Sunday, May 8, 2016

5/1/16 Through 5/7/16

5/1/16 Through 5/7/16

Grant me dear Mary your gift from above
A heart that is docile and filled with great love.
Growing each day with the cleansing of dross,
Gaining courage to stand at the foot of the cross.

I've told you this so when it comes
You may not be surprised
For every faithful heart becomes
A heart that's been chastised.

After all this time 
How little that I know
It's really quite a crime
That I refuse to grow.

The time for idols now is gone
By Spirit and the Word be drawn
\Repenting and confessing sin
And welcoming the Lord within.

Why stand and stare up in the sky
The Lord has left and told you why
You must remain and wait and pray
Until the Spirit comes your way.

You know Lord, far more than me,
The gifts to give and set me free
I ask you now for what I need
To make me docile and be freed.

Father through your only Son
Let your Holy Spirit come
Fill our hearts with holy praise
As to you our anthem raise

Fill us with that sacred fire
Answer to each heart's desire
Purifying every thought
Reminding of the Word you taught.

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