Sunday, April 10, 2016

4/3/16 Through 4/9/16

4/3/16 Through 4/9/16

Far more than what is written here
The mighty works of one so dear
For all who look upon this man
Somehow were touched within His plan.

Announce this day the greatest gift
The world has ever known
For hearts rejoice and spirits lift
A savior from our own.

A virgin, one conceived alone,
Without the stain of sin
The Word of God, the Cornerstone,
Who would salvation win.

Jesus I don't understand
The  simple mind of mortal man
So far from in Your will I stand
But if You help, I think I can.

Protect me Lord throughout this day
From every selfish thought
And let me serve my spouse the way
Our blessed savior taught.

Draw me to unclouded light
Expose in me the works of night
Save me through the light of day
And make me follow in Your way.

The state in life You chose for me
To serve You best of all
Let me a docile servant be
In answer to Your call.

I cannot get inside my head
The wonder of this simple bread
That God, the maker of us all,
Should dwell complete in host so small. 

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