Sunday, April 24, 2016

4/17/16 Through 4/23/16

4/17/16 Through 4/23/16

When you need to make a choice
Be sure to seek the Shepherd's voice
He'll lead you through each dreadful scene
And take you where the pasture's green.

From the heavens sheet descending
Prejudice and bias ending
Gentiles, now our God befriending
From the Lord the Spirit sending

Do I love enough to leave
Possessions that I own
While only to my faith I cleave
Without a house or home?

I pray I never have to learn
The answer to this quest,
But follow Him at every turn
And always know I'm blessed.

Who is He to make this claim
To be the light of earth?
For sure we know His father's name,
And of His humble birth.

Only the Almighty One
Would dare to stoop so low
And think of sending His own Son
That we might come to know.

The depth of love He has for man
In spite of how we sin
The grandeur of His holy plan
That we can change within.

He is the only way of truth
The other ways disguise
I've seen it ever since my youth
They just turn out as lies.

How long before I know the Lord
When greeting Him this way?
His body and His blood out poured
For me at Mass each day.

But do I worthily receive,
This gift of bread and wine?
With eyes of faith, do I perceive
The saving God divine?

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