Sunday, April 24, 2016

4/17/16 Through 4/23/16

4/17/16 Through 4/23/16

When you need to make a choice
Be sure to seek the Shepherd's voice
He'll lead you through each dreadful scene
And take you where the pasture's green.

From the heavens sheet descending
Prejudice and bias ending
Gentiles, now our God befriending
From the Lord the Spirit sending

Do I love enough to leave
Possessions that I own
While only to my faith I cleave
Without a house or home?

I pray I never have to learn
The answer to this quest,
But follow Him at every turn
And always know I'm blessed.

Who is He to make this claim
To be the light of earth?
For sure we know His father's name,
And of His humble birth.

Only the Almighty One
Would dare to stoop so low
And think of sending His own Son
That we might come to know.

The depth of love He has for man
In spite of how we sin
The grandeur of His holy plan
That we can change within.

He is the only way of truth
The other ways disguise
I've seen it ever since my youth
They just turn out as lies.

How long before I know the Lord
When greeting Him this way?
His body and His blood out poured
For me at Mass each day.

But do I worthily receive,
This gift of bread and wine?
With eyes of faith, do I perceive
The saving God divine?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

4/10/16 - 4/16/16

4/10/16 - 4/16/16

Every creature in heaven and earth shall acclaim
How worthy the Lamb that the people had slain
To receive riches, and power,and strength,
Honor and glory, and blessing at length.

Don't let your body lead you 'round
In search of what cannot be found.
But let His love and sacrifice
Be all you need, and quite suffice.

Adoring Him in simple bread
My hungry soul is somehow fed
Such humble form, how can it be?
I can't explain this mystery.

Though persecution comes your way
Hold fast to every word I say
Undaunted by the works of night
I'll lead you to eternal light.

Attentive to His every word
The voice of God, dear Philip heard
And met the eunich on the way
Who wondered what the scriptures say.

The greatest gift as Jesus said
Comes in the simple form of bread
A food and drink to satisfy.
The savior that we glorify.

A quarter second's all I get 
To choose which way to go
Oh Lord please let me not forget
It's You I want to know.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

4/3/16 Through 4/9/16

4/3/16 Through 4/9/16

Far more than what is written here
The mighty works of one so dear
For all who look upon this man
Somehow were touched within His plan.

Announce this day the greatest gift
The world has ever known
For hearts rejoice and spirits lift
A savior from our own.

A virgin, one conceived alone,
Without the stain of sin
The Word of God, the Cornerstone,
Who would salvation win.

Jesus I don't understand
The  simple mind of mortal man
So far from in Your will I stand
But if You help, I think I can.

Protect me Lord throughout this day
From every selfish thought
And let me serve my spouse the way
Our blessed savior taught.

Draw me to unclouded light
Expose in me the works of night
Save me through the light of day
And make me follow in Your way.

The state in life You chose for me
To serve You best of all
Let me a docile servant be
In answer to Your call.

I cannot get inside my head
The wonder of this simple bread
That God, the maker of us all,
Should dwell complete in host so small. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

3/27/16 Through 4/2/16

3/27/16 Through 4/2/16

Can it be as Mary said,
That Christ has risen from the dead?
With John, I raced out from the room,
And quickly entered in the tomb
An empty shroud is all I found,
But glory in the air around.

Now in this time of light and joy
Let me, Your Spirit thus employ
To spread the news in some small way
That Christ will brighten every day.

I marvel at these stupid men
Insisting that He lives again.
How blind and gullible they be
Believing One they cannot see.

Although in secret I desire
To know this flame of holy fire.
I'm far too clever to deceive
I'm proud if I do not believe!

They carried him in crippled state
To beg for alms before the gate.
But John and Peter passing by
Through Jesus had him leaping high.

Although he often seems quite odd
The prophet speaks the word of God
Word alive with awesome power
Word to make the devil cower

Word that made the daylight bright
Word that made the stars of night
To such a Word, just what is man
That saving him would be His plan?

Just whisper in my ear each day
And show to me the narrow way
That I would come to live with Thee
And praise for all eternity

Haunted from beyond the grave
For even still His name can save
We saw Him scourged and crucified
We know for sure this man has died.

And now these fishermen so bold
Have cured a cripple, we've been told
We cannot let this name be spread
There is no rising from the dead!

With patience bear your daily cross
And count your worldly gains as loss
I grant this tiny share in pain
That you might have eternal gain.

3/20/16 Through 3/26/16

3/20/16 Through 3/26/16

When would the scribe and pharisee
Discern that this could truly be
This man of truth that never lied
The Son of God, they crucified?

A psalm that they had often heard
From on the cross that spoken word
A pagan, only recognized
The one, that on the cross had died.

A costly oil, the fragrance of
Reveals the presence of true love
The One whose presence now and hence
Is worthy of extravagance.

Somehow we know the time draws near
Bewilderment and sense of fear
He says that one will turn away
And choose the Master to betray.

Now His words seem plain as day
But then they only brought dismay.
No one would think the Rock He named
Denying Him, would be defamed.

The spectacle that they would see
Expressed the harsh reality
When all our selfish sins of pride
Became our Christ, the Crucified.

Betrayal comes in small amounts
So small we never keep accounts
It grows when we, our guilt deny
And makes us shout to crucify.

Conforming to the Master's plan
I must now serve my fellow man
To love in ways real and concrete
And humbly learn to wash their feet.

No mind can comprehend the pain
It took to win eternal gain.
In part, our fathers understood
That's why they call this Friday Good!

Yesterday the Master died
Beaten, scourged, and crucified.
Mocked and spit upon by men
The sun was even darkened then.

What now for me who thrice denied
The Son of God before He died?
Shame and sorrow fill the day
How will I ever find my way?