Sunday, October 16, 2016

10/9/16 Through 10/15/16

10/9/16 Through 10/15/16

What leprosy infects the soul
And keeps us from becoming whole
A different kind of leprosy
That just infects the way we see

We judge ourselves entitled to
The many gifts received from you
When we should have a grateful heart
And learn to thankfulness impart

The Queen of Sheba recognized
The wisdom that the king provides
And Ninevites repented when
The prophet Jonah preached to them

But in our day they look for signs
And observation quickly finds
That most prefer the yoke of sin
To tempering the beast within

Outside are signs of that within
The anger, lust, and greed of sin
By water cleansed becomes the skin
Repentance cleanses that within

So difficult to walk the walk
Much easier to talk the talk
Unfortunate we often choose
The easy way, then find we lose

We see the splinter in the eye
And to remove it we must try
Expecting them to freely thank
The one whose eye contains a plank

We love to take the highest place
Then look on others with disgrace
To hear a greeting loud proclaimed
And be a man of honor named

The lawyer and the Pharisee
Exposed to light we clearly see
Are not what others tend to be
But really names for you and me.

Don't flatter Me with empty word
Don't let such hollow praise be heard
But let me see the things you do
And thus receive My praise from you

Each one created for the Lord
And for each one, are blessings stored
Become what you were meant to be
And find the peace you're meant to see

No secrets in the world above
No lies within the world of love
All there before us plain as day
The light of Truth, or darkness' way

Fear not to let the truth be known
Fear not your sinfulness to own
The One who feeds the sparrow well 
Can save you from the fire of Hell.

Come to Me wherever you are
A soul quite near, or one quite far
I made you for this love of Mine
A love, in things, you cannot find

In beauty of the world you see 
A dim reflection there of Me
A spousal oneness, closer still
But not quite yet My holy will

The only love to mend thy soul
To fill you up and make you whole
Is love in answer to the call
Of One who sacrifices all..

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