Sunday, May 15, 2016

5/8/16 Through 5/14/16

5/8/16 Through 5/14/16

When on the cross His life was spent
Within the temple veil was rent
His flesh was met with brutal scorn
The curtain of His Father torn

Each wound a window there to view
The love of God for each of you
What pride and sinfulness concealed
Humility and love revealed

Light of the Spirit light my way
Be as my guide throughout the day
Strengthen, embolden, my heart today
Bless with Your love every word I say.

The time has come to be your own
To sprout and grow, you seeds I've sown
Become what God meant you to be
A fruitful branch upon the tree

The Truth He came here to proclaim
He gave us power in His name
To take Good News to all the land
And let the Savior's love expand

Like the child at peaceful rest
We find great comfort at her breast
There we stop to drink our fill
And learn to love the Father's will

Sandwiched here upon the earth
Between the dark and light,
Repentance now can bring new birth
Complacence, endless night

The damned will be forever bound
In terror and in flame
For never on their lips was found
A blessing for His name

The torment of eternity
In selfish greed and lust
In darkness, nowhere left to flee
And no one there to trust

But while on earth we have the time
Our final home to choose
Eternity in love sublime
Or everything to lose

Are you willing to forsake
The pleasures of the day
Then kneel before the Lord and take
Your rosary up to pray

The glory that awaits this soul
No mortal comprehends
Such light and love forever full
And joy that never ends.

Oh let me follow Your command
And bear the greatest fruit
Teach me to love as You demand
To gain my heart's pursuit

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