Sunday, May 22, 2016

5/15 Through 5/21

5/15 Through 5/21

Forgive me Lord of all my sin
And set Your Spirit deep within
Remove the sin of heart unseen
And make of me a vessel clean

Grant me wisdom, not from here
But wisdom with a vision clear
Wisdom to revere His name
And make me never be the same

How futile our attempts to win
Our climbing to the top
They lead us in the path of sin
And never let us stop

To place myself above the rest
I put His patience to the test
For nothing in the world is mine
Except His saving love divine

From Him, the source, in every case
In every time and every place
All, in truth, that's ever mine
Is just His saving love divine

How far it is, to reach that place
Of everlasting love and grace
I want to think myself as good
But fail to love the way I should

In realms of clear unfiltered light
No shades of dark or fear of night
No hint of evil there above
but only pure unbridled love

Surrender all, the only way
To find the path to endless day
Oh make of me a docile slave
And lead me to that land I crave.

Forever bound upon this earth
The marriage bond can bring new birth
This sign of holy unity
Takes more than two, you must have three

For only with a love divine
Can lovers last and spouses shine
Love enduring, soft and tender
Comes but with, complete surrender

See in me a channel there
To lift from darkness and despair
An anchor in the storms of life
A shelter in the times of strife.

The blessing of a fervent prayer
Is calm assurance anywhere
A confidence at any length
We'll not be tested past our strength

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