Sunday, May 29, 2016

5/22/15 Through 5/28/15

5/22/15 Through 5/28/15

With Spirit, mind and body one
I gaze again upon the Son
And somehow understand that three
Are One in total unity

A strength or beauty claimed as mine
Can be an anchor, this I find
That keeps me from the narrow way
To brightest light of endless day

It must be taken then from me
So I, the right proportion be
For passing through the narrow squeeze
With humble heart the Lord to please.

How often now we work for that
Which fades or rusts away
Deceived by things we marvel at
That never hold much sway

The greatest called to serve the least
To tame the awful selfish beast
No longer seeking power and fame
But always trusting in His name.

Oh son of David, pity me
For all I want is now to see
That I might know the light of day
And with that light be on my way.

Thursday PM
The minutes few we spend with You
Can brighten darkest night
Those moments too, can help renew
And make my spirits bright.

Thursday PM
Oh Lord I love what You have made
The flowers of every hue and shade
The beauty of a rainbow bright
The stars that sparkle in the night

Especially I like the deep
Where down below your secrets keep
While quietly the eons pass
And slowly wonders You amass

My heart a temple to be cleansed
Of wickedness, that God, offends
A tree that withers to the root
Because of bearing little fruit

Cleanse the temple, upset table
Depravity and graft disable
Start a new and tender shoot
That bears for You abundant fruit.

Tell us what authority
Gives You the right to censure these?
We are the leaders of this place
Your actions bring on us disgrace.

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