Sunday, June 5, 2016

5/29/16 Through 6/4/16

5/29/16 Through 6/4/16

See within this simple bread
The body and the blood He shed
No longer dead, but ever living
Faithful love and true life-giving

Our precious freedom, know the cost
Remember many lives were lost
To quell the tyrant, free the slave
Those many, what they had, they gave.

To hear the greeting bright and clear
And know for sure the Lord is near
Provides a blessing all its own
Brings peace, and makes a happy home.

How little here on earth we know
In ignorance and lack we show
That knowledge of our final end
Our simpleness can't comprehend

To love with all, the christian's call
To bear another's load
To sacrifice and pay the price
To lead them down the road

Heart of Jesus, pierced for me
Heart of Jesus, set me free
Oh blood and water shed for me
Grace and mercy flow from Thee

From Your pierced and open side
Flows that precious cleansing tide
Wound of death to never close
Lead me to that sweet repose

The trickle from the Temple's side
Becomes a river deep and wide
With teaming life for fish and trees
And waters that will freshen seas

Oh Mother, pure and spotless one
The temple for God's only Son
Obtain for me such purity
That God the Father found in thee

Kindle flames within my heart
That grace and love, I may impart
To everyone I meet today
And shine a light upon their way

A light revealing of the sin
That we all carry deep within
A loving light that's only meant
To call the sinner to repent.

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