Saturday, April 2, 2016

3/27/16 Through 4/2/16

3/27/16 Through 4/2/16

Can it be as Mary said,
That Christ has risen from the dead?
With John, I raced out from the room,
And quickly entered in the tomb
An empty shroud is all I found,
But glory in the air around.

Now in this time of light and joy
Let me, Your Spirit thus employ
To spread the news in some small way
That Christ will brighten every day.

I marvel at these stupid men
Insisting that He lives again.
How blind and gullible they be
Believing One they cannot see.

Although in secret I desire
To know this flame of holy fire.
I'm far too clever to deceive
I'm proud if I do not believe!

They carried him in crippled state
To beg for alms before the gate.
But John and Peter passing by
Through Jesus had him leaping high.

Although he often seems quite odd
The prophet speaks the word of God
Word alive with awesome power
Word to make the devil cower

Word that made the daylight bright
Word that made the stars of night
To such a Word, just what is man
That saving him would be His plan?

Just whisper in my ear each day
And show to me the narrow way
That I would come to live with Thee
And praise for all eternity

Haunted from beyond the grave
For even still His name can save
We saw Him scourged and crucified
We know for sure this man has died.

And now these fishermen so bold
Have cured a cripple, we've been told
We cannot let this name be spread
There is no rising from the dead!

With patience bear your daily cross
And count your worldly gains as loss
I grant this tiny share in pain
That you might have eternal gain.

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