Sunday, May 1, 2016

4/24/16 Through 4/30/16

4/24/16 Through 4/30/16

This new commandment that I give
Will teach you all just how to live
For love will conquer every wrong
And be that resurrection song.

Indeed great signs accompany 
The one who spreads the word of Me.
He needn't worry what to say
The Spirit guides his every way.

But he must have attentive ears
Responding to the word He hears
Each word thus spoke will find its place
And fill a hungry soul with grace.

It's made for God, the heart of man,
And thus no earthly pleasure can
Give it the rest it always seeks
Or offer it a time of peace.

Tranquility of heart and mind
Is only reached by those who find
His will the key to Heaven's gate
Their will they need to subjugate.

Graft me firmly to the vine
That I might drink His precious wine.
Prune what hinders love's pursuit
So I will bear abundant fruit.

Burden not your soul with rules
Be not just religious fools
Be as the gentle peaceful dove
And learn to live the gift of love.

To love one another, have concern for their soul
To treat them as brother, and make of them whole,
To answer the call of our holy high priest,
By serving them all, both the great and the least.

Make me attentive to Your way
To value every word You say,
And guide my every thought this day,
That I might be Your lump of clay.

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