
Or offer it a time of peace.

Tranquility of heart and mind
Is only reached by those who find
His will the key to Heaven's gate
Their will they need to subjugate.

Graft me firmly to the vine
That I might drink His precious wine.
Prune what hinders love's pursuit
So I will bear abundant fruit.

Burden not your soul with rules
Be not just religious fools
Be as the gentle peaceful dove
And learn to live the gift of love.

To love one another, have concern for their soul
To treat them as brother, and make of them whole,
To answer the call of our holy high priest,
By serving them all, both the great and the least.

Make me attentive to Your way
To value every word You say,
And guide my every thought this day,
That I might be Your lump of clay.