Sunday, September 25, 2016

9/18/16 Through 9/24/16

9/18/16 Through 9/24/16

Every man will serve a master
Some of wealth or power and fame
All will lead them to disaster
Except the One with Jesus' name

Come into my life oh Lord
Another day I can't afford
Light a lamp to show the way
And lead me to the light of day

Be there beside me every hour
To conquer sin with holy power
To chase the darkness of the night
With true and everlasting light

Like water in your hands oh Lord
I pray that I may be
Always ready to be poured
Wherever You may please

Not willing just to read Your word
But listen and obey
Then act upon what I have heard
And find You new each day

The heavens declare His glory
The stars in concert sing
Each day retells the story
Of blessings that He brings

The order of creation
Each night that turns to day
Proclaims a loud ovation
And beckons us to pray

All is here that ever was
Nothing new in what man does
Work to get ahead then find
Alas, the effort all but blind

The sun arises every day
From east to west it knows the way
A new or different interest piques
But ne'er provides man what he seeks

I fear my love a paltry thing
When on the cross, I see the King
I want a love of purity
But flesh impedes maturity

Instead of seeking heaven's gain
I flee from every hint of pain
And search for Simon on the way
To help me through each passing day

Much better to, a Simon be
And always learn to walk with Thee
Then shoulder well my daily cross
And count all other gains as loss.

If we but understood the Word
And acted on the things we heard
Like Mother Mary, we would be
A humble soul that's been set free.

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